2013 – Week 11

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This week in the NFL proved that many teams are who we thought they were. The Broncos were matched up with the undefeated Chiefs and proved that they still outclass them, but it was a little closer than many people thought. Beyond that marquee matchup, the action was a little bit wild. For instance, the Bears/Ravens game was delayed almost 2 hours as deadly tornadoes swept through Illinois. 
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But when everyone was allowed back into the stadium, the fans released all their pent up energy by advocating for the 2nd amendment. 
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Elsewhere, Andre Ellington felt the pain as Jason Babin literally scalped him during the game!
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Vicious. Drew Brees will also probably be feeling it a bit today after this hard sack that he took from the Niners.
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Now, if you want to see ugly NFL action, look no further than the Vikings/Seahawks game. The three lasting images (submitted without comment) are as follows: 
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Moving. On. There are only TWO GAMES left in the fantasy regular season and teams are now clinching spots in the playoffs! Let the jockeying begin!
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It’s no secret that the Limbs are having a rough season, but this week was a special brand of cruelty. Scores: 
Week 11 – Final Results
The Limbs scored 35 points on Thursday. They scored 13 points from their kicker and 27 from their defense. And they lost on Monday Night to Monday Night (who, prior to this week, was averaging 87.6 points per game). The Limbs have the 4th most points in the league and are in last place. Crushing. Elsewhere, Russ bounced back from a 2 game losing streak to end Tyler’s winning streak! The Muffins also bounced back from a bad loss last week to narrowly beat KRUG. It certainly looks like Dev’s team is vulnerable right now. Unstoppable finally stopped the bleeding and beat Randy Ableman by 4 to move into the final playoff slot for the time being. It was the Assassins, adding to the Masonic Misery, beating Chris on a week in which Chris would have beaten almost anybody else. And the red-hot Bops were dealt a crushing loss at the hands of DiDDy, dropping them out of the playoff picture at the moment. What balm can ease such pain? Playing the Limbs next week should help. *sigh*
Current LoC Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
*1 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 9-2-0 1038 829 W-1 $11 4 14
*2 avatar The Day Old Muffins 8-2-1 1172 988 W-1 $29 9 20
3 avatar Monday Night 7-3-1 991 966 W-3 $40 12 11
4 avatar Nana Nancy 6-4-1 941 917 L-1 $94 7 13
5 avatar DiDDy 6-5-0 975 1008 W-2 $74 1 8
6 avatar Unstoppable 6-5-0 913 954 W-1 $54 6 63
7 avatar Pacifist Assassins 5-5-1 978 1042 W-3 $22 8 23
8 avatar Blitzkrieg Bops 5-6-0 1044 972 L-1 $27 10 24
9 avatar KRUG Kaiser 4-7-0 869 965 L-3 $87 2 8
10 avatar Freemium Masons 3-8-0 954 1068 L-1 $55 3 22
11 avatar Randy Ableman 3-8-0 855 966 L-4 $4 5 21
12 avatar The Phantom Limbs 2-9-0 997 1052 L-2 $5 11 28
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For the St. Paul Furballs, it is all about consistency. Be consistent and you will win out. Be inconsistent and…well…you won’t. This week, the Moneyballers came to town. Scores: 
Week 11 – Final Results
The Moneyballers are playing the spoiler. Last week the chopped down the Cieras. This week, they set their sights higher and smacked around the top dog Furballs and got the win! What an impressive couple of weeks for the Moneyballers! Your new first place team: Wayne Thompson. Wayne’s eponymous team is now all alone atop the standings at 8-3 after beating Chobani this week and watching his competition lose. Wayne is 4-1 since week 7. The Longsuffering Outlaws finally cracked the code and dialed up 129 points this week against Dream Hands! Way to go, Jake! If he manages to get into the playoffs, look out people. Ever since the mayoral scandal broke out in Toronto, the Eh Team has been crumbling. This week they took their 3rd loss in a row, this time to Matt and the USFL, who now sits tied with Eric in the standings. The Cieras righted the ship this week and beat Carl to move into 4th place and The Dominators moved out of the basement with a win over their closest competition: Big Hassle. 
Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar Wayne Thompson 8-3-0 1022 891 W-1 $20 12 16
2 avatar St Paul Furballs 7-4-0 1151 950 L-1 $3 11 15
3 avatar Double Dream Hands 7-4-0 988 1001 L-1 $59 10 15
4 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 7-4-0 959 986 W-1 $21 9 16
5 avatar The Eh Team 6-5-0 1015 965 L-3 $78 8 19
6 avatar Missing the USFL 6-5-0 1011 948 W-2 $0 7 20
7 avatar Carl’s Champion Team 6-5-0 998 974 L-1 $96 6 4
8 avatar Notorious Outlaws 4-7-0 1015 1015 W-1 $60 5 21
9 avatar ShidabisMoneyballers 4-7-0 935 1022 W-2 $39 4 8
10 avatar Chobani Champions 4-7-0 908 938 L-1 $60 3 14
11 avatar The Dominators 4-7-0 868 1008 W-1 $97 2 6
12 avatar Big Hassle 3-8-0 974 1146 L-3 $95 1 7

