2012 – Playoffs Week 3

While this was the last week of the Fantasy season, the NFL still has one week to go and plenty of playoff positioning left. One Sunday, however, many fans were feeling as disappointed as the 26 fantasy owners who didn’t win it all on Sunday. These reactions speak for many of us today: 
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
At least one person was feeling excited on Sunday. This ref:
Inline image 4
It’s…a… CATCH!!!
But yes, alas, the fantasy season has come to an end and two champions have been crowned! Let’s get into it. 

League of Champions logo.jpg
The LoC Super Bowl pitted the top two teams of the regular season against each other in a winner take all grudge match! John Housenga vs. Tom McComas! Here are the scores of that game and the rest of the games too. 
Super Bowl: 
The Hit-Men (John) – 107
Unstoppable Machine (Tom) – 92
3rd Place Game: 
Blitzkrieg Bops (Mark) – 76
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 118
Toilet Super Bowl:
Beer Boys (Hyatt) – 92
Bye Week (Matt) – 133
9th Place Game: 
Marshmallow Mateys (Cory) – 93
Wyld Stallyns (Dave B.) – 73
So there you have it! John’s team has done it! Champion of champions. Tom’s team gave it all they had, but when Arian Foster got tangled up with a red hot Vikings defense and scored 0 points, the writing was on the wall. 
Inline image 7
Tom’s stacked team couldn’t make up for that kind of disaster. John got a good all-around effort from his squad and showed that drafting Falcons paid off in the end. Congrats, John! 
In the 3rd place game, the 2-time champion Phantom Limbs crushed the upstart Bops. The Limbs terrible game last week came at a terrible time and their 118 points would have won them a 3rd consecutive LoC title if they’d made it to the big game. 
In the Toilet Super Bowl, the Beer Boys were looking like a tough out after scoring 132 and 133 in the last two weeks, but it was Bye Week who stole the signals and scored 133 to beat Hyatt and send him back to the PL next year! In doing so, Matt has earned a ticket to the LoC again next year! Well done, sir! Hyatt’s confidence was all for not.
Inline image 9 
And in a mostly meaningless game, Cory beat Dave for 9th place. 
Inline image 8
So, the final standings look like this: 
1. The Hit-Men
2. Unstoppable Machine
3. The Phantom Limbs
4. Blitzkrieg Bops
5. Cutlass Cieras (RIP)
6. Lightning in a Bottle
7. Bye Week
8. Beer Boys
9. Marshmallow Mateys
10. Wyld Stallyns
11. Russnocerose
12. The Alchemist III
13. Lucha Libre Horrible
14. Fumblecopter
The top 5 teams plus Bye Week will be in the LoC next year! As for the final spot, that honor goes to Russ! The top Pick’em score went to John (incredible), but the next highest went to Russ! Congrats!
premier league logo.jpg
This storyline just keeps giving! Tyler started the season 8-0 before losing his last 5 games. His first 3 losses came against the 3 teams he ended up playing in the playoffs. Now, he faces his final test: Pulp Extrapolation – the highest scoring team in the PL regular season. Scores: 
PL Super Bowl: 
Nana Nancy (Tyler) – 102
Pulp Extrapolation (Chris A.) – 86
3rd Place Game: 
phillywindsurfin (Phil) – 95
diddy (Jim) – 119
PL Toilet Bowl: 
you want more juice? (Aaron) – 109
WHAT!? (Eric) – 92
9th Place Game:
Purple Pride (Carl) – 90
Gyro Gearloose (Bernt) – 64
Improbable. Unpredictable. Impressive. And more. Tyler completed an impressive Triple Step and totally redeemed himself from his late season collapse. Tyler seems to have an easy time with things that others find quite difficult (something that few, including Tyler, understand completely).
Inline image 5
So Chris is the latest victim of Tyler mystique. A tough loss to be sure. 
In the 3rd place game, #1 seed philly completed a tough postseason by losing to diddy. diddy is in the same boat as the Limbs in the LoC – wishing he’d made it to the Super Bowl because he could have won it. Bummer. 
Now, the PL Toilet Bowl is often the site of much drama as the teams are usually desperate to win their way out of the cellar of the cellar. In that game, Aaron’s team was able to pull off the win over Eric’s team by 17 points (thanks to Romo’s 32 points).  Aaron’s team wins the ticket to the LoC and Eric will again be relegated to the PL next year. 
And the 9th place game goes to Purple Pride, who defeated Bernt’s team handily. Pride is the prize here. 
So the final standings look like this: 
1. Nana Nancy
2. Pulp Extrapolation
3. diddy
4. phillywindsurfin
5. KRUG Kommandant
6. The Dominators 
7. you want more juice?
8. WHAT!? 
9. Purple Pride
10. Gyro Gearloose
11. The Matchless Muffins
12. Blackhearts
13. Nerd Herd
14. El Tigre Chino
So, same as the LoC, the top 5 teams plus Aaron’s team will be in the LoC next year. The final wild card spot goes to Eric Miller! So even though Eric lost the Toilet Super Bowl, he had the highest # of Pick’em points from the season and earned a trip to the LoC! Well done, Eric! Where was that kind of foresight during the season!?

team of the week logo.jpg
The final teams of the week, as is tradition, are the winners of the crowns. The Hit-Men and Nana Nancy. 
Inline image 6

So thanks for a great season everyone! For more year end stats and wrap-up, check out Hiawatha Fantasy Fooball.com . 
Looking ahead to next year, I am formulating plans for another expansion. 14 team leagues have been fun this year, but also quite challenging. I’m envisioning a (call me crazy) 3 league system with 12 team leagues. Meaning 36 people could participate. With lots of new people at Hiawatha these days, I think there’s a value to getting more people involved. That will mean tweaking a few things though, so please be flexible as I propose some ideas next year. I’ll be chatting with you about it in the meantime and running some ideas. All that’s to say, I think next year will be even better! 
Thanks again, everyone!

Until Next Season, 
Commish Peter

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