2009 – Week 15

Last Things First

The NFL has a week to go and many questions still left unanswered. One big question is “What wrong with the NFC top tier?” The Saints and Vikes both lost to inferior teams this weekend in OT. Meanwhile, the Colts pulled their starters in a close game and ended up with their first loss (and many disgruntled fantasy owners, but we’ll get to that later). How quickly spirits can fall. This picture could easy depict a couple of our fantasy owners from this past weekend:

You can’t peak early and then stumble into the playoffs and hope to succeed easily. That also held true as the Hiawatha Fantasy Football season ended this weekend with two classic Super Bowl games! Brace yourselves for the final, triumphant edition of the Universal Blast! Let’s dive in!
In the League of Champions, rookie upstart Darren was taking on the fantasy football juggernaut that is Tyler Leeper. Here’s the final bracket with scores:

Week 14
(Dec 8 – Dec 14)
Week 15
(Dec 15 – Dec 21)
Week 16
(Dec 22 – Dec 28)
(1) Grandma Nancy83.00



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(3) Taking Chances87.00

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(1) Grandma Nancy102.00

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(1) Grandma Nancy78.00

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3rd Place Game

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5th Place Game
(3) Taking Chances31.00

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In a classic game, Darren’s running back corps was again outstanding while Tyler suffered greatly when Indy pulled Manning and Wayne. Tyler came in as the solid #1 seed and looked vulnerable in his bye week before exploding with 102 in the semis. Darren had to make his run from the 6 seed, beating strong teams from Wayne and Russ to make it to the Bowl and the momentum carried him to a 7 point win! Congrats on a great playoff run, Darren! Meanwhile, Russ couldn’t recover from his loss in the semis and Mike hit the century mark in taking 3rd place for the year!
What happened in the LoC Toilet Bowl, you ask? 
LoC Toilet Super Bowl: 
9. The Bone Doctors – 92
7. Silver Fox – 109

9th Place Game: 
10. Pacifist Assassins – 64
8. Hello – 78 

Aaron completed his run through the bracket by beating a feisty Bone Doctors squad led by Chris Wachter. Aaron just missed getting into the playoffs and is left wondering what might have been had he been able to adjust his roster during the time he was vacationing with his wife in Europe. Priorities, man! John’s season of misfortune ended according to script with a loss in the 9th place game to Eric.

Final LoC Standings:
1. The Tortilla Chips (Darren)
2. Grandma Nancy (Tyler)
3. Mightiest Muffins (Mike)
4. Russ’ Rowdy Rhinos (Russ)
5. The Phantom Limbs (Peter)
6. Taking Chances (Wayne)
7. Silver Fox (Aaron)
8. The Bone Doctors (Chris W.)
9. various reactionary monikers (Eric)
10. Pacifist Assassins (John)
11. Poop Floats (Andy)
12. The Alchemists (Chris T.)

In the Premier League, diddy faced Kibble & Vick for the title. Here are the scores:

Super Bowl:
diddy – 86
Kibbles & Vick – 113

3rd Place Game:
Beer Boys – 118
Marshmallow Mateys – 60

So there it is! Another upset! Jim was soundly beaten by Frank’s high scoring team! Kibbles snatched the title away from the regular season’s top team! Frank’s run to the title from the #3 seed included posting scores of 97, 119 and now 113. He had to defeat the extremely dangerous Marshmallow Mateys in round 2 and then the top team in the Super Bowl! A very impressive run! Congrats, Frank! In the 3rd place game, Cory (like Russ in the LoC) couldn’t recover from losing to the eventual champ and only scored 60. Hyatt showed his team still had spunk and put up 118 to claim 3rd overall!

In the Premier Toilet Bowl, things got crazy. Scores:

PL Toilet Super Bowl:
8. Monday Night – 93
7. Wyld Stallyns CS – 93

9th Place Game:
Stalins of Style – 100
Egon’s Ego – 90


That’s right, the 7th place game resulted in a tie! Incredible! For the sake of clean standings, Phil and I decided it was only fair to break the tie by factoring in bench points, which gave Phil (whose bench held Jay Cutler) the victory in the standings. I’ll note it 7a and 7b. Bragging rights are to be equally divided between the two owners. Who would have thought Jay Cutler would be an asset and not a liability in the playoffs?! Congrats to both teams on a hard fought game. The 9th place game was close as well, with Chris beating Bernt by a scant 10 points! 

