2009 – Week 14

First Things First


The playoffs can get contentious, but let’s all remember it’s just a game and we can still be friends when it’s all over, okay? And after this weekend, some of us will probably need a good Christian side hug
In the League of Champions, the Phantom Limbs had the worst week of all time. But I’m not bitter. Here are the scores and playoff schedule:

Week 14
(Dec 8 – Dec 14)
Week 15
(Dec 15 – Dec 21)
Week 16
(Dec 22 – Dec 28)
(1) Grandma Nancy83.00



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(3) Taking Chances87.00

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3rd Place Game


Final Toilet Scores:
Byes: Silver Fox and Success!

The Bone Doctors – 89
Poop Floats – 84

Pacifist Assassins – 77
The Alchemists – 69 

Okay, maybe I’m bitter. The Limbs’ “just happy to be here” effort included the following: Carson Palmer threw for less than 100 yards, Jeremy Maclin got hurt and didn’t return – 0pts, Larry Fitzgerald got hurt – 2pts, Rashard Mendenhall was jammed up – by the Browns (??!) and Randy Moss failed to load(catching only one pass and fumbling it away for -1 points). The highest scoring Limbs player was Quentin Ganther, a last minute plug-in RB. The Muffins deserved that win. The Chips showed they are better than their 6th seed by dispatching the Chances easily. Chris Johnson is a beast for the Chips! Can he carry the team past round 2? Both Bye teams posted low scores and are probably glad they didn’t play this week.
In the LoC Toilet Bowl, The Bone Docs had a nail-biter win over Poop Floats. The Assassins took down the Alchemists in another close game. So far, the Toilet Bowl is looking like the more tightly contested tourney! Next week, the big boys get in the mix as Granny and the Rhinos look to impose their will on the competition while Aaron and Eric hope to flex their muscles on the Toilet Bowl. That’s….not what I meant…..
In the Premier League, the playoffs saw the top seeds sweep. Scores:

Week 14
(Dec 8 – Dec 14)

(1) diddy101.00


(3) Kibbles & Vick97.00
(6) KRUG Kommanders79.00
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(2) Marshmallow Mateys89.00

Next Week in the PM Playoffs:
diddy vs. Beer Boys
Kibbles & Vick vs. The Marshmallow Mateys

Premier Toilet Bowl:

Byes: 7.) Wyld Stallyns CS (103) and 8.)Monday Night (99)

9.) Stalins of Style (121) 
12.) Mighty Nimrods (101)

10.) Killer Canaries III (68)
11.) Egon’s Ego (72)



No question the top teams performed well in the first week of playoffs. Beer Boys and Kibbles both notched solid wins in propelling their teams into round two. They will face off against diddy and the Mateys, who both posted good scores on their off weeks. Next week will be interesting as we watch to see if the first upsets will happen, or if the top seeds can shake off the attacks and go the distance.
The Premier Toilet Bowl was every bit as compelling as the LoC Toilet Bowl. The Stalins blew up with 121 points and needed the explosion to top a big effort from the Mighty Nimrods! 222 combined points in this game!! Craziness. Either team would have beaten or tied any of the playoff teams this week. Egon’s Ego, meanwhile, won a defensive battle against the chippy Killer Canaries by only four points! This sets up a very intriguing matchup for 11th place: Canaries vs. Nimrods. Two teams who’ve been playing much better lately than their records show.
Team of the Week:
The Stalins of Style! 121 points can’t be ignored! Sure, they were used to win a game in the Toilet Bowl, but they were the most points scored of any team in either league! The Stalins are a serious threat to leave a serious mark in the PM Toilet Bowl.
There’s a compelling Thursday night game this week: Colts vs. Jaguars. The Colts say that even though they’ve wrapped up home field throughout the playoffs, they’ll play their starters at least one more week. Good news for Peyton owners everywhere, but will it last?
Playoff week 2 is on! Things are about to get really, really interesting! Good luck, everyone!
Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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