2012 – Week 1

Welcome to the first edition of the HFFUB for 2012! For the newbies, this email will break down all the action from the leagues and analyze the implications. I’m still recovering from the heart attack Vikings game on Sunday, but I’ll do my best to sum up the week’s action. In the NFL, a few teams showed their rust with the Packers and Saints both losing in week 1. Even Gronk didn’t have all his moves down in time for the game: 
Inline image 2
But Peyton Manning was ready to play. He even showed off some new moves. Like the “Fake Handoff to a Ghost” trick. Works every time:
Inline image 1
Clearly, week 1 of Fantasy Football is when we can finally look back on our draft and clearly see all of our misfires. Some may respond be immediately jumping on the waiver wire to fix their rosters. While others may respond a little differently. 
Inline image 1
Either way, one week of play is hardly enough data to determine the strong teams. Well….that’s what logic says anyway. However, by the look of things, there are a couple of scary teams in each league. Let’s get to the scores. 

League of Champions logo.jpg
In the LoC, things got off to a fast start with the Wednesday season opener, but Sundays games really ratcheted up the point totals (until Yahoo screwed up late Sunday night and canceled all the TDs, but that’s fixed now). Here are the scores:
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 83
Blitzkrieg Bops (Mark) – 78
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 131
The Alchemist III (Chris T.) – 72
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 96
Lightning in a bottle (Wayne) – 98
Cutlass Cieras (RIP) (Chris W.) – 60
The Peacenik Hit-Men (John) – 164
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 77
Bye Week (Matt) – 86
I have Arian Foster (Tom) – 105
Ready to Russell (Russ) – 57
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 88
Lucha Libre Horrible (Nate) – 80
So the big story of the weekend in the LoC was John’s offensive explosion! The 14 team league talent pool wasn’t an issue for John, whose gamble of taking both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones paid off in spades this week as the two combined for 53 points! Every player in his lineup scored double digits and the Cieras were absolutely mowed down. Yikes. The Beer Boys also destroyed their opponent this week, scoring 131! The Alchemist has to be frustrated by the 1 point he got from Welker this week. The Limbs’ title defense got off to a rough start on Wednesday when David Wilson got them -2 points. However, the Bops underperformed as well and at the end of the weekend, the Limbs squeaked by with a win and gave the game ball to Blair Walsh. Speaking of close games, Fumblecopter looked dead until a late push got him close, but Wayne hung on to win by 2 points! Matt’s first game in the league pitted him against Cory and his 30-9 career regular season record at Hiawatha. But the newbie handed Cory his 10th regular season loss ever and made a name for himself in the process. Well done! The Stallyns started off with a win too, handling Lucha Libre. And Ready to Russell…um…wasn’t. A league low 57 wasn’t enough to overcome Tom’s big debut in the LoC. Arian Foster indeed. 
Here are the current LoC standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. The Peacenik Hit-Men 1-0-0 1.000 164 60 W-1 $100
2. Beer Boys 1-0-0 1.000 131 72 W-1 $100 1
3. I have Arian Foster 1-0-0 1.000 105 57 W-1 $100 1
4. Lightning in bottle 1-0-0 1.000 98 96 W-1 $100 1
5. Wyld Stallyns 1-0-0 1.000 88 80 W-1 $100 1
6. Bye Week 1-0-0 1.000 86 77 W-1 $100
7. The Phantom Limbs 1-0-0 1.000 83 78 W-1 $100
8. Fumblecopter 0-1-0 .000 96 98 L-1 $100
9. Lucha Libre Horrible 0-1-0 .000 80 88 L-1 $99 3
10. Blitzkrieg Bops 0-1-0 .000 78 83 L-1 $99 1
11. Marshmallow Mateys 0-1-0 .000 77 86 L-1 $100
12. The Alchemist III 0-1-0 .000 72 131 L-1 $100
13. Cutlass Cieras (RIP) 0-1-0 .000 60 164 L-1 $100
14. Ready To Russell 0-1-0 .000 57 105 L-1 $100
premier league logo.jpg
The PL had their fair share of points scored too, but they were a little more spread out. No 160’s here, but it looks like a couple of juggernauts might be bubbling up. Here are the scores: 
Pulp Extrapolation (Chris A.) – 106
Gyro Gearloose (Bernt) – 70
The Dominators (Spencer) – 63
KRUG Kommandant (Denny) – 89
The Matchless Muffins (Mike) – 91
Nana Nancy (Tyler) – 116
Purple Pride (Carl) – 103
El Tigre Chino (Darren) – 79
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 80
you want more juice? (Aaron) – 93
WHAT!? (Eric) – 60
Blackhearts (Jon) – 81
diddy (Jim) – 91
phillywindsurfin (Phil) – 98
The highest score of the week in the PL came from Nana Nancy against the Muffins. Both Tyler and Mike found themselves in the PL this year and showed they still have mojo, but Tyler’s uncanny success continued. Mike adding injury to insult, Mike seems to have lost Fred Jackson for extended time and his Bills defense gave him -2 points. C’mon, Buffalo! Elsewhere, Carl’s debut in the league was a big win over Darren’s team! Two strong RBs powered him to 103 points! The other rookie wasn’t as lucky. Spencer’s team got smoked by KRUG as his 3 active RBs scored 8, 6 and 2 points. Ouch. Chris Anderson had the #1 pick this year and took Ray Rice over Arian Foster, but it was the Julio Jones pickup that paid off this week. His -3 points from the KC defense mattered little in this contest as he rolled over Bernt’s team. The Nerd Herd also a tough loss against Aaron’s strangely named team. It looked like the Blackhearts were going to be heartbroken, until Monday night rolled around. Jon came storming back and ran away from Eric’s team late. 
And then we have the touching story of diddy vs. philly. Jim jumped to an early lead on Wednesday and Phil spend Thursday-Saturday wondering what kind of a jolt he could give his team to inspire them to win it. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, he had his answer: Keller Netolicky – 9lb 5oz game-changer. Phil became a father on Sunday morning and then his team rallied for a 7 point win on the week! Incredible. Congrats, Phil! And welcome to the world, Keller!
Inline image 2

