2012 – Week 10

Wow, that was a wild Sunday. I feel compelled to highlight a few points. First, 4 big QBs went down with injuries and are extremely questionable for next week: Big Ben, Vick, Cutler and Alex Smith. And that’s not counting QBs who made bone-headed plays, like this one: 
Inline image 1
I think the game of the week may have been the 49ers and the Rams playing to a tie. It was such a wild game. I mean, the Rams did a fake punt FROM INSIDE THEIR OWN END ZONE!!! And succeeded against a tough Niners defense!
Inline image 2
But, alas, the game went into overtime and…well… nothing happened. The Niners missed a 41 yard field goal to win it late and the game ended in a tie. 
Inline image 3
Remember, the new overtime rules still allow a tie during the regular season. Only in the playoffs are they forced to play until a winner is determined. But Fox still seemed to think there was more game to be played. 
Inline image 4
Oh, and the Falcons lost for the first time this year – to the Saints of all teams. The Saints, who started the season very badly, still have some fight left in them. 
Inline image 5

League of Champions logo.jpg
In the LoC, the Hit-Men have followed up 2 losses with 3 straight wins. Can they make it 4 and climb back to the top of the league? Scores: 
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 96
The Hit-Men (John) – 115
Blitzkrieg Bops (Mark) – 55
Bye Week (Matt) – 70
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 62
Rüssnôçérôse (Russ) – 77
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 88
Wyld Stallyns (Dave) – 98
Cutlass Cieras RIP (Chris W.) – 90
Unstoppable Machine (Tom) – 95
Mashmallow Mateys (Cory) – 92
Lucha Libre Horrible (Nate) – 81
Lightning in a Bottle (Wayne) – 99
The Alchemist III (Chris T.) – 86
The Hit-Men had built a solid lead against the Limbs (playing without two stars: Harvin and Richardson) heading into MNF, thanks to the continuing stellar play of Matt Ryan. However, the Limbs were hoping that Big Ben could shred the KC defense and get 28+ points to steal a win. Twas not to be as bad weather and a shoulder injury derailed Ben’s night quickly. John’s team has the most points in the league and now sits on top as well. The Bops had the top spot last week, but the pressure was too much for them and they laid a serious egg against Bye Week on Sunday. Doug Martin’s production dropped by 40 points from last week, but it was Vick’s ineptitude and injury that sunk Mark’s squad. He may need his backup QB – who is the also-injured Jay Cutler. Uh oh. It looked like the Unstoppable Machine may break down a little this week, but Tom’s team was able to grab a 5 point victory over the Cieras. The Mateys have been incredible since winning the HFFUBTotW award back in week 8! After tripping up Lucha Libre (who is having the most frustrating season I can remember), Cory has won 3 straight! And, in fact, he’s planted Nate’s team in the cellar. 
Inline image 6
Lightning grabbed a share of the 7-3 crowd at the top of the league by beating The Alchemist this week. And the Stallyns got a much needed win against Fumblecopter by 10. There’s a real logjam in the middle of the standings right now which, funny, is right where the playoff cut will be made! 
Current LoC Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. The Hit-Men 7-3-0 .700 1067 861 W-4 $34 13
2. Unstoppable machine 7-3-0 .700 956 791 W-2 $12 23
3. Blitzkrieg Bops 7-3-0 .700 908 820 L-1 $17 29
4. Lightning in bottle 7-3-0 .700 864 845 W-2 $0 8
5. The Phantom Limbs 6-4-0 .600 919 828 L-2 $48 16
6. Beer Boys 5-5-0 .500 877 834 L-1 $100 8
7. Cutlass Cieras (RIP) 5-5-0 .500 847 945 L-2 $59 4
8. The Alchemist III 5-5-0 .500 831 877 L-2 $55 10
9. Rüssnôçérôse 5-5-0 .500 777 951 W-1 $24 17
10. Bye Week 4-6-0 .400 830 890 W-2 $83 13
11. Wyld Stallyns 4-6-0 .400 717 858 W-1 $15 21
12. Fumblecopter 3-7-0 .300 832 920 L-3 $76 6
13. Marshmallow Mateys 3-7-0 .300 806 817 W-3 $79 3
