2011 – Week 6

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On a typical Sunday, the players are the ones who grab the headlines for their efforts on the field. A funny thing happened this weekend: the coaches were the ones getting in on the physicality of NFL football. And it wasn’t Rex Ryan!
You had Andy Reid getting punched in his massive gut by LeSean McCoy:
Crazy. But then of course you had your Minnesota Vikings and a prime-time game so painful that even McNabb’s mom had to leave. Sigh. But that’s what we Vikings fans must endure. 
On to the Fantasy Leagues! HUGE news from the weekend!! Each league saw the top teams suffer their first losses! And there was much rejoicing. 

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In the LoC, it was Fumblecopter who found out what it’s like to take an L. Who shall we thank for this defeat? Here are the scores:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 66
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.) – 103
JAWS (Dave) – 87
vow of silence (Aaron) – 87
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 85
Monday Night (Phil) – 78
Pacifists (John) – 82
Mr. T Fool! (Eric) – 107
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 73
KRUG Kommandant (Denny) – 90
The Almighty Muffins (Mike) – 68
Nana Nancy Unit (Tyler) – 88
So not only did KRUG beat the top ranked team handily, but Fumblecopter only mustered the 3rd lowest score of the week! Is the door slowly swinging open for some teams to make a jump?? First in line are the 5-1 Marshmallow Mateys, who came from behind on Monday Night to beat Monday Night and tie Fumblecopter for first place (despite a 98 total point disparity!).  Also, for the first time, Aaron’s team didn’t lose! He also didn’t win, as LaDainian Tomlinson couldn’t quite push him over the top on MNF and he ended up handing a tie to JAWS. The Limbs got bottom-shelf production from their squad and only managed 66 points against the Cieras whopping 103 onslaught. The Pacifists were similarly defeated as Mr T. won his 3rd game in a row easily. And the Muffins have now lost 4 in a row and Nancy rolled over them this week. 
Current LoC Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. Fumblecopter 5-1-0 .833 664 588 L-1 $100 2
2. Marshmallow Mateys 5-1-0 .833 566 457 W-2 $85 4
3. J.A.W.S. 4-1-1 .750 604 532 T-1 $39 12
4. Mr T Fool! 4-2-0 .667 592 540 W-3 $73 8
5. KRUG Kommandant 4-2-0 .667 544 503 W-1 $100 5
6. Nana Nancy Unit 3-2-1 .583 645 584 W-1 $100
7. The Cutlass Cieras 3-3-0 .500 607 570 W-2 $99 2
8. The Phantom Limbs 3-3-0 .500 537 544 L-1 $79 9
9. Monday Night 1-4-1 .250 512 550 L-4 $100 7
10. The Almighty Muffins 1-5-0 .167 509 591 L-4 $79 23
11. Pacifists 1-5-0 .167 489 643 L-5 $92 7
12. vow of silence 0-5-1 .083 490 657 T-1 $100 2

It’s starting to look like KRUG, Nancy, the Cieras and Limbs could be gearing up for a fight to the finish for the last playoff spot! Playoffs!??!

premier league logo.jpg
The Alchemist has been the toast of the PL all season. But this week….he didn’t have a chance. Here are your scores:
Mean Regressors (Chris A.) – 46
The Russell (Russell) – 95
sasquatches r real! (Darren) – 71
McChamps (Tom) – 95
Waffle Housers (Nate) – 86
Blackhearts (Jon) – 74
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 72
diddy (Jim) – 71
Glass Joe (Bernt) – 134
The Alchemist (Chris T.) – 72
a couple 13 14 wins (Wayne) – 74
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 90
Ladies and gentlemen, Glass Joe. Bernt’s team was firing on all cylinders this week and absolutely embarrassed the Alchemist by hanging 134 points and a loss on him. Even Bernt’s kicker scored 20 points! Like I said, The Alchemist didn’t have a chance. No one did. Elsewhere, it was a nail biter late into Monday night as diddy tried furiously to pull ahead of the Nerd Herd with Reggie Bush and the Jets D, but came up 1 point short. We almost had two ties resulting from MNF this week! Crazy. The Mean Regressors have endured a lot the last two weeks, putting up a TOTAL of 90 over two games. This week, The Russell was the recipient of a win. Maybe Nate should have babies more often as he has now won his last 3 games, beating the Blackhearts this week. Is his new daughter a secret Fantasy Football ninja? The McChamps got back on track this week with a solid win over the sasquatches. And, perhaps flying under the radar, the Beer Boys have won 3 straight and now sit in 3rd place thanks to a win over Wayne’s squad. 
Current PL Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. The Alchemist 5-1-0 .833 629 578 L-1 $76 5
2. The Russell 4-2-0 .667 658 498 W-2 $60 20
3. Beer Boys 4-2-0 .667 590 564 W-3 $86 4
4. Waffle Housers 4-2-0 .667 581 570 W-3 $44 4
5. McChamps 4-2-0 .667 576 539 W-1 $92 7
6. Blackhearts 3-3-0 .500 513 484 L-1 $87 6
7. sasquatches r real! 3-3-0 .500 505 494 L-2 $75 3
8. Glass Joe 2-4-0 .333 603 616 W-1 $100 2
9. a couple 13 14 wins 2-4-0 .333 523 602 L-2 $100 3
10. diddy 2-4-0 .333 514 528 L-1 $100
11. Nerd Herd 2-4-0 .333 482 561 W-1 $100 7
12. Mean Regressors 1-5-0 .167 444 584 L-3 $84 12

Someone from that 2-4 group is destined for a playoff appearance, I can feel it. 

team of the week logo.jpg
glass joe.JPG
Was there any doubt it would be Glass Joe this week!? Bernt’s team wiped that smirk of The Alchemist’s face in the blink of an eye on Sunday. No one knew when the schedule was announced this this match would be such a big story! But it’s actually kind of amazing that Bernt’s team was in 10th place going into Sunday. Stafford, Megatron, A.J. Green, Bradshaw, Greene and Mendenhall. Plus a 20 point kicker and the Packer D!?!? C’mon! Come playoff time, “Glass” Joe may prove to be anything but.  

Week 7 may be the bye week nexus that really hurts some teams. Here are the teams couching it this weekend: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, New York Giants, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Whew! That’s a lot of top level talent taking the week off! If your roster is riddled with holes this week, all I can say is…

May the Schwartz be with you!

Unless your name is Jim Harbaugh. 
Until Next Week,
Commish Peter 

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