2010 – Week 8

First Things First


Just when you think the biggest problem a team has is it’s banged up, geriatric QB, they waive their newly acquired deep threat WR! What a crazy, crazy week for the Vikes. 
With lots of big players on byes this week, fantasy teams had to scramble to piece together interim rosters. This led to waiver dollars flying off the board and hot 2nd tier QBs landing their first roster spots of the year. When the dust settled, only one team would stand atop the Hiawatha fantasy football universe with a 7-1 record. Who would it be? And Monday Night Football was closely watched this week as many teams needed points there to win. And a couple teams had VERY close calls:

League of Champions
In the LoC, things were getting interesting after last week. With the Mateys beating the Limbs, the two teams went into week 8 tied for the best record. What would week 8 bring? I’ll tell you this, the Monday night game made all the difference for a lot of teams. Scores:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 92
OMG Ponies!!! (Nate) – 98
Russ’ Rhino Revenge (Russ) – 84
Mashmallow Mateys (Cory) – 86
Super-lative Muffins (Mike) – 125
diddy (Jim) – 64
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 91
Nana Nancy Unit (Tyler) – 60
we’re coming (Wayne) – 77
KRUG Kommander (Denny) – 37
Reckless Abandon (Darren) – 69
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 96
The Mateys eked out a 2 point win over the Rhinos to win their 5th straight game! Russ needed the Texans to get one more field goal Monday night to overcome Reggie Wayne’s production and couldn’t do it. The Limbs also lost on Monday night after new waiver pickup Pierre Garcon failed to close the gap. It was a VERY close call for the Ponies. So the Matey’s take full possession of 1st place. Former top tier team KRUG posted a whopping 37 points this week in a loss to we’re coming. KRUG was the recipient of FOUR zeros from his squad (including former Vikes WR Moss). You can’t come back from that kind of ineffectiveness and KRUG has now lost 3 straight. Props to the Muffins who are back to their high scoring glory days, apparently (thanks to his kicker who scored 15, 17 and 19 the last 3 weeks!). diddy didn’t seem to have a chance in this one. The Stallyns are on a roll, winning their 4th straight by beating the Unit. And the Beer Boys are still far better than their record, putting up a 96 and beating Reckless this week. 
Current LoC Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. Marshmallow Mateys 7-1-0 .875 692 572 W-5 $57 10
2. The Phantom Limbs 6-2-0 .750 777 703 L-2 $27 12
3. Wyld Stallyns 4-3-1 .563 776 681 W-4 $51 9
4. Super-lative Muffins 4-4-0 .500 783 790 W-1 $52 22
5. Nana Nancy Unit 4-4-0 .500 719 728 L-1 $55 4
6. OMG Ponies!!!!! 4-4-0 .500 650 679 W-3 $91 9
7. KRUG Kommander 4-4-0 .500 648 604 L-3 $50 12
8. Beer Boys 3-4-1 .438 727 767 W-1 $97 6
9. Russ’ Rhino Revenge 3-5-0 .375 651 686 L-1 $10 15
10. we’re coming! 3-5-0 .375 629 652 W-1 $45 9
11. Reckless Abandon 3-5-0 .375 595 679 L-1 $85 4
12. diddy 2-6-0 .250 591 697 L-4 $66 5

So the Mateys have leapfrogged the Limbs and now have sole possession of 1st place.

Premier League
Things are getting really interesting in the Premier League. The Romo injury forced top team, Carl’s Moustache, to turn to under-the-radar wonder Ryan Fitzpatrick this week. But his opponent had a waiver pickup of his own. Scores:
Carl’s Moustache (Aaron) – 84
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 120
Monday Night (Phil) – 41
Tony Danza Dominates (Eric) – 108
Careless Blimpists (Chris A.) – 80
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 79
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.) – 68
Zack Attack (Bernt) – 51
Blackhearts (Jon) – 50
quitters (Tom) – 99
The Alchemist (Chris T.) – 61
Pacifist Assassins (John) – 102
LaGarrette Blount actually cleared waivers this week and became a FA, which Fumblecopter jumped on and was rewarded with 22 points. This powered the team to a big win over league leader Carl’s Moustache. The game of the week in the PL was definitely between the Blimpists and the Herd. The Blimpists were down 58-79 heading into MNF. Team MVP Arian Foster didn’t have a repeat of his monster game from week one, but his 22 points were enough to beat the Herd by 1 and drop them to a 5th straight loss. Heartbreaking. Tony Danza Dominates did just that, destroying Monday Night (who was forced to start the Giants kicker and DEF though they were on byes). The Cieras knocked off the Attack of Zack thanks to Randy Moss sabotaging Bernt’s team. The Assassins are rolling right now. After losing their first 3 games, they have won 5 straight and are clearly in the playoff mix. No one wants to play them right now and the Alchemist is reeling. And finally, the quitters won their second straight game! They put up 99 points this week to almost double up the Blackhearts! Is this team finally on the right track? 
Current PL Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. Carl’s Moustache 6-2-0 .750 736 631 L-1 $56 8
2. Careless Blimpists 5-2-1 .688 761 707 W-3 $87 9
3. Tony Danza Dominates 5-3-0 .625 778 709 W-1 $62 14
4. Fumblecopter 5-3-0 .625 767 630 W-2 $56 9
5. Pacifist Assassins 5-3-0 .625 725 682 W-5 $82 15
6. The Cutlass Cieras 5-3-0 .625 675 614 W-1 $71 9
7. Blackhearts 4-4-0 .500 687 709 L-1 $94 7
8. Monday Night 3-5-0 .375 620 679 L-2 $100 2
9. The Alchemist 3-5-0 .375 555 675 L-4 $98 3
10. quitters 2-5-1 .313 576 631 W-2 $54 18
11. Zack Attack 2-6-0 .250 622 740 L-3 $100 3
12. Nerd Herd 2-6-0 .250 527 622 L-5 $53 8

The Premier League seems to have already begun to show the playoff cut line. There’s a clear break at the 6 spot and the top teams all seem to be winning right now. Five games left though….

Team of the Week

The Pacifist Assassins! Two teams are holding onto 5 game winning streaks right now, and the Mateys won this award last week. The Assassins story is very different. Beginning the season as a punching bag, the team lost their first three games by an average margin of 50 points. They have now won their last 5 games by an average margin of 39. Quite the turnaround!


Week 9 will find another 6 teams on byes, but this set doesn’t seem to hold quite as much trouble as week 8’s. Here are the teams golfing this week:Denver, Tennessee, St. Louis, San Francisco, Washington and Jacksonville. 

With only 5 games to go in the regular season, now is the time that most teams are looking to settle on a roster for the playoff run. Is your squad ready or do you still have holes to fill? The trade deadline is fast approaching. All trade need to be completed by Friday, Nov. 12th. After that, the waiver wires will be your only option. 
Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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