2010 – Week 7

First Things First

Having a good backup is extremely important, especially when these tough bye week hit you or when your starter just can’t seem to get it going and benching starts to look like a real option. Maybe the Vikings regret letting go of Sage Rosenfels so he could be come a hostage negotiator in New York.
What a weird week it was in the NFL. Washington’s DeAngelo hall grabs 4 INTs and a TD in one game? Darren McFadden was questionable with a bum hammy but rushes for 165 and 3 TDs?! The Raiders scored 59 points IN DENVER!?! Kenny Britt got benched for the 1st quarter after getting in a bar fight on Friday night and then 7 passes for 225 and 3 TDs!!? From KERRY COLLINS!??! The Refs fail to show up AT ALL for the Sunday Night game!??!!!!????? The Bills are still winless after coming SO CLOSE to beating the Ravens at home and the Panthers go their first win by beating the horrible 49ers! Crazy crazy stuff. 
With all these points being thrown around, some fantasy teams really gotten rolling this week. Of course, both DMc owners were spooked by the hammy issue and kept him on the bench. No one owns Kerry Collins. And one owner even kept Britt on the bench, sadly. So who made the right moves to get the wins? And could anyone hope to slow down The Phantom Limbs??? Read on!
League of Champions
In the LoC, the big game was between the top two teams. Would the Limbs 6 game winning streak by derailed by the Mateys? Here are the scores:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 69
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 82
Russ’ Rhino Revenge (Russ) – 73
diddy (Jim) – 62
Super-lative Muffins (Mike) – 85
Nana Nancy Unit (Tyler) – 130
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 129
we’re coming! (Wayne) – 106
OMG Ponies!!! (Nate) – 99
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 94
Reckless Abandon (Darren) – 82
KRUG Kommander (Denny) – 73
Yeah yeah, the Limbs finally took a loss this week. It was looking iffy though and the Mateys had a slim lead going in MNF. When Romo broke his collarbone, the Limbs looked poised to pull ahead, but it was not to be. Both teams now share the 6-1 mark to lead the LoC. Nana Nancy exploded this week with 130 points (thanks to bar-brawled Kenny Britt) and beat up the bye weakened Muffins. The Stallyns also blew up with 129 points (Roddy White and Michael Turner), nullifying Wayne’s big week. The win also gives the Stallyns the lead in total points, though they are only 3-3-1! It was a close game between the Ponies and the Beer Boys and it all came down to Monday night, where the Ponies pair of Eli Manning and Steve Smith outscored Hakeem Nicks to win it! The Kommander lost his second straight game in losing to Reckless in another close one. And Russ was able to beat diddy despite Donald Driver catching zero passes. 
So for now, it looks like the Mateys and the Limbs and then everyone else. Interesting to note that the Mateys lead the league in defense, they have only had 486 points against them. The next lowest is 527! Here are the standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. The Phantom Limbs 6-1-0 .857 683 605 L-1 $53 9
2. Marshmallow Mateys 6-1-0 .857 606 486 W-4 $57 9
3. Nana Nancy Unit 4-3-0 .571 659 637 W-2 $55 3
4. KRUG Kommander 4-3-0 .571 611 527 L-2 $50 11
5. Wyld Stallyns 3-3-1 .500 685 621 W-3 $54 7
6. Super-lative Muffins 3-4-0 .429 658 726 L-1 $94 17
7. Russ’ Rhino Revenge 3-4-0 .429 567 600 W-1 $44 13
8. OMG Ponies!!!!! 3-4-0 .429 552 587 W-2 $91 8
9. Reckless Abandon 3-4-0 .429 526 583 W-1 $90 3
10. Beer Boys 2-4-1 .357 631 698 L-2 $97 6
11. we’re coming! 2-5-0 .286 552 615 L-2 $60 5
12. diddy 2-5-0 .286 527 572 L-3 $66 4

The logjam is now at 3-4. With the playoff cut at the 6th spot, these teams look like they’ll be duking it out all the way down to the wire. The upper teams better be expecting company.

Premier League
The PL had some big scorers too! And a big streak would be broken! Here are the scores:
Carl’s Moustache (Aaron) – 83
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 64
Monday Night (Phil) – 74
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 101
Careless Blimpists (Chris A.) – 111
Zack Attack (Bernt) – 71
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.) – 78
Blackhearts (Jon) – 102
Tony Danza Dominates (Eric) – 77
Pacifist Assassins (John) – 125
The Alchemist (Chris T.) – 38
quitters (Tom) – 80
The big headline is quitters notching their first win of the year! The duo of Brees and Colston poured in 35 points (though the ‘aints lost to the Browns!)! The quitters are trending upward! The Assassins were the scoring champ of the week in the PL, putting up 125 with all but one player scoring double digits (including the stellar Redskins defense) to beat the former scoring leader Tony Danza. The Blimpists seem to be less careless these days, winning their second straight by beating Zack Attack by 40. The Blimpists are now 4-2-1 and in 2nd place. The rookie Blackhearts snapped their losing streak by beating up on the Cieras. Fumblecopter also broke the century mark to beat Monday Night (thanks to Turner again). And Carl’s Moustache keeps rolling along with his 6th straight win, beating the Nerd Herd. Now that the Limbs got knocked down, the target should be moved to Aaron Winter’s back. 
Here are the standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. Carl’s Moustache 6-1-0 .857 652 511 W-6 $80 6
2. Careless Blimpists 4-2-1 .643 681 628 W-2 $87 8
3. Tony Danza Dominates 4-3-0 .571 670 668 L-1 $78 12
4. Fumblecopter 4-3-0 .571 647 546 W-1 $74 6
5. Blackhearts 4-3-0 .571 637 608 W-1 $99 4
6. Pacifist Assassins 4-3-0 .571 623 621 W-4 $82 13
7. The Cutlass Cieras 4-3-0 .571 605 563 L-1 $71 8
8. Monday Night 3-4-0 .429 579 571 L-1 $100 2
9. The Alchemist 3-4-0 .429 494 573 L-3 $100 2
10. Zack Attack 2-5-0 .286 571 672 L-2 $100 3
11. Nerd Herd 2-5-0 .286 448 542 L-4 $53 6
12. quitters 1-5-1 .214 477 581 W-1 $55 14

The PL logjam is at 4-3. Seriously, half the league is at 4-3 or 4-2-1. A lot is going to change before the playoffs begin in 6 weeks.

Team of the Week
marshmallow_matey_button-p145521630428513720t5sj_400.jpgI will begrudgingly give this to the Marshmallow Mateys. It looked like the Limbs were unstoppable (unless you looked at the weeks 7 and 8 byes situation) and the Mateys pulled together to get the job done. It came down to the wire, and the Limbs made a game of it, but the Mateys were the stronger team this week. Could this have been a LoC Super Bowl preview?! All I know is that the Limbs couldn’t stop what was happening, much like this:
I think this is pretty close to accurate depiction of Cory’s gleeful win. 


I don’t know about anyone else, but my teams are in the bye week meat-grinder this week. I’ve been dreading week 8 since the draft. A whopping six teams are on byes this week, and they are: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, New York Giants, Philadelphia and Baltimore. That’s a lot of stud players out for the week. Here’s where the bench players and the waiver dollars may win the game for some teams. 

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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