2010 – Playoffs Week 1

First Things First


Did you hear?! It snowed so hard the Metrodome collapsed!  Of course you did. But did you hear the various conspiracy theories surrounding the collapse? Did Favre cause the collapse to give himself more time to rehab his injury and keep his streak alive?
Nope, the streak ended Monday anyway. Well how about this theory? Sources say that the crews spraying hot water on the roof on Saturday were called off due to wind and danger but that the water froze and was the main contributor to the collapse early Sunday morning! Did Vikings officials sabotage the dome purposely hoping for damage or collapse and fuel the fire for a new stadium!??! 
Other things also happened this weekend besides the colossal snowmageddon. The only NFC North team to win this weekend was the Lions?! Plus, the fantasy playoffs kicked off with some stunning results. Who’s in danger of dropping to the lower league next year? And which team is white hot and ready to face a #1 seed coming off a bye? I’ll tell you right now though, there were only two “upsets” in the opening round, and that’s upsetting. 

League of Champions
The LoC is brimming with drama. After losing to the Limbs last week, the Muffins dropped from the #2 seed and a bye to the #4 seed and a date with the high scoring Stallyns. What happened? Well….
LoC Playoff Scores: 
Super-lative Muffins (Mike) – 82
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 143
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 96
Russ’ Rhino Revenge (Russ) – 72
So the Muffins slump continues at the worse possible time, but it appears no one would have had a chance against the Stallyns this week with their 1-2 punch of McFadden and Turner (68 combined points!!). This is one of the two upsets we saw this week. The Mateys scored a strong 96 and took down Russ’ previously promising team. This sets up some big games next week. The Muffins will face the Rhinos with the loser being demoted next year! Talk about drama! And the Mateys and Stallyns move on to face the top two teams. 
LoC Playoff Bracket:
LoC Playoffs.JPG
LoC Toilet Bowl:
The Toilet Bowl had it’s share of drama too. Here, it’s do or die from the start. If you lose in the first round of the Toilet Bowl, you won’t be in the upper league next  year. If you win, you’re still alive. So who’s still alive?
we’re coming! (Wayne) – 69
Reckless Abandon (Darren) – 61
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 87
diddy (Jim) – 74
So Reckless and diddy see their hopes crushed. We’ve known all along that the Beer Boys would be a tough beat in the playoffs and Jim saw that first hand this week. Reckless and we’re coming! had a closer match, but Wayne’s squad prevailed. 
LoC Toilet Bracket: 
LoC Toilet.JPG
So KRUG and the Ponies will get into the mix next week. One of these four teams will be promoted, who will it be? Meanwhile, Reckless and diddy can share this:

Premier League
The PL playoff matchups looked pretty even going into the week, but coming it it was apparent that the two better teams won. Scores:
PL Playoff Scores: 
Tony Danza Dominates (Eric) – 95
Carl’s Moustache (Aaron) – 82
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 124
Careless Blimpists (Chris A.) – 86
The scoring juggernaut that is Fumblecopter put on a show this weekend. He beat up on another scoring machine in the Blimpists, scoring 124 (Michael Turner was a big factor here too). Danza needed Adrian Peterson to have an off night and Matt Schaub to have a great night and, lo, both things came to pass and Carl’s Moustache was defeated. No upsets here, so we’re set up for the top four seeds to go at each other next week. Meanwhile, Aaron and Anderson will battle next week to see who will salvage a promotion out of these playoffs!
PL Playoff Bracket:
PL Playoffs.JPG
PL Toilet Bowl:
Here again, the teams that win in the Toilet Bowl still have a chance to be promoted. Losers….well… there’s always next year!
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 62
Zack Attack (Bernt) – 69
Monday Night (Phil) – 69
The Alchemist (Chris T.) – 58
So Zack Attack pulled together like friends forever and got an upset win over the Nerd Herd by 8 points! The 11 seed is still alive in the Toilet bowl! They will next face the 7 seed quitters! Monday Night also scored 69 and beat The Alchemist. With that, the Alchemist and the Nerd Herd will see each other in the lower league again next year. 
PL Toilet Bracket:
PL Toilet.JPG
Bern’t 11th seeded team is the lowest seed still alive to be promoted next year. Can Zack Attack pull off the impossible and run the table to the winners league? Stranger things have happened.

Team of the Week
The Wyld Stallyns! This team is going strong and will be a tough matchup for the Phantom Limbs next week. With a solid roster from top to bottom, they are going strong right now! Oh, and Dave, here ya go!

For a lot of teams, this week will decide whether this season can be considered a success or a failure. Four playoff teams are fighting for a spot in the winner’s league next year and only two will get it. The other two will end the year on a down note. Plus, next week the top seeds get back into action and we’ll see if the week off killed any of their mojo. Meanwhile, the Toilet Bowl is heating up. Every game is a must win in that bracket. I’m happy to see the level of competition in the Toilet Bowls is still good and teams are still at least trying to win:


The Thursday night game this week will be the Chargers. vs. the 49ers, so plan accordingly there. 
The big question of the week in the  NFL may be where Monday Night Football will be played. Will the Dome be ready in time (my guess is no)? But where do we go from here? It feels like this team just can’t get away from the drama this year. And perhaps, not even next year. 
Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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