2014 – Week 3

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Yes, it was another wild week in the NFL. The Sunday headline was the Super Bowl rematch that went to overtime before the Seahawks finally put it away. Peyton Manning executed a furious drive, a TD and a 2-pt conversion to force overtime, once again proving that the quarterback position is BY FAR the most important position in today’s NFL. But there was plenty more proof of that on Sunday. For instance, did you see Andy Dalton CATCH a touchdown in his game??
Russell Wilson made a catch too, but couldn’t make the endzone. 
Hearing QB catches was the new hot-ness, Johnny Manziel decided to try it too, on a very-weird trick (illegal) play. While pretending to argue with the coaches on the sideline, Manziel waited for his coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, to whisper “Go go go”. Of course, this was called back for a number of reasons. But I love the coach in the back really selling it with incredulously outstretched arms. 
Now, we’ve all realized that each week is going to feature a number of injuries to key players (apparently). This week we saw some stomach-churning leg twists, but we also saw this Lions defense man tear his ACL while celebrating a sack of Aaron Rodgers. 
But my favorite highlight has to be this one, where Vikings CB Captain Munnerlyn is trying to sack Drew Brees and then just goes for the suplex. Yeah, the penalty resulted in the Saints continuing the drive and scoring, but we Vikings fans have to fin joy wherever we can right now (Teddy! Teddy!). 
There are now only 3 undefeated teams left in the NFL: Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Arizona. How many are left in the HFFL? Read on!
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Well, Jim avoided the HFFLUBTotW curse this week and stayed undefeated. Could anyone join him in the ranks? Scores:
The answer is… “no”! Jim made sure to take down his closest competition this week, handing Tragically Malicious their first loss on the season in a good game! The Mongrels also suffered their first loss while giving Chad his first win! Luke is shaking his head over the NFC north, where his QB Matt Stafford only put up 5 points and Brandon Marshall played hurt and scored zero! Tough loss there. Diddy gets the ink, but the Muffins have been playing almost as well all year. Here they mercilessly crushed Carl and the Lakehouse to move into 2nd place in the rankings! Carl is 0-3 after that beatdown.
We know you did, Carl. We know you did. Elsewhere, PowerRanger Princess also fell to 0-3 on the year when the Goldfinches came in and beat them. And Python and the Maulers both won to improve to 2-1 while Wayne and Nerd Herd fell to 1-2. Python will meet the Maulers next week!
Current LoC Standings:
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar _ diddY 3-0-0 336 244 W-3 $100 12 4
2 avatar The Kosher Muffins 2-1-0 315 243 W-2 $35 11 4
3 avatar Tragically Malicious 2-1-0 285 247 L-1 $97 10 5
4 avatar Team Python 2-1-0 280 236 W-2 $100 9 2
5 avatar Pittsburgh Maulers 2-1-0 279 241 W-1 $67 8 8
6 avatar MN Mongrels 2-1-0 276 248 L-1 $57 7 13
7 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 2-1-0 248 253 W-1 $70 6 7
8 avatar The Country of Chad 1-2-0 261 273 W-1 $86 5 4
9 avatar Nerd Herd 1-2-0 224 254 L-2 $100 4 3
10 avatar Wayne Thompson 1-2-0 214 234 L-1 $100 3
11 avatar PowerRanger Princess 0-3-0 237 291 L-3 $75 2 12
12 avatar Lakehouse Vikes 0-3-0 171 362 L-3 $100 1 1
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This was the week where we would find out who the best team in the PL is! Two undefeated teams were playing each other and the third had what looked like a great chance to win! What happened? Nothing you would have expected. Scores: 

