2013 – Week 6

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Mistakes, poor decisions, late collapses. All are a huge part of football and all were on display this weekend in the NFL games. It was everywhere. A few examples: 
The Packers blocked punt against the Ravens and it ended up as a first down…for the Ravens. Don’t get greedy! Just fall on it!
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Speaking of punts, the Seahawks punted tried to be a hero and tackle a Titans returner with a head of steam. 
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Oooh! Let’s see the reverse angle on that one. 
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The Texans are having a rough year. On Sunday, Matt Schaub got hurt and the fans actually cheered. Well, when the backup came in, this happened:
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Then, of course, the game of the week had to have been the Saints snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They gave Brady two chances to win the game. He capitalized on the second one. The Saints defensive coordinator was not happy. 
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More disappointment ahead! Let’s check the fantasy world.
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Before week 1, Dev and Tyler executed a trade that has greatly contributed to Dev’s ascension and Tyler mediocrity. This week, they meet on the field of battle. Scores: 
Unbelievably, we had TWO ties this week! Late Monday night, Tyler’s kicker nailed a 51 yard field goal to tie the game. The Colts furiously tried to get a TD to win it their game and give Tyler an extra point to win his. Alas, they came up short and Mike is handed a tie! 
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Phil took the lead from John on Monday night with Andrew Luck, but Luck’s attempt to push the ball and win the game got him an INT with under 2:00 to go and -1 point for Phil, ending their game in a tie too! Unreal. The other close game was between two 1-4 teams: the Limbs and Randy. The Limbs were looking to Coby Fleener on MNF to win it and Coby dropped a 20 yard pass just before halftime that would have given the Limbs a win! In fact, had he made that catch, the Colts would not have kicked a 50 yarder instead and Mike would likely have won. In another fact, the Limbs left about a million points on their bench too. And above it all, Russ kept on winning, beating a very strong DiDDy squad. 
Current LoC Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 6-0-0 612 442 W-6 $56 4 6
2 avatar The Day Old Muffins 5-0-1 722 566 T-1 $70 9 9
3 avatar Monday Night 3-2-1 544 559 T-1 $79 12 4
4 avatar DiDDy 3-3-0 591 622 L-1 $100 1 2
5 avatar Blitzkrieg Bops 3-3-0 544 554 W-3 $36 10 11
6 avatar Unstoppable 3-3-0 506 556 L-1 $76 6 36
7 avatar KRUG Kaiser 3-3-0 471 482 W-1 $100 2 2
8 avatar Pacifist Assassins 2-3-1 542 580 T-1 $69 8 12
9 avatar Nana Nancy 2-3-1 507 541 T-1 $94 7 7
10 avatar Randy Ableman 2-4-0 462 521 W-1 $79 5 7
11 avatar The Phantom Limbs 1-5-0 549 572 L-5 $48 11 16
12 avatar Freemium Masons 1-5-0 479 534 L-5 $85 3 12
And it’s Russ all alone at the top! 
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More close games in the PL. Are the top teams going to survive? Scores: 

The Furballs escaped with a 1 point win in a tightly contested game with the Dominators. The Furballs got a scare when Jimmy Graham had zero catches on Sunday, but the rest of the team was able to cobble together a good effort and grab the win even as the Dominators furiously tried to capitalize. The Cutlass Cieras had a tough matchup with the streaming Wayne Thompson team but they managed an 8 point win to break Wayne 4 game winning streak! The Outlaws have had an unlucky season, but this week they finally cracked the code and destroyed the Moneyballers. And the USFL had a week to forget, only scoring 48 points! Their strong-on-paper roster all laid eggs this week with the exception of Philip Rivers and Frank Gore. Matt, let’s throw this one out. And when General Miller face off against Chobani, it was the competitor brand getting the win! 
Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar St Paul Furballs 5-1-0 653 494 W-2 $45 12 6
2 avatar The Eh Team 4-2-0 596 521 L-1 $100 11 5
3 avatar Wayne Thompson 4-2-0 588 505 L-1 $20 10 7
4 avatar Carl’s Champion Team 4-2-0 565 560 W-1 $98 9 2
5 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 4-2-0 554 523 W-1 $76 8 5
6 avatar Double Dream Hands 4-2-0 543 520 W-1 $69 7 6
7 avatar Notorious Outlaws 2-4-0 594 605 W-1 $90 6 14
8 avatar Big Hassle 2-4-0 556 619 L-1 $100 5 2
9 avatar Missing the USFL 2-4-0 514 545 L-1 $40 4 7
10 avatar Chobani Champions 2-4-0 497 551 W-1 $85 3 5
11 avatar The Dominators 2-4-0 479 564 L-1 $99 2 1
12 avatar ShidabisMoneyballers 1-5-0 505 637 L-5 $100 1

And it’s the Furballs all alone at the top!

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In the current home of the HFFUBTotW award, we are all wondering if the “curse” is still in effect? Can Bernt win again after getting the award last week? Let’s see.

The Curse remains. Bernt falls to the Goldfinches and their 116 points. Sorry, B. The biggest point total in the HFFL belongs to Chad and his 123 pionts against Nerd Herd. Vernon Davis had a 30 point game and when your TE scores 30, you’ll probably win. It was a close one between Brett and Los Perdadores, but Brett’s still holding his opponents to an average of 82 points per week and he remains undefeated! The Bulldogs notched a win against the streaky Nudibranch team and Harper’s team knocked off the pulse-less H-Ike’s Daddy. Bradley is still the only winless team in the HFFL. 
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Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves
1 avatar brett’s Team 6-0-0 553 493 W-6 12 2
2 avatar Chad’s Sunday Shame 5-1-0 624 486 W-2 11 5
3 avatar Longfellow Bulldogs 4-2-0 644 565 W-2 10 6
4 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 4-2-0 607 573 W-1 9 28
5 avatar Fumblecopter 4-2-0 510 478 W-1 8 4
6 avatar Team Pacino 3-3-0 630 617 L-2 7 5
7 avatar Nerd Herd 3-3-0 552 600 L-1 6 5
8 avatar Nudibranch 2-4-0 543 593 L-1 5 9
9 avatar Harper’s Team 2-4-0 514 560 W-1 4 6
10 avatar Los Perdedores! 2-4-0 483 513 L-2 3 8
11 avatar Ivan Drago 1-5-0 527 592 L-1 2 2
12 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 0-6-0 495 612 L-6 1 2

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I could easily give it to Russ and Bret for their undefeated records, but their day will probably still come. This week, it’s going to Nana Nancy! Tyler appeared to get the VERY short end of the stick in his trade with Dev before week 1 when he gave away Lesean McCoy for Eric Decker and Lamar Miller. Both of those players started very slowly while McCoy ran wild. The team were headed in different directions in a hurry. This week, Tyler almost managed to beat the top dog in the HFFL, but settled for a tie. Tyler knocked the king off his throne this week! Tyler is on cloud nine and has been spotted celebrating with all sorts of celebrities. 
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Thursday night is Seahawks at Cardinals! Plenty of fantasy producers in that game. The bye week teams are Oakland and New Orleans. 
There were plenty of injuries and near injuries this week.
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You’re going to need contingency plans as the season drags on. Check those benches and waiver wires to shore up your squad and be ready for anything. 

Until next week, 
Commish Peter

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