2013 – Week 4

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Football is a team game. When someone gets injured, it’s next man up. Old players are supposed to mentor young players and teach them the tricks of the trade. Sometimes the team-oriented nature of the game works really well and sometimes it doesn’t. Take, for example, the New York Jets. Mark Sanchez has been benched in favor of rookie Geno Smith. Sanchez is infamous for this play, dubbed “The Buttfumble”: 
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Well, on Sunday Geno Smith showed that he’s been taking notes: 
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On the other hand, you’ve got the Seattle defense all working together to make an interception (and they end up STEALING a game in Houston in OT): 
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And finally, the Broncos (who are apparently the Varsity Team to the rest of the NFL’s JV) running backs said last week that they played Paper, Rock, Scissors to decide who would take the goal line carry. This week, I think they may have done it again and Knowshon won: 
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Yes, Peyton Manning and the Broncos are making a mockery of the league right now. Is talk of an undefeated season about to start heating up? And while that’s going on, any fantasy team that has Peyton Manning on it is shooting the lights out. The HFFL has NEVER seen an undefeated season and I seriously doubt it will, but some of these teams are looking extremely difficult to beat. Let’s get to the action: 
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No more winless teams in the LoC! And the top dogs keep barking. Here are the scores: 
The Bops got a win! Mark’s team had been 0-3 going into week 4 and were facing a tough matchup with the Assassins. But Mark pulled himself up by his bootstraps and got the job done thanks to a big week from Tony Gonzalez! The new last place team is Randy Ableman, who lost a heart-breaker to KRUG by two points this week! Aaron’s squad needed help on Monday night to get the win, but KRUG managed to squeeze 2 points out of Mike Wallace in the MNF game and that was the difference. Speaking of MNF, Tyler needed Lamar Miller to step up to steal a win and Miller was able to find the end zone and earn a victory against the reeling Limbs. Atop the standings, Mike and Russ finished the first month of the season undefeated, continuing to roll over their opponents. They won’t face each other until week 9. Could they both still be undefeated at that point?!
Current LoC standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar The Day Old Muffins 4-0-0 504 387 W-4 $76 9 8
2 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 4-0-0 415 287 W-4 $63 4 5
3 avatar DiDDy 2-2-0 418 439 W-2 $100 1
4 avatar Pacifist Assassins 2-2-0 361 360 L-1 $83 8 9
5 avatar Monday Night 2-2-0 355 382 L-2 $79 12 3
6 avatar Nana Nancy 2-2-0 348 364 W-1 $99 7 4
7 avatar Unstoppable 2-2-0 334 359 L-1 $80 6 24
8 avatar KRUG Kaiser 2-2-0 319 318 W-1 $100 2
9 avatar The Phantom Limbs 1-3-0 378 377 L-3 $99 11 11
10 avatar Blitzkrieg Bops 1-3-0 364 439 W-1 $46 10 8
11 avatar Freemium Masons 1-3-0 334 359 L-3 $90 3 7
12 avatar Randy Ableman 1-3-0 303 362 L-1 $99 5 4
Last standings update: Tue Oct 01 03:23am CDT
That’s not a typo. Mike and the Muffins have scored 504 points in 4 weeks (that’s 126 per week!). Think he enjoys having Peyton on his team?
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While the LoC is all about the haves and the have nots, the PL is built on parity. No team is undefeated and no team is winless! Here are the week 4 scores: 