Current PL Standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. Nana Nancy 1-0-0 1.000 116 91 W-1 $100
2. Pulp Extrapolation 1-0-0 1.000 106 70 W-1 $100
3. Purple Pride 1-0-0 1.000 103 79 W-1 $100
4. phillywindsurfin 1-0-0 1.000 98 91 W-1 $100
5. you want more juice? 1-0-0 1.000 93 80 W-1 $100 1
6. KRUG Kommandant 1-0-0 1.000 89 63 W-1 $100
7. Blackhearts 1-0-0 1.000 81 60 W-1 $100
8. The MatchlessMuffins 0-1-0 .000 91 116 L-1 $100 1
9. diddy 0-1-0 .000 91 98 L-1 $100
10. Nerd Herd 0-1-0 .000 80 93 L-1 $100
11. El Tigre Chino 0-1-0 .000 79 103 L-1 $100
12. Gyro Gearloose 0-1-0 .000 70 106 L-1 $95 3
13. The Dominators 0-1-0 .000 63 89 L-1 $100
14. WHAT!? 0-1-0 .000 60 81 L-1 $100 2

team of the week logo.jpg
Inline image 3
Yeah, the Peacenik Hitmen! Putting up 164 points will definitely get you noticed! Well done, John, you are the first HFFUBTotW of the 2012 season!
Inline image 4

We’ve got a Thursday game this week, so check your rosters for the Packers/Bears tilt. 
Along with that, we had an interesting dilemma last week with the waiver system. Since the weekly waivers are set to Sunday-Tuesday, a couple teams found themselves able to grab Ogletree during his breakout game on Wednesday night. While that was quick thinking on their parts, it exposed the flaw in the weekly waiver system as it stood. So, effective today, I’m changing the weekly waiver system from Sunday-Tuesday to Gametime-Tuesday. So all available players will go on waivers each week, but not until their game actually starts. This gives you a little more flexibility on Sunday, but insures that any early week games don’t create a loophole. Call it the Ogletree rule. Those teams that picked him up get to keep him, but the rule will change now. 
Whew! Speaking of the waiver wire. I’m sure your team, like mine, has some re-tooling opportunities. So work those waiver wires, spend those dollars and get it together, man! 
Until next week, 
Commish Peter

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