Final Premier League Standings:
1. Kibbles & Vick (Frank)
2. diddy (Jim)
3. Beer Boys (Hyatt)
4. Marshmallow Mateys (Cory)
5. KRUG Kommanders (Denny & Isaac)
6. Dead Heads (Nate)
7a. Monday Night (Phil)
7b. Wyld Stallyns CS (Dave)
9. Stalins of Style (Chris A.)
10. Egon’s Ego (Bernt)
11. Killer Canaries III (Bob)
12. Mighty Nimrods (Tom)

Teams of the Year:
The Champs! Kibbles & Vick and The Tortilla Chips are your teams of the year! Congrats, boys!

Teams of the Week Winners:
Week 1 – The Beer Boys
Week 2 – The Tortilla Chips
Week 3 – diddy/Kibbles and Vick (tie)
Week 4 – diddy (outright)
Week 5 – Marshmallow Mateys
Week 6 – Monday Night
Week 7 – KRUG Kommanders
Week 8 – FAIL Team
Week 9 – Dead Heads
Week 10 – The Killer Canaries III
Week 11 – Russ’ Rowdy Rhinos
Week 12 – The Mighty Nimrods
Week 13 – Mightiest Muffins
Week 14 – The Stalins of Style
Week 15 – The Tortilla Chips
Week 16 – Kibbles & Vick/The Tortilla Chips (Champs)

Final Thoughts:
Thank you all for being a part of what I consider the best Hiawatha Fantasy Football season ever! There was a lot of drama, a lot of chatter, a lot of statistical analysis and plenty of storylines to follow. Can this great season be topped?

Next year, we’ll realign the leagues and see how this year’s winners fare against each other! If everyone decides to play next year again (and whywouldn’t you?), here’s what the landscape will look like:

League of Champions (Winner’s League)
Tyler Leeper
Darren Johnson
Mike Devereaux
Russ Nelson
Peter Carlson (C)
Wayne Thompson
Jim Rieke
Cory Ehlebracht
Frank Bibber
Hyatt Harper
Nate Edwards
Denny deBruyn/Isaac Joslin

Premier League (Not-Winner’s League)
Aaron Winter
Eric Miller
Chris Wachter
John Housenga
Chris Thompson
Andy Kruse
Dave Burlingame
Phil Netolicky (C)
Chris Anderson
Bob Distad
Bernt Eidsmoe
Tom McComas

Phil and I are planning to Commish our respective leagues again, since Phil graciously missed the playoffs this year. We’re planning to run next year with the same rules as this year, with one big exception. Beginning next year, the winner of each league’s Consolation Super Bowl will win a spot in the Winner’s League and the team that finishes in 6th place in the playoffs will be placed in the Loser’s League. Basically, the teams that finish the year in 6th and 7th place will swap spots. We want the Consolation tournament to mean a little more and we want to discourage teams from thinking “well, I made the playoffs so I’m okay with sliding into the Winner’s league next season”. We didn’t implement it this season because it wasn’t proposed until the playoffs started and we thought it would be unfair to change the rule midstream. Hopefully next year we won’t have a tie for 7th place like we had this year or things could get dicey! I’ll field suggestions for any other rule changes during the off season.

Speaking of which, the off-season starts now! It’s never too early to start scouting players for next year! Since we don’t keep any players in our leagues, you’ll have to build your team from scratch again next year! You can expect an email from the Commishs next summer as we get ramped up for drafting all over again!

Again, big congrats to our champions and thanks for a great season! Now go get reacquainted with the joy of watching football without having ulterior motives! These NFL playoffs promise to be extremely unpredictable and entertaining! Maybe a Kibbles & Vick or a Tortilla Chips-type team will rise to the occasion and pull off a tough run to the title, leaving the wreckage of once untouchable teams in their wake!

See you next year! Go Vikes!

Commish Peter

P.S. If anyone is interested, Yahoo hosts a March Madness Bracket Challenge. Some of us have filled out brackets in previous years to see who at Hiawatha is a great college basketball mind. If there’s any interest, we can build a group and play, so look for that in March!

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