2013 – Week 1

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Welcome to the first edition of the HFFL Universal Blast of 2013! Each week, you’ll be treated to a breakdown of the action from the week so you can hear what’s going on, not just in your own league, but in the entire HFFL universe! There are epic storylines taking shape each week and we’ll try to capture the highlights here. The Blast can also be found on the HFFL website if you somehow miss the email. An entire newsletter about fantasy football! What do you think?
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Now, week 1 is always a little bit of a confused mess. Teams are still finding their feet, no one knows what players are REALLY going to break out and, consequently, fantasy owners don’t really know who to start and who to sit. For example, the Titans received their first kickoff of the season from the Steelers and then stepped back into their endzone for a safety!
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And they still won the game! The Steelers look to be in serious trouble. 
Then, we knew the Broncos were going to be good, but we didn’t know which receiver would turn out to be Manning’s big target. Who’s he going to throw his TDs to? Answer: 
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Yeah, Manning threw 7 TDs on Thursday night to show the league that at least one teams seems to have it figured out early. Well, not every Bronco has it figured out: 
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Even the press is still trying to get their act together. Or maybe they’re just living in the past: 
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So that brings us to the HFFL. What did all this craziness mean for the fantasy football crowd? Well, it meant that point projections were way off and starting Peyton Manning probably meant you were going to win. Let’s take a quick jaunt through the leagues and take a look at the scores and a few highlights. 
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The LoC is supposed to be comprised of the best of the best and in week 1 we saw plenty of points being scored. And we even had a 1 point win! Here are the scores: 
The Phantom Limbs (Peter) – 127
Blitzkrieg Bops (Mark) – 103
The Day Old Muffins (Mike) – 143
DiDDy (Jim) – 117
Pacifist Assassins (John) – 92
KRUG Kaiser (Denny) – 105
Nana Nancy (Tyler) – 66
Freemium Masons (Chris A.) – 70
Unstoppable Machine (Tom) – 67

Rüssnôçérôse (Russ) – 101

Randy Ableman (Aaron) – 97
Monday Night (Phil) – 98
In the LoC, it was Mike who was the recipient of Peyton Manning’s big Thursday debut and Mike didn’t look back. In fact, he ended the week with a big performance from his newest player: LeSean McCoy, acquired via trade with Tyler. Diddy scored the 3rd most points in the LoC this week, but was still rolled by Dev. Tyler may be questioning the LeSean trade after only managing 66 points and losing to Chris, who pulled a very fortuitous matchup. The other shootout was between Mark and Peter, but Peter’s WR corps combined for 65 points vs only 17 for his RBs and it was enough to win. Finally, it was Phil eking out a 1 point win over Aaron (who got -2 points from Isaac Redman at the W/R position, ouch). 
Current LoC Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Points Streak Waiver Budget Waiver Moves
1 avatar The Day Old Muffins 1-0-0 143 W-1 $96 10 3
2 avatar The Phantom Limbs 1-0-0 127 W-1 $100 12 2
3 avatar KRUG Kaiser 1-0-0 105 W-1 $100 3
4 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 1-0-0 101 W-1 $100 5 2
5 avatar Monday Night 1-0-0 98 W-1 $100 1
6 avatar Freemium Masons 1-0-0 70 W-1 $100 4 1
7 avatar DiDDy 0-1-0 117 L-1 $100 2
8 avatar Blitzkrieg Bops 0-1-0 103 L-1 $100 11 1
9 avatar Randy Ableman 0-1-0 97 L-1 $100 6
10 avatar Pacifist Assassins 0-1-0 92 L-1 $100 9 3
11 avatar Unstoppable machine 0-1-0 67 L-1 $89 7 9
12 avatar Nana Nancy 0-1-0 66 L-1 $99 8 2
Last standings update: Tue Sep 10 02:38am CDT
The top two teams will meet next week already! Super bowl preview in week 2!??!
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Who’s got Peyton in the PL and did they grab the top score too? The answer is “no”. Here are the scores: 

Chobani Champions (Cory) – 84
Double Dream Hands (Chris T.) – 107
The Dominators (Spencer) – 96
Notorious Outlaws (Jake) – 137
The Cutlass Cieras (Chris W.) – 96
The Big Hassle (Bret) – 81
St. Paul Furballs (Luke) – 108
Carl’s Champion Team (Carl) – 88
Matt’s Majestic Team (Matt) – 92
ShidabisMoneyballers (Isaac) – 103
The Eh Team (Eric) – 128
Wayne Thompson (Wayne) – 69 

