2010 – Playoffs Week 3

First Things First


Curses are made to be broken! The Ghost of Childress seems to have haunted to the Vikings since the pulled the trigger on his firing. Apocalyptic snow storms have been wrecking havoc on their games and jostling their lineups for weeks now. But on Tuesday night in Philadelphia we witnessed the emergence of a new hero: The Webb Slinger. Combining his powers with those of head coach Mr. Fraze, the Vikings displayed the bright future potential and give fans the best Christmas present ever: hope. And hope is a powerful thing. 
And now, as our Fantasy season comes to an end, we may be seeing the confirmation of a curse. Is the HFFUBTotW Curse Real!??! And we also can see how hope can pay off in big, big ways. Onward!

League of Champions
The LoC all came down to Nana Nancy vs. The Limbs for all the winner’s marbles. Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that Tyler’s team has been here before. Before the advent of the two-league system, Tyler’s team won it all in 2008. Last year, Tyler’s team made it to the Super Bowl, but lost to Darren. How would he fare this year? 
LOC Playoff Scores: 
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 93
Nana Nancy Unit (Tyler) – 55
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 48
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 88
So there you have it! The Phantom Limbs have won it all! Even with a mediocre performance by Mike Vick, the Limbs put together a good week and scored 92. Nana Nancy couldn’t duplicate last week high score and got soundly beaten. The Limbs led the lead virtually wire to wire this year and played like a champ. Even Mike Devereaux was quoted as saying “I think [The Phantom Limbs are the] undisputed champion of this league. It hurts me to say that.” So Tyler has lost two super bowls in a row! Is he cursed after is 2008 win? Or is he the Buffalo Bills of Hiawatha Fantasy Football? Third place goes to the Mateys after their solid win over the Stallyns. It seems that the high scoring Stallyns squad had their collective backs broken last week when they were trashed by the Limbs. Ouch. Cory salvages a tough end to the regular season with a great playoff run to 3rd place! For Dave, sometimes the lineup that has worked so well countless times before blows up:
Final LoC Playoff Bracket:

LoC Playoff.jpg
LoC Toilet Bowl Scores:

As Sunday wound down, Nate looked like he was in good shape to take the 7th place game and the golden ticket. He even took to the message board and boasted that he scored more than all the playoff teams and so did Denny. Well, a Tuesday game erased that boastful attitude. Scores:

we’re coming! (Wayne) – 68
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 79
OMG Ponies!!!! (Nate) – 92
KRUG Kommander (Denny) – 102
And the Golden Ticket goes to KRUG! Denny opted to attempt “The Webb Gambit” this week – putting Joe Webb in at WR as allowed by Yahoo. Denny’s hope was rewarded! Though Nate had the lead after Monday night, Webb scored 16 (Maclin and McCoy chipped in 15) and KRUG stormed back 20 points down to win it! What a fun game! In the 9th place game, with little to play for but pride, Beer Boys took the prize with an 11 point win. Solid. 
Final LoC Toilet Bowl Bracket:
LoC Toilet.jpg

Final LoC Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
*1. The Phantom Limbs 10-3-0 .769 1340 1178 W-1 $2 20
*2. Nana Nancy Unit 9-4-0 .692 1153 1036 W-5 $54 7
*3. Marshmallow Mateys 9-4-0 .692 1084 1002 W-1 $30 20
*4. Wyld Stallyns 7-5-1 .577 1256 1122 W-1 $0 23
*5. Super-lative Muffins 8-5-0 .615 1255 1193 L-1 $0 43
*6. Russ’ Rhino Revenge 6-7-0 .462 1200 1140 L-1 $0 23
7. KRUG Kommander 6-7-0 .462 1078 1053 W-2 $34 31
8. OMG Ponies!!!!! 6-7-0 .462 1069 1100 L-1 $56 14
9. Beer Boys 5-7-1 .423 1177 1245 L-2 $20 14
10. we’re coming! 4-9-0 .308 1019 1097 W-1 $45 19
11. Reckless Abandon 4-9-0 .308 969 1212 L-1 $50 9
12. diddy 3-10-0 .231 950 1172 L-3 $35 8

Premier League
The PL saw a lot of drama this week! In fact, the two games that mattered most were decided by a TOTAL of 7 points! Wow! Here’s what happened:
PL Playoff Scores:

