2009 – Week 10

First Things First

Theme of the week: Gambling.
That, my friends, is the face of someone who gambled and lost. Bill Belichick’s decision to go for it on forth down in his own territory ended up costing him the game. Sure, punting could have had the same results, but the fact remains that Peyton got the ball in Pats territory and set the field on fire(well, technically it was the indoor pyrotechnics). The Colts got the victory and the Pats got the vitriol. 
On the other hand, MoJo Drew’s team was down by a point when he gambled by electing to take a knee on the one yard line instead of going in for the go-ahead TD. That gamble paid off because the Jets were out of timeouts and the Jags ran down the clock and made the game winning FG. Drew also had the good manners to apologize to Fantasy Football players everywhere for his decision! I’m still waiting on my apology from Brian Westbrook and it’s been two years!!
In the Hiawatha leagues, the season is winding down and owners everywhere seem willing to gamble in the hope of securing a playoff spot with 3 games to play! A flurry of trades went down this week in the League of Champions, including a blockbuster! And the top two teams met for a late season grudge match! Here are the scores:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 89
The Bone Doctors (Chris W.) – 77
Pacifist Assassins (John) – 70
Russ’ Rowdy Rhinos (Russ) – 100
Grandma Nancy (Tyler) – 125
The Tortilla Chips (Darren) – 99
Mightiest Muffins (Mike) – 85
FAIL Team (Andy) – 101
Silver Fox (Aaron) – 119
The Alchemists (Chris T.) – 90
Calculated Risk (Eric) – 49
Taking Chances (Wayne) – 88
Nancy and the Chips played their hearts out in the LoC’s version of Colts/Pats. Early in the weekend, it looked like the Chips had a shot, but the Manning/Wayne combo on Sunday night was too much for the Chips to handle. Grandma wins and clinches a playoff spot! Can anyone stop Tyler?! The Limbs and the Assassins orchestrated a huge trade this week with the Limbs shipping out Tom Brady for Randy Moss and Carson Palmer. Moss led the Limbs to a victory over the Bone Docs while Brady’s big game wasn’t enough for the PAs against Russ’ Rhinos (who will have their shot at Grandma next week!). The PAs and the Docs are now further outside the playoff cut. Silver Fox is looking strong heading down the stretch and FAIL Team notched win #2 by beating the Muffins. Finally, living up to this week’s theme, Taking Chances was better than Calculated Risk. The playoff picture is starting to come into focus.
Current LoC Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Streak Waiver Budget Moves
*1. Grandma Nancy 9-1-0 .900 1074 W-7 $100 6
2. Russ’ Rowdy Rhinos 7-3-0 .700 962 W-2 $37 15
3. Taking Chances 6-3-1 .650 852 W-1 $0 16
4. The Tortilla Chips 6-4-0 .600 942 L-1 $60 8
5. The Phantom Limbs 5-4-1 .550 848 W-2 $53 10
6. Silver Fox 5-5-0 .500 904 W-2 $59 15
7. Mightiest Muffins 4-5-1 .450 825 L-2 $40 10
8. Pacifist Assassins 4-6-0 .400 909 L-3 $52 12
9. The Bone Doctors 4-6-0 .400 781 L-1 $44 10
10. The Alchemists 3-6-1 .350 781 L-2 $85 9
11. Calculated Risk 3-7-0 .300 825 L-3 $41 19
12. FAIL Team 2-8-0 .200 771 W-1 $64 10

The Premier League‘s playoff picture, on the other hand, is still a huge mess. Here are this week’s scores:

Monday Night (Phil) – 86
Mighty Nimrods (Tom) – 65

Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 86
Killer Canaries III (Bob) – 109

diddy (Jim) – 86
KRUG Kommanders (Denny & Isaac) – 82

Dead Heads (Nate) – 93
Wyld Stallyns CS (Dave) – 86

Egon’s Ego (Bernt) – 66
Kibbles & Vick (Frank) – 78

Stalins of Style (Chris A.) – 74
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 103

And the streak is broken! The Mateys take a 23 point loss at the hands of the Killer Canaries! It’s Cory’s first loss since week 1! diddy quickly seized first place back by virtue of his 4 point win over the KRUGs (and his total points lead). The Canaries will by amped up from this win and will face diddy next week! Can they beat the top two teams in back to back weeks? The rest of the games were fairly chalk with no obvious upsets. The Dead Heads, fresh off a one point win over Kibbles, topped the Stallyns by 7 and extending the Stallyns losing streak to 4! Even so, the fight for the 6th spot is going to be crazy. Three teams are 5-5 and two are 4-6. Even the 3-7 teams have a chance to run the table and make the playoffs!

Current Premier League Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. diddy 8-2-0 .800 1034  W-2 $100 2
2. Marshmallow Mateys 8-2-0 .800  969  L-1 $57 9
3. Kibbles & Vick 7-3-0 .700  949  W-1 $19 37
4. Beer Boys 6-4-0 .600  932  W-3 $86 8
5. Monday Night 5-5-0 .500    873 W-2 $53 8
6. Dead Heads 5-5-0 .500 809     W-2 $79 12
7. KRUG Kommanders 5-5-0 .500 807 L-2 $85 15
8. Wyld Stallyns CS 4-6-0 .400 830 L-4 $56 24
9. Stalins of Style 4-6-0 .400 778 L-2 $58 14
10. Killer Canaries III 3-7-0 .300 814 W-1 $79 6
11. Egon’s Ego 3-7-0 .300 786 L-2 $63 8
12. Mighty Nimrods 2-8-0 .200 732 L-1 $0 16

Team of the Week
Who else?! The Killer Canaries III! A 2-7 team beating a 8-1 team is impressive in and of itself, but consider this: the Canaries’ bench held Stewart and Jackson who combined for 43 points that weren’t needed! diddy should be nervous right about now, but will the Canaries concentration on beating Jim by threatened by a deluge of trade offers? Again, 43 bench points he didn’t need!

Speaking of trade offers, this Friday is the deadline to complete your trades. Plan accordingly. 

The bye weeks are over! Hooray!

Can I talk about playoffs for a moment? If you’ve clicked the playoff tab on your league homepage, you’ll see that our format includes 6 teams. The top two teams will earn first round byes. Yahoo’s 6 team playoff format doesn’t support a consolation bracket, but we’ll be running one anyway “off the grid”. Phil and I will be building the bracket and tallying the scores ourselves outside Yahoo’s site. We’ll let you know what the matchups are when the time comes. So don’t worry, if you don’t make the playoffs for a chance at the fantasy Super Bowl, you’ll still be eligible for the “Toilet Bowl”. 

3 games to go!

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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