It was the fantastically named “Eh Team” who benefited from Manning’s 7 TDs, unfortunately those points were spent against Wayne, who only cobbled together 69 points this week (though he did have the foresight to put Julius Thomas in his lineup – his only bright spot).The top score of the week went to rookie Jake, who streaked to 137 points thanks to Rodgers, Cruz and McCoy. His projected point total was only 89! Not bad, rook. Other rookies grabbing wins were Luke and Isaac. The PL was all about lopsided wins this week, with the closest game being decided by 11 points!
Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Points Streak Waiver Budget Waiver Moves
1 avatar Notorious Outlaws 1-0-0 137 W-1 $100 12 2
2 avatar The Eh Team 1-0-0 128 W-1 $100 11 1
3 avatar St Paul Furballs 1-0-0 108 W-1 $100 10 2
4 avatar Double Dream Hands 1-0-0 107 W-1 $100 9
5 avatar ShidabisMoneyballers 1-0-0 103 W-1 $100 8
6 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 1-0-0 96 W-1 $100 7
7 avatar The Dominators 0-1-0 96 L-1 $100 6
8 avatar Matt’s Majestic Team 0-1-0 92 L-1 $100 5 1
9 avatar Carl’s Champion Team 0-1-0 88 L-1 $100 4
10 avatar Chobani Champions 0-1-0 84 L-1 $100 3 1
11 avatar Big Hassle 0-1-0 81 L-1 $100 2 1
12 avatar Wayne Thompson 0-1-0 69 L-1 $100 1 2
Last standings update: Tue Sep 10 02:39am CDT

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Over in the EL, things got interesting as a number of rookies looked to get their careers off on the right foot, while some long-suffering franchises looked to turn their fortunes around. Here are  your scores: 

Ivan Drago (Bernt) – 80
Fumblecopter (Andy) – 87
Los Perdadores! (Nate) – 98
Rodney’s Rad Team (Rodney & Co.) – 118
Nerd Herd (Bob) – 131
H-Ike’s Daddy (Bradley) – 102 
brett’s team (Brett) – 98
Harper’s Team (Hyatt) – 81 
Team Pacino (Brian) – 124
Nudibranch (Jon) – 122
Hiawatha Goldfinches (Dan) – 74
Chad’s Sunday Shame (Chad) – 93

It was Bob’s Nerd Herd that exploded this week with a whopping 131 points thanks in part to Brees and AJ Green. Bradley’s team gave a valiant effort, but couldn’t match the fire that fueled Bob and his years-long quest to climb into the LoC. Bob’s team looks pretty fierce right now. Rodney’s squad played the Peyton card and it came up spades for him as he easily got by Los Perdedores. And it was a tightly fought game between Team Pacino and Nudibranch with Brian’s team coming out ahead by 2 points! Welcome to the league, Brian! 
Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Points Streak Waiver Moves
1 avatar Nerd Herd 1-0-0 131 W-1 12
2 avatar Team Pacino 1-0-0 124 W-1 11
3 avatar Rodney’s Rad Team 1-0-0 118 W-1 10
4 avatar brett’s Team 1-0-0 98 W-1 9
5 avatar Chad’s Sunday Shame 1-0-0 93 W-1 8 1
6 avatar Fumblecopter 1-0-0 87 W-1 7
7 avatar Nudibranch 0-1-0 122 L-1 6 1
8 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 0-1-0 102 L-1 5
9 avatar Los Perdedores! 0-1-0 98 L-1 4 1
10 avatar Harper’s Team 0-1-0 81 L-1 3 1
11 avatar Ivan Drago 0-1-0 80 L-1 2
12 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 0-1-0 74 L-1 1 4
Last standings update: Tue Sep 10 02:16am CDT
Next weeks’s big game in the EL will be between the Nerd Herd and Rodney’s Rad Team! I’m already getting excited to see who will be able to repeat their dominance! 

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In this space, I’ll pick a team that really distinguished themselves this week, based on whatever criteria I come up with for that week! This week, it’s hard not to give the award to… The Day Old Muffins! Mike’s team scored the most points of all 36 teams this week and his trade for LeSean really makes his team stacked. I think the piece that’s still missing is Mike’s favorite NFL player and one he’s actually met before: 
Inline image 1
Congrats, Mike! You’re the first HFFUBTotW!
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We’ve got another Thursday game to be aware of this week, so check your lineups early! The Jets and Patriots hook each other for TNF. 
Now that the dust of week 1 is settling, it’s time to blow up your rosters and mash that waiver wire to fix everything that went wrong! This is where the league year really gets going! Are you ready? 
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And remember, you can find a ton more stats and stuff at HiawathaFantasyFootball.com, including the Super Standings, which combine all three leagues into one big leaderboard!

Until next week!

Commish Peter

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