Pacifist Assassins (John) – 95
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 91
Tony Danza Dominates (Eric) – 70
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.) – 108
And the Assassins complete the streak! John’s team has not lost a game since September 28th! When the PL Super Bowl was setup as the top two scoring teams, we knew it was anyone’s game, but John’s squad was able to orchestrate a 4 point win. Andy’s team is left wondering why Michael Turner was bottled up and only scored 2 points and Peyton Hillis’ cold streak continued. Oh, what might have been. Congrats on a dominating last 2/3 of the year, John! The 3rd place game was a bit of a whooping as the Cieras took out their frustration from last week on Tony Danza! A 38 point win will give the Ciera’s fanbase hopes for next season!
Final PL Playoff Bracket:
PL Playoff.jpg

PL Toilet Bowl Scores:
Over the past two weeks, two teams have played Zack Attack thinking “easy prey” and been surprised at his fight. But Bernt’s Cinderella run all came down to this: A showdown with Phil for 7th place and a Golden Ticket! Would Bernt be able to do the unthinkable and ride a hot streak from 3-9-1 season all the way to the winner’s league? Scores:
Zack Attack (Bernt) – 73
Monday Night (Phil) – 76
quitters (Tom) – 67
Blackhearts (Jon) – 53
Oh!!! And Bernt comes up just short! In an ironic twist, Phil also deployed The Webb Gambit this week and won a Golden Ticket on the back of the Golden Boy. Phil was down 54-76 going into Tuesday Night Football with Webb, DeSean Jackson and Shiancoe left. Shiancoe and Jackson each chipped in 3 a piece, but Webb’s 16 was the difference maker! Bernt got donuts from two player this week, so he’s got to be thinking about what could have been. He may also be contemplating the HFFUBTotW Curse! After naming Zack Attack the TotW last week, they went on to lose a big game. Is the Curse real?!?! Still, an amazing run for Zack Attack. Philly will ball with the winner next year! The 9th place game was the site of the quitter’s ultimate end. After a disastrous start to the year, Tom’s team ends on a winning note in beating the rookie Blackhearts. Well done, Tom!
Final PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:
PL Toilet.jpg

Final PL Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
*1. Pacifist Assassins 10-3-0 .769 1289 1087 W-10 $10 29
*2. Fumblecopter 8-5-0 .615 1295 1125 L-1 $53 15
*3. The Cutlass Cieras 9-4-0 .692 1266 1101 L-1 $42 13
*4. Tony Danza Dominates 8-5-0 .615 1261 1167 W-2 $39 27
*5. Carl’s Moustache 8-5-0 .615 1078 995 L-3 $0 16
*6. Careless Blimpists 7-5-1 .577 1280 1176 W-1 $80 15
7. Monday Night 5-8-0 .385 1025 1152 L-1 $100 3
8. Zack Attack 3-9-1 .269 984 1161 L-2 $93 5
9. quitters 5-7-1 .423 1057 1096 W-1 $53 30
10. Blackhearts 5-7-1 .423 982 1080 W-1 $94 18
11. Nerd Herd 5-8-0 .385 959 1023 W-2 $53 10
12. The Alchemist 3-10-0 .231 847 1160 L-9 $93 5

Team of the Week
Your two Champions! The Assassins and the Limbs showed some real drive this year and ran all the way to the titles. Way to go! Enjoy being Cursed next year!


The season is over and we’re all looking to next year. Here’s how the leagues will look based on the results from this year (assuming all teams opt to return). 

The League of Champions (Upper League)
The Phantom Limbs (Peter)
Nana Nancy Unit (Tyler)
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory)
Wyld Stallyns (Dave)
Super-Lative Muffins (Mike)
KRUG Kommander (Denny)
Pacifist Assassins (John)
Fumblecopter (Andy)
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.)
Tony Danza Dominates (Eric)
Carl’s Moustache (Aaron)
Monday Night (Phil)
The Premier League (Lower League)
Russ’ Rhino Revenge (Russ)
OMG Ponies!!!! (Nate)
Beer Boys (Hyatt)
we’re coming! (Wayne)
Reckless Abandon (Darren)
diddy (Jim) 
Careless Blimpists (Chris A.)
Zack Attack (Bernt) 
quitters (Tom)
Blackhearts (Jon)
Nerd Herd (Bob)
The Alchemist (Chris T.)
Thanks to all the teams for a stellar season! With 24 teams, it seems likely that some managers would get bored and ignore their team, but that hasn’t been the case and the level of competition has always been top notch! I can’t wait for next year! Enjoy next week’s games free from FFL stress and let’s rest in the hope of another great season next year! Or you could always become a hockey fan.
Until Next Season,
Commish Peter

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