That’s right! deBrewliner and Phonics played late into Monday night and ended up with a rare tie when Robbie Gould kicked a field goal for Phonics! What a crazy finish! Both teams are now also tied atop the standings in the PL! And that’s due, in part, to the fact that the Limbs lost to the Cieras. The Limbs were looking GREAT after Thursday night when Julio dropped 28 points! But the rest of the roster seemed to take Sunday off and the Limbs collapsed as the Cieras surged. Waiting in the weeds, Orcwardness rebounded and beat Nanna Nancy handily. Ron’s team is the highest scoring in the PL at this point. Herbal Tonic finally grabbed their first win, stealing a 3 point victory from Randy Ableman! 
The Dominators have awoken! Spencer’s team exploded for 119 points and crushed The Eh Team, who is still searching for that elusive first win. And WannaBe destroyed Vandalay Industries by a huge margin this week! Thompson HAS to be wondering where all his points went! After scoring 121 in week 1, he has scored just 65 and 45 the last two week! Yikes!
Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar Quantum Phonics 2-0-1 271 260 T-1 $69 12 4
2 avatar deBrewliner 2-0-1 252 214 T-1 $100 11
3 avatar Orcwardness 2-1-0 300 257 W-1 $47 10 10
4 avatar The Phantom Limbs 2-1-0 293 240 L-1 $89 9 8
5 avatar The Dominators 2-1-0 284 241 W-1 $100 8
6 avatar WannaBe 2-1-0 234 202 W-2 $98 7 3
7 avatar Randy Ableman 1-2-0 263 277 L-1 $100 6 2
8 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 1-2-0 252 271 W-1 $100 5 2
9 avatar Vandalay Industries 1-2-0 231 214 L-2 $93 4 4
10 avatar Herbal Tonic 1-2-0 229 250 W-1 $98 3 2
11 avatar Nanna Nancy 1-2-0 208 262 L-1 $100 2
12 avatar The Eh Team 0-3-0 209 338 L-3 $84 1 6

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Now the EL ends up being the one league with multiple undefeated teams through 3 weeks. Who are they? Let’s see. Scores:

Yes, first place currently belongs to Russ, who beat whatsynoname this week. Again I’d like to point out that Yahoo.com’s robots gave Russ the worst draft grade in the HFFL and yet here he is. An impressive run thus far! Isaac is still winless. The other 3-0 squad is Nudibranch! Jon’s squad managed a 1 point win over Butterslide to keep the streak alive! Another close call was InstaGraham’s 2 point win over Jake’s team. Both teams were projected for much higher totals and yet this was a close game all the way through. The highest score of the week in the HFFL went to Andy’s Ihenachos Deluxe, scoring 136 and wiping out H-Ike’s Daddy. In a week where many had trouble scoring, Andy’s duo of Julio and Marshawn led the way to a big week and this game was over at the starting line. 
Another big scorer was Big Hassler, who managed 102 and a win over Chobani thanks in large part to Nick Foles. And a rookie draws first blood! Nick’s Sesquipetantic Squad took down the Gwardians for his first career win! Looks like the Gwardians will be doing some soul searching this week after this letdown. 
Current EL Standings:
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 3-0-0 273 218 W-3 $75 12 9
2 avatar Nudibranch 3-0-0 249 219 W-3 $95 11 1
3 avatar Ihenachos Deluxe 2-1-0 318 257 W-1 $77 10 2
4 avatar InstaGraham 2-1-0 247 224 W-2 $98 9 3
5 avatar Gwardians uda Galaxy 2-1-0 245 256 L-1 $62 8 5
6 avatar Chobani Champions 1-2-0 282 272 L-1 $100 7 2
7 avatar BigHassler 1-2-0 253 272 W-1 $99 6 2
8 avatar Butterslide 1-2-0 236 238 L-1 $66 5 5
9 avatar Sesquipetantic Squad 1-2-0 233 246 W-1 $100 4 2
10 avatar Jake’s Quality Team 1-2-0 226 208 L-2 $85 3 5
11 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 1-2-0 213 293 L-2 $100 2
12 avatar whatsynoname 0-3-0 206 278 L-3 $100 1

Inline image 5

The Elite League hasn’t had a team win this award…until this week! Andy Kruse and Ihenachos Deluxe! While Andy isn’t undefeated, his team broke out in a big way this week, scoring 136 points with a great all-around effort. Andy has a knack for coming up with team names that reference funny NFL happenings like the Sage Rosefels’ Fumblecopter moment. His current team is named after a briefly famous Broncos player (now with Washington): Duke Ihenacho (yes, that’s his real name). Well done, Andy! 
And this picture will haunt my dreams.
Inline image 6

It’s week 4! And you know what that means! It’s time for bye weeks! Yes, this week there are a whopping SIX teams on byes. It’s time to work your roster magic to make up for your resting starters! Here are the teams that will be on their couches this weekend: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, St. Louis, Arizona and Seattle. Some pretty heavy hitters there!
Don’t forget to check out the updated SuperStandings on hiawathafantasyfootball.com ! How does your team stack up against the universal HFFL competition? 
Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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