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The LoC has 3 teams who have scored >1000 points so far this year. The PL has 5 such teams. The EL? SEVEN. Food for thought. Here are the monster scores from the EL: 
Week 11 – Final Results

A word of advice: you do NOT want to play Hyatt Harper’s team right now. It’s 6 straight wins right now as Harper doubled up on Nerd Herd this week. He sits in 2nd place, but only to a vulnerable Chad’s Sunday Shame, who has now lost 2 in a row. This week Chad fell to the lowly Ivan Drago squad. It was a close one between the suddenly-spunky H-Ike’s and Perdadores, but, alas, no winning streak was in the cards for Bradley as Nate won by 5. Nudibranch, for one, doesn’t believe his season is a loss and continues to fight for a playoff spot. This week he beat brett’s team to climb to 8th place, a stone’s throw away from the final spot. Pacino is still trying to put it all together consistently, but this week he certainly made the right moves and beat the tough Goldfinches by a wide margin. And finally, the Bulldogs beat Fumblecop….wait….could it be? Has Andy finally found an NFL meme worthy of succeeding Fumblecopter? Yes, yes he has. Meet Duke Ihenacho, the inspiration behind the inspired name Ihanacho Deluxe. 
Inline image 8
We’ll miss you, Fumblecopter. 
Inline image 9
Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves
1 avatar Chad’s Sunday Shame 8-3-0 1039 910 L-2 12 17
2 avatar Harper’s Team 7-4-0 1095 968 W-6 11 8
3 avatar Longfellow Bulldogs 7-4-0 1078 948 W-2 10 11
4 avatar brett’s Team 7-4-0 1006 972 L-1 9 2
5 avatar Team Pacino 6-5-0 1094 1085 W-3 8 20
6 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 6-5-0 1060 1016 L-2 7 42
7 avatar Nerd Herd 6-5-0 1043 1067 L-1 6 12
8 avatar Nudibranch 5-6-0 934 991 W-1 5 15
9 avatar Ihenachos Deluxe 5-6-0 882 965 L-4 4 13
10 avatar Ivan Drago 4-7-0 972 1050 W-1 3 11
11 avatar Los Perdedores! 4-7-0 851 934 W-1 2 18
12 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 1-10-0 866 1014 L-1 1 13

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Inline image 10

I’m giving it to the Moneyballers!! When Isaac started managing this team, it was going nowhere. After winning their first game, the Moneyballers lost 7 of their next 8, making them 2-7. But that’s when Isaac sat his team down and gave them a legendary pep talk. He said, “Listen, all we have to do is score 98 points or more and we’ll win. It’s all about the numbers, not the players!” They lost their next two games, scoring only 72 and 88 points. But THEN, they scored 98 each week the next two and won both games. The players are starting to buy in to this “Savoir-Metric” thing and the league is starting to take notice as well. Good job, Isaac! 
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The Thursday game this week is Saints vs. Falcons!
We’ve got four important teams on byes this week: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Seattle.  
Also, the trade deadline was last Friday. From here on out, it’s the waiver wire or nothing. Hopefully you saved some waiver money for this crucial juncture, because if something goes wrong, you’ll just have to make do with what you have and improvise: 
Inline image 11
Only TWO WEEKS left in the regular season! A reminder, if you want to be promoted to the LoC next year, you must finish in the TOP THREE after the playoffs OR win the Toilet Bowl in your league. 
Until Next Week, 
Commish Peter

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