14. Lucha Libre Horrible 2-8-0 .200 878 872 L-5 $72 10
premier league logo.jpg
Turning our attention now to the PL, there’s a new sheriff in town! Nana Nancy has had her fun run at the top, but someone beat her and took the spot by force. Let’s see who: 
Pulp Extrapolation (Chris A.) – 103
El Tigre Chino (Darren) – 69
Gyro Gearloose (Bernt) – 67
you want more juice? (Aaron) – 72
The Dominators (Spencer) – 71
Blackhearts (Jon) – 103
The Matchless Muffins (Mike) – 116
diddy (Jim) – 86
Purple Pride (Carl) – 95
WHAT?! (Eric) – 85
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 84
phillywindsurfin (Phil)  – 134
Nana Nancy (Tyler) – 80
KRUG Kommandant (Denny) – 102
Cursed? After it was pointed out that Nana Nancy was facing two tough opponents after starting 8-0, Tyler’s team proceeded to drop both of those tough games. First to Phil and now this week to Denny!. KRUG chugged to a 22 point victory behind Stafford and Jimmy Graham. The two teams are now tied atop the standings at 8-2! Philly is hot on their heels though and has to be feeling pretty fine after an amazing week. Phil picked up 3 players on the waiver wire and put them all in: Chris Ivory, Golden Tate and the Indy D. They combined for 49 points and Philly destroyed the Nerd Herd by 50. Savvy moves, sir. 
Inline image 7
Gyro Gearloose won his first game last week, but it was back to the drawing board this week as he lost to Aaron’s team by 5 points. Ouch. The Muffins notched a surprisingly big win this week against diddy big days from all 3 of his active RBs plus Matt Ryan. Purple Pride was able to get ahead and stay ahead against WHAT!? and currently sits in the final playoff spot! The Dominators hot and cold season continued this week as they dropped a game to the Blackhearts. Spencer’s team has been all over the standings this year! And Pulp Extrapolation’s win streak is starting to look more like a trend than a mirage. Their 3rd straight win, at the expense of El Tigre, has them all the way up in 4th place!
Current PL Standings:
Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Budget Moves
1. KRUG Kommandant 8-2-0 .800 995 818 W-4 $34 12
2. Nana Nancy 8-2-0 .800 941 830 L-2 $98 6
3. phillywindsurfin 7-3-0 .700 1012 828 W-3 $99 17
4. Pulp Extrapolation 6-4-0 .600 965 912 W-3 $61 21
5. diddy 6-4-0 .600 937 843 L-1 $78 12
6. Purple Pride 6-4-0 .600 857 809 W-2 $94 6
7. The Dominators 6-4-0 .600 821 810 L-2 $99 5
8. Blackhearts 5-5-0 .500 804 824 W-1 $99 8
9. WHAT!? 4-6-0 .400 880 861 L-1 $85 20
10. The MatchlessMuffins 4-6-0 .400 814 849 W-1 $36 29
11. you want more juice? 4-6-0 .400 801 963 W-1 $0 12
12. Nerd Herd 3-7-0 .300 758 896 L-2 $80 10
13. El Tigre Chino 2-8-0 .200 714 927 L-3 $64 12
14. Gyro Gearloose 1-9-0 .100 756 885 L-1 $61 17

team of the week logo.jpg
Inline image 8
KRUG Kommandant!! Denny’s team earned this award by virtue of a 4 game winning streak on his way to the top of the PL standings! And this week, he viciously beat the previous holder of the top record: Nana Nancy. Has he no mercy!?
Inline image 9
KRUG will really test his mettle next week when he faces Philly’s high scoring team!

As I mentioned before, we’ve got some serious injury concerns – particularly with QBs. With 14 team leagues, our rosters are necessarily thin, so when these things happen it’s time to think outside the box. This Friday is also the last day to make trades in our leagues. So if you’re looking for a competent QB, you may be best served by trying to execute a season-defining trade. Or just grab your guy’s backup. Either way. 
A bunch more byes this week to deal with too, plus a Thursday game. So make sure you’re on top of the schedule. 
And take a look at HiawathaFantasyFootball.com for the updated SuperStandings, where it seems that the PL is actually more to the more powerful teams this year! I don’t know what to believe anymore!
Until Next Week, 
Commish Peter

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