2010 – Week 9

First Things First


We’re getting to that point in the season where the writing is on the wall for some teams. For the Cowboys, enough was enough for their demanding owner and Wade Phillips knew it when he wandered off the field on Sunday night. 
In fantasy football, you are the owner and the coach. If your team is under performing, the responsibility is on you. Fortunately, you probably won’t fire yourself. Probably. But this week definitely crushed the hopes of many teams looking for a playoff spot. However, keep in mind that even those teams that do not get into the playoffs can gain a spot in the winners league by winning their Toilet Bowl! That’s something Wade Phillips never had a chance at!
Also, both Wes Welker and Ndamukong Suh attempted extra points for their teams when their kickers got hurt. Only one made it. Guess which one.

League of Champions
After some drama at the top tier last week, all eyes were on the Marshmallow Mateys this week to see if they could keep winning against a tough Muffin squad. Scores:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 114
Reckless Abandon (Darren) – 61
Russ’ Rhino Revenge (Russ) – 94
OMG Ponies!!!!! (Nate) – 72
Super-lative Muffins (Mike) – 101
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 65
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 108
diddy (Jim) – 97
we’re coming! (Wayne) – 77
Nana Nancy Unit (Tyler) – 104
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 96
KRUG Kommander (Denny) – 62
Like the Patriots, the Mateys couldn’t keep their amazing run alive and lost to a team that’s better than their record shows (the Muffins average 98 points per week). That drops the Mateys back into a tie with the Limbs, who took care of business by putting up 114 points and beating up on Reckless. The Stallyns put up 108 points, but only won by 11 when diddy showed that he still has some fight left in him. Diddy has now lost 5 in a row. When Ryan Grant went down, Russ’ Rhinos signed free agent Peyton Hillis to the squad and have never looked back. Hillis put up 31 points this week to power the Rhinos past the Ponies (who were without Frank Gore due to a bye). Nana Nancy won handily over we’re coming (thanks to more good production from James Jones [who??]). And after positive buzz early in the season, Wade..err…I mean Denny dropped his fourth in a row this week, losing to the Beer Boys. Ouch. KRUG is now one of three 4-5 teams hovering just outside the playoff cut.
Current LoC Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. The Phantom Limbs 7-2-0 .778 891 764 W-1 $27 13
2. Marshmallow Mateys 7-2-0 .778 757 673 L-1 $57 10
3. Wyld Stallyns 5-3-1 .611 884 778 W-5 $48 11
4. Super-lative Muffins 5-4-0 .556 883 855 W-2 $30 26
5. Nana Nancy Unit 5-4-0 .556 823 805 W-1 $55 6
6. Beer Boys 4-4-1 .500 823 829 W-2 $97 8
7. Russ’ Rhino Revenge 4-5-0 .444 745 758 W-1 $10 17
8. OMG Ponies!!!!! 4-5-0 .444 722 773 L-1 $91 9
9. KRUG Kommander 4-5-0 .444 710 700 L-4 $50 15
10. we’re coming! 3-6-0 .333 706 756 L-1 $45 12
11. Reckless Abandon 3-6-0 .333 656 793 L-2 $85 4
12. diddy 2-7-0 .222 688 804 L-5 $66 7

Premier League
The unthinkable has happened. Not only did the PL see another tie, it was a tie at less than 40 points. I’ve never seen anything like it. Scores:
Carl’s Moustache (Aaron) – 91
Tony Danza Dominates (Eric) – 60
Monday Night (Phil) – 113
The Alchemist (Chris T.) – 63
Careless Blimpists (Chris A.) – 105
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 146
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.) – 97
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 60
Blackhearts (Jon) – 38
Zack Attack (Bernt) – 38
Pacifist Assassins (John) – 121
quitters (Tom) – 86
Yes, Blackhearts and Zack Attack tied at 38 points. Blackhearts came from behind on Monday night to tie it up. The tough part is, Zack Attack when into the game with a WR spot open – bitten by the bye week bug, ZA picked up Lee Evans from waivers, but Evans defaulted to the bench and didn’t get into the starting lineup in time. Ouch. His 3 points would have won it. 
Carl’s Moustache was too much for Tony Danza (eww…). Carl’s team is back to their winning ways and they still sit atop the league. There appear to be challengers though. Pacifist Assassins put the quitters back in their place by scoring 121 and winning their 6th in a row! And Fumblecopter faced the Blimpists in a huge game. In the end Fumblecopter won their 3rd straight (thanks, again, to Peyton Hillis and also TO). Fumblecopter now averages 101 points per game! At the other end of the spectrum, the Alchemist can’t seem to distill a win out of anything. They’ve now lost 5 straight after getting beat up by Monday Night. And it’s even worse for Nerd Herd. They’ve lost 6 straight following their defeat at the hands of the Cutlass Cieras. 
The ties are going to make the playoff race in the PL extremely hard to predict. Current PL Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. Carl’s Moustache 7-2-0 .778 827 691 W-1 $56 9
2. Fumblecopter 6-3-0 .667 913 735 W-3 $56 10
3. Pacifist Assassins 6-3-0 .667 846 768 W-6 $82 18
4. The Cutlass Cieras 6-3-0 .667 772 674 W-2 $58 11
5. Careless Blimpists 5-3-1 .611 866 853 L-1 $81 10
6. Tony Danza Dominates 5-4-0 .556 838 799 L-1 $62 19
7. Blackhearts 4-4-1 .500 725 747 T-1 $94 7
8. Monday Night 4-5-0 .444 732 742 W-1 $100 2
9. The Alchemist 3-6-0 .333 618 788 L-5 $98 4
10. quitters 2-6-1 .278 662 752 L-1 $54 19
11. Zack Attack 2-6-1 .278 660 778 T-1 $93 4
12. Nerd Herd 2-7-0 .222 587 719 L-6 $53 10

Standings Note for Stat Geeks
I thought it would be interesting to combine the standings of both leagues to see how teams and leagues rate when put together. You can see the result in this Google spreadsheet. I’ve added a couple categories of note: +/-, average points for and average points against. Based on these numbers, it looks like neither league really stands above the other based on performance. Check it out.

Team of the Week
texanslolslomo.gif   texanslol2.gif
I’m giving it to Fumblecopter, but not because he whined last week about deserving the award. It’s because he deserves the award. Andy’s squad has won 3 in a row, sure. But they’re also the highest scoring team in either league! They’ve scored a whopping 913 points – an average of 101 per game. No other team averages more than 100 per game. Frankly, it’s incredible that he’s lost 3 games. 


The most important thing you need to know this week: there is a Thursday Night Game!!! The Ravens and Falcons will play in the first Thursday game of the year, so make sure you’re set with your roster by then. Secondly, there are four teams on bye this week: Green Bay, Oakland, New Orleans and San Diego. So plan accordingly. We’ve got some big fantasy matchups this week, so you’ll need to be on top of your roster. Only four weeks until the playoffs!

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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