In the Christopher Grudge Match, it was Thompson defeating Wachter and Double Dream Handing him his first loss on the year. By rule, that means Wachter must change his first name until such as time as he defeats Thompson on the field of battle. Also suffering their first loss? The Furballs! Yes, the first place team played the last place team and lost by two in a thrilling barn burner! Well done, Cory and the Chobani Champs! The Notorious Outlaws have had their share of bad luck losses this year, but this week there was not question that they got beat fair and square. Matt’s team, now dubbed “Missing the USFL”, clobbered Jake 124-86. Jake now sits in 7th place despite having scored the 3rd most points in the league! Ascending in the rankings: Carl’s Champ Team with a 3 game winning streak and The Eh Team with 421 points on the year. 
Current PL Standings:
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar St Paul Furballs 3-1-0 439 329 L-1 $73 12 4
2 avatar The Eh Team 3-1-0 421 339 W-1 $100 11 1
3 avatar Carl’s Champion Team 3-1-0 400 349 W-3 $100 10
4 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 3-1-0 390 360 L-1 $76 9 3
5 avatar Wayne Thompson 3-1-0 386 346 W-3 $20 8 4
6 avatar Double Dream Hands 3-1-0 377 340 W-2 $91 7 2
7 avatar Notorious Outlaws 1-3-0 411 437 L-3 $90 6 9
8 avatar Missing the USFL 1-3-0 377 405 W-1 $40 5 6
9 avatar Big Hassle 1-3-0 359 420 L-1 $100 4 2
10 avatar ShidabisMoneyballers 1-3-0 342 434 L-3 $100 3
11 avatar Chobani Champions 1-3-0 337 389 W-1 $87 2 4
12 avatar The Dominators 1-3-0 325 416 L-2 $100 1

Looks at that split from the top half to the bottom half! What a wild season it’s going to be in this league. 

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In season’s past, there has been talk of team receiving the HFFLTotW award and that being a kiss of death for their next week. It took Luke 2 weeks following his award to lose his first game. Well, Chad got the award last week. Would he suffer his first loss THIS week? Scores: 
Uh oh. Chad’s Sunday Shame suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of the previously 1-2 Perdedores. When your running backs collectively under-perform, you know you’re in trouble. Chad started 3 RBs and they combined for 9 points. There’s no coming back from that. 
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That means that Brett had a shot at sole possession of first place and he grabbed it, beating a suddently-feisty Ivan Drago team by 13 (thanks, Adrian Peterson). Rodney’s team was the hot squad in the first two weeks, but they have now lost 2 in a row. This time, it was Team Pacino laying the smackdown in an entertaining game. Pacino had double digits scores from every player except Lesean McCoy and the Ravens D. Yikes. The Goldfinches squeaked by H-Ike’s Daddy by 3 and the closest game was Nudibranch defeating Harper’s team by only 2. Finally a well-deserved win for Jon’s squad after a frustrating first 3 weeks!
Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves
1 avatar brett’s Team 4-0-0 396 350 W-4 12 1
2 avatar Team Pacino 3-1-0 467 413 W-2 11 2
3 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 3-1-0 399 375 W-3 10 21
4 avatar Chad’s Sunday Shame 3-1-0 373 339 L-1 9 4
5 avatar Fumblecopter 3-1-0 341 320 W-2 8 1
6 avatar Rodney’s Rad Team 2-2-0 447 397 L-2 7 1
7 avatar Nerd Herd 2-2-0 392 404 L-1 6 2
8 avatar Los Perdedores! 2-2-0 335 344 W-1 5 7
9 avatar Nudibranch 1-3-0 372 414 W-1 4 5
10 avatar Harper’s Team 1-3-0 356 375 L-2 3 4
11 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 0-4-0 346 435 L-4 2
12 avatar Ivan Drago 0-4-0 336 394 L-4 1 1
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Stop trying to win and WIN! 
Cory was at his lowest point – winless after 3 weeks. To earn his first victory, he would have to defeat the undefeated. And in a difficult fight, he emerged victorious! Impressive! But does winning the award doom him next week against Matt? We shall see. 
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Thursday game: the surprising Browns host the confounding Bills. 
Bye weeks: Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Washington. 
I talk to a few people on Sunday about the playoff system and The Promotion Formula. Remember, when the playoffs start, ALL TEAMS are still eligible to move up to the LoC. The top 3 teams from each playoff bracket move up and the winner of each consolation bracket moves up as well. So even if you finish in last place, you can win your way through the consolation bracket and earn a ticket to the LoC next year! Don’t give up hope, 0-4 teams! 
And finally, let me leave you with this video that lists out the various types of guys that play fantasy football. Any of these guys resemble your fellow HFFL owners? I’m positive I saw Tyler in there somewhere. It’s well worth your time!
Until next week, 
Commish Peter

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