2013 – Week 10

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I often find that a theme emerges for a week in the NFL. Sometimes it’s injuries to star players. Sometimes it’s unexpected wins or losses. This weekend, it was clearly “The Tip Drill”. All over the place, defensive backs refused to simply knock down balls and instead opted to assist wide receivers in making spectacular catches!
In the Packers/Eagles game, DeSean Jackson had two defenders converging on the ball and then this happened:
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The Packers had Seneca Wallace for all of one series before groin pain forced him out and Scott Tolzien in. And suddenly the Packers are the spittin’ image of the Vikings. 
In the Baltimore, the Bengals were trailing by 7 with the clock ticking down. Dalton threw a Hail Mary pass into the end zone and then this happened: 
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Again, TWO defenders managed to tip the ball before AJ Green, the only man still on his feet, came up with the catch to force OT. Of course, the Bengals managed to lose in OT, just like last week. At least this time it wasn’t on a safety. 
And finally, in 1-on-1 coverage in the end zone, Andre Johnson surrendered the dominant position to the Cardinals defender, but again the defender couldn’t knock down the pass and this happened: 
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And he hung one while getting his feet down. Impressive. 
In the HFFL, the theme was underdogs as a number of them came up huge. But we’ll get to that. 
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In the LoC, the emotion is wearing off from last week’s big tilt between Russ and Mike, but the effects are far reaching as both teams had a let down this week. Here are the scores: 
Week 10 – Final Results
You read that right, Chris Anderson and the Freemium Masons destroyed the Muffins this week. Chris previously only had 2 wins on the season and averaged 83.5 ppg. It was clear that the Muffins wore themselves out last week and Chris surprised them at their most vulnerable time. 
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Russ too lost this week, but in a close one with the Assassins, another underwhelming team taking advantage. The Bops have been on a pretty big roll lately. This week, they put up 105 to beat KRUG and climb to .500 on the year. If they can keep themselves in the playoff picture, watch out. Unstoppable has been anything but the last two weeks. Here he put up a mere 59 points in a loss to Monday Night, who now sits in 3rd place. And the hottest team in the LoC is Nana Nancy! A 5 point win this week was Tyler’s 4th in a row! What a turn around this kid has had!
Current LoC Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 8-2-0 938 757 L-2 $11 4 11
2 avatar The Day Old Muffins 7-2-1 1088 911 L-1 $44 9 17
3 avatar Monday Night 6-3-1 876 859 W-2 $40 12 10
4 avatar Nana Nancy 6-3-1 869 817 W-4 $94 7 13
5 avatar Blitzkrieg Bops 5-5-0 974 892 W-2 $27 10 22
6 avatar DiDDy 5-5-0 895 938 W-1 $74 1 7
7 avatar Unstoppable 5-5-0 829 874 L-2 $55 6 56
8 avatar Pacifist Assassins 4-5-1 860 947 W-2 $22 8 21
9 avatar KRUG Kaiser 4-6-0 792 881 L-2 $87 2 5
10 avatar Freemium Masons 3-7-0 859 950 W-1 $60 3 18
11 avatar Randy Ableman 3-7-0 775 882 L-3 $24 5 20
12 avatar The Phantom Limbs 2-8-0 890 937 L-1 $5 11 27
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When we last left the PL, Wayne was atop the standings with a mass of teams knotted up below. Things may finally be starting to come into focus now. Scores: 
Week 10 – Final Results

Wayne takes a loss this week at the hands of Matt and the USFL. That means that the door is open for a new #1 and the Furballs took advantage. Luke beat Eric to drop him down and push himself back to the top of the standings after a month-long absence. But he’s not alone. Dream Hands also notched a big win to move to 7-3 as well! It’s been a rough season for the Moneyballers, but they get the much-needed win this week by 30 over the Cieras! That’s the widest margin the the PL this week! Way to go, Isaac! And the Outlaws continue to be the most baffling team in the HFFL. Last week, their All-Play standing was the 10th best, yet they were 26th overall. And here they lose to Chobani to drop to 3-7. What a weird year for Jake’s team!
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Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar St Paul Furballs 7-3-0 1077 852 W-2 $3 12 14
2 avatar Wayne Thompson 7-3-0 934 818 L-1 $20 11 15
3 avatar Double Dream Hands 7-3-0 903 872 W-3 $60 10 13
4 avatar The Eh Team 6-4-0 952 849 L-2 $78 9 17
5 avatar Carl’s Champion Team 6-4-0 913 877 W-1 $96 8 4
6 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 6-4-0 862 901 L-1 $28 7 15
7 avatar Missing the USFL 5-5-0 895 885 W-1 $0 6 18
8 avatar Chobani Champions 4-6-0 835 850 W-2 $65 5 13
9 avatar Big Hassle 3-7-0 893 1055 L-2 $95 4 4
10 avatar Notorious Outlaws 3-7-0 886 930 L-3 $60 3 21
11 avatar ShidabisMoneyballers 3-7-0 837 948 W-1 $64 2 5
12 avatar The Dominators 3-7-0 777 927 L-1 $97 1 4

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And no the EL, where something happened that has never happened before in the history of the HFFL. Scores: 
Week 10 – Final Results

That’s right! Bradley Hofbauer won a game!!!! 
Inline image 6
Starting the season 0-9, some would suggest he just tank the year and hope for a good draft pick next year. But NO! Bradley refused to give up and he obliterated Fumblecopter this week by 63 points! Good job, Bradley! Another beating was that of the Goldfinches by Brett’s Team. Brett made a statement after losing 3 in a row by beating one of the top teams in the EL and moving up to 2nd place in the standings. The Bulldogs put together a solid week and beat Ivan Drago and Team Pacino also got it’s act together and beat the top dog in the league: Chad’s Sunday Shame! Pacino has had bad luck with matchups this year and has now given up 1006 points to opponents! Wow! 
Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves
1 avatar Chad’s Sunday Shame 8-2-0 959 814 L-1 12 15
2 avatar brett’s Team 7-3-0 920 869 W-1 11 2
3 avatar Longfellow Bulldogs 6-4-0 1000 876 W-1 10 11
4 avatar Nerd Herd 6-4-0 983 944 W-1 9 12
5 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 6-4-0 981 899 L-1 8 41
6 avatar Harper’s Team 6-4-0 972 909 W-5 7 7
7 avatar Team Pacino 5-5-0 977 1006 W-2 6 19
8 avatar Fumblecopter 5-5-0 810 887 L-3 5 9
9 avatar Nudibranch 4-6-0 831 905 L-1 4 14
10 avatar Ivan Drago 3-7-0 876 970 L-1 3 10
11 avatar Los Perdedores! 3-7-0 763 850 L-3 2 16
12 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 1-9-0 782 925 W-1 1 13

Inline image 5
Inline image 7
H-Ike’s Daddy! Yes, Bradley has had a very, very bad year so far. But this week, and hopefully not JUST this week, he is a winner! There is still some fight in this team, I can feel it. And who knows? Maybe he’ll run that table in the EL Toilet Bowl Bracket and claw his way into the LoC next year! 
Inline image 6

Only two bye week teams to be aware of this week: Dallas and St. Louis. So that’s should be easy. 
Thursday night will pit Colts against the Titans. Look for the Colts to play angry after getting embarrassed last week 38-8 against the Rams!
Otherwise, if we’ve learned anything from this week, it’s that we shouldn’t give up hope. No matter who dire the situation looks! 

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Until Next Week, 

Commish Peter

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