2013 – Week 3

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Wow, this NFL season sure has had it’s share of bewildering games. Consider, for a moment, that the Giants just lost to the Panthers 38-0 and are now 0-3 on the season! Eli Manning has been awful so far. 
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Also 0-3? The venerable Pittsburgh Steelers! The Steelers have been easy pickings this season and they made a myriad of mistakes on Sunday night en route to their 3rd loss. 
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I just…I just don’t know what to say. Even the almighty 49ers lost, at home, to the Colts. Badly! 
And we can’t forget about this little gem: 
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And this: 
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And, of course, this: 
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What I do know is that the wild season has taken it’s toll on fantasy teams the world over and sure-thing players suddenly go missing at the worst times. The scores this week were decidedly lower for many teams, but a number of high flying offenses kept their squads together through the adversity. Let’s make the rounds. 
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The LoC certainly has it’s top dog teams and they kept right on rolling this week. Scores: 
The Muffins are still the toast of the town, dominating the Bops (who are now the only team in the LoC without a win). The Muffins lineup is scary right now with good talent at almost every position. After fluky defeats in the first two weeks, Jim’s team got their first win by beating Nana Nancy. Jim vaults up the standings with this win and a number of key losses. Russ’s scoring was decidedly down this week, but he still managed to beat Monday Night to remain undefeated. Monday Night absolutely imploded this week for some reason, with only Luck and Julio even scoring double digits. The scoring also dried up for the Limbs who missed the opportunity afforded by the Assassins when they only scored 76. 
When the wreckage of week 3 was cleared away, the LoC standings looked like this: 
Rank Team W-L-T Points Streak Waiver Budget Waiver Moves
1 avatar The Day Old Muffins 3-0-0 366 W-3 $92 9 5
2 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 3-0-0 307 W-3 $63 4 4
3 avatar Pacifist Assassins 2-1-0 276 W-2 $83 8 9
4 avatar Monday Night 2-1-0 260 L-1 $79 12 2
5 avatar Unstoppable machine 2-1-0 244 W-2 $82 6 17
6 avatar DiDDy 1-2-0 315 W-1 $100 1
7 avatar The Phantom Limbs 1-2-0 288 L-2 $99 11 9
8 avatar Nana Nancy 1-2-0 252 L-1 $99 7 4
9 avatar KRUG Kaiser 1-2-0 251 L-2 $100 2
10 avatar Randy Ableman 1-2-0 236 W-1 $100 5
11 avatar Freemium Masons 1-2-0 231 L-2 $90 3 4
12 avatar Blitzkrieg Bops 0-3-0 250 L-3 $90 10 6
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Only 2 LoC teams crossed the century mark this week, but FOUR PL teams did it! I guess some guys were able to snip out some points this week! Here are the scores: 

It was the Furballs, again, taking down a team that looked tough until they met Luke. The Jake’s Outlaws got rocked this week and Luke remains undefeated atop the league! Jake has the 2nd most points in the league, but he’s sitting at 1-2 in 7th place at the moment. The All-Play standings will be a factory of sadness for Jake this week. Sticking with Luke at the top of the PL is Chris Wachter and the Cieras. Chris has started the season 3-0 by beating up on Chobani, who is reeling at 0-3. And it doesn’t get any easier – Chobani pulls the Furballs in week 4. The top score of the week went to the Big Hassle! Bret needed his first win and boy did he get it. Drew Brees’ monster game propelled the rookie manager to a victory and kindled hope for the future. 
Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Points Streak Waiver Budget Waiver Moves
1 avatar St Paul Furballs 3-0-0 336 W-3 $100 12 3
2 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 3-0-0 298 W-3 $76 11 3
3 avatar The Eh Team 2-1-0 298 L-1 $100 10 1
4 avatar Wayne Thompson 2-1-0 289 W-2 $20 9 4
5 avatar Carl’s Champion Team 2-1-0 277 W-2 $100 8
6 avatar Double Dream Hands 2-1-0 273 W-1 $91 7 1
7 avatar Notorious Outlaws 1-2-0 325 L-2 $100 6 5
8 avatar Big Hassle 1-2-0 266 W-1 $100 5 2
9 avatar ShidabisMoneyballers 1-2-0 253 L-2 $100 4
10 avatar The Dominators 1-2-0 246 L-1 $100 3
11 avatar Matt’s Majestic Team 0-3-0 253 L-3 $40 2 4
12 avatar Chobani Champions 0-3-0 231 L-3 $87 1 4

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When last we left the EL, we were all wondering if Lossow Reign of Terror would ever be overthrown. Well, my friends, the Points Famine of Week 3 touches all (except Bret Hassler). Here are your scores:

Yes, the mighty have fallen. Rodney Rad Team fell by 7 to Brett. Rodney needed some big numbers from his Broncos on MNF, but it just wasn’t enough to steal the victory. So top team falls and Brett’s team moves to 3-0 instead! Also 3-0, and in first place, Chad’s Sunday Shame! Chad won again this week by defeating the unluckiest team in the HFFL universe by 8 points. Jon is somehow now 0-3 with only 2 fewer total points that Chad’s 3-0 team. Again, the All-Play standings will reflect the injustice. Then you’ve got Team Pacino putting up 121 to CRUSH H-Ike’s Daddy. Brian had solid efforts from all his players and even left Kenbrell Thompkins’ 16 points on the bench! Next week’s big matchup will be Pacino vs. Rodney! And we can’t leave the EL without mentioning the futility of Los Perdedores. No one was more affected by the Point Famine than Nate’s team. Only 49 points in week 3. Nate made the decision to pull the struggling RG3 for Carson Palmer at the last minute. Of course, Palmer struggled even more than RG3. That’s the nature of the game, boys. 
Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Points Streak Waiver Moves
1 avatar Chad’s Sunday Shame 3-0-0 296 W-3 12 3
2 avatar brett’s Team 3-0-0 276 W-3 11
3 avatar Team Pacino 2-1-0 340 W-1 10 1
4 avatar Rodney’s Rad Team 2-1-0 329 L-1 9 1
5 avatar Nerd Herd 2-1-0 311 W-1 8 2
6 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 2-1-0 300 W-2 7 14
7 avatar Fumblecopter 2-1-0 238 W-1 6 1
8 avatar Harper’s Team 1-2-0 280 L-1 5 4
9 avatar Los Perdedores! 1-2-0 232 L-1 4 5
10 avatar Nudibranch 0-3-0 294 L-3 3 5
11 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 0-3-0 250 L-3 2
12 avatar Ivan Drago 0-3-0 230 L-3 1 1
One note here, the top four teams in the EL are all rookies. Amazing!
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Even though he named his team Chad’s Sunday Shame, there’s been nothing shameful about how Chad has started his rookie season in the HFFL. Sitting atop the EL after 3 weeks, he’s shown that he knows how to win. Congrats, Chad!
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Not only do we have 49ers vs. Rams on Thursday night, but the bye weeks start here in week 4! This week, Green Bay and Carolina will rest up, so pull those guys out of your lineups. Also, the Vikings will see if a drastic time change and a desperate Steelers team can cure their maladies as they “host” Pittsburgh in London. Time to start a winning streak!
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Until Next Week, 
Commish Peter 

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