2009 – Week 1

It’s time for the inaugural edition of the Hiawatha FF Universal Blast. We’ll cover what went down in both leagues over the weekend and pick a team of the week who had a particularly strong showing.

It was a bit of a strange week in the NFL with a lot of teams looking like they’re still finding their rhythm. Lots of big name players didn’t live up to the hype (Michael Turner, Andre Johnson) while some discount players paid big dividends (Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones). Then of course, you’ve got monster games from Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson, so not everything is out of whack!

Here are the scores from the Premier League:
Monday Night (Phil) – 50
Kibbles and Vick (Frank) – 112
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 73
diddy (Jim) – 77
Dead Heads (Nate) – 83
Killer Canaries III (Bob) – 58
Egon’s Ego (Bernt) – 68
KRUG Kommanders (Denny) – 83
Stalins of Style (Chris A.) – 75
Wyld Stallyns CS (Dave) – 97
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 139
Mighty Nimrods (Tom) – 109
Beer Boys vs. Mighty Nimrods had to be the game of the week – featuring a shootout between Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees! As for Monday Night vs. Kibbles and Vick: ouch, Phil.
Here’s what went down in the League of Champions:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 111
Peter’s Humbling Me (Eric) – 66
Pacifist Assassins (John) – 70
Grandma Nancy (Tyler) – 125
Mightiest Muffins (Mike) – 75
Russ’ Rowdy Rhinos (Russ) – 86
The Bone Doctors (Chris W.) – 56
The Tortilla Chips (Darren) – 84
Rusty Shackelford (Aaron) – 78
Fumblecopter (Andrew) – 70
The Alchemists (Chris T.) – 91
Taking Chances (Wayne) – 94
Only two triple digit teams here. Tyler is off to a hot start and he still hasn’t seen his #1 pick (Michael Turner) live up to the hype yet. Scary. Ironically, Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees faced each other in this league too, with Brees getting the win (assisted by Cedric Benson). 
Team of the Week
The Beer Boys – scoring a whopping 139 to take down the Mighty Nimrods and their 109 points. Great start for Hyatt!
The waiver wires are blazing now as teams try to fill their now apparent holes and players like Cadillac Williams suddenly seem like bargains. It will be interesting to see how week 2 plays out. 
Good luck, everyone!
Commish Peter

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