2014 – Week 8

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Week 8 in the NFL was an absolute point explosion! Everywhere you looked, teams were winning in dramatic style – either with huge blowouts or close walk-off victories. In London, the Lions came from 21 down in the second half to win on a last second field goal that they initially missed but (thanks to a delay of game penalty) got a second chance at and nailed it. Crazy. The Vikings needed overtime to beat the Bucs on this great play from rookie linebacker Anthony Barr:
Jeremy Maclin had a huge game which included this spectacular tackle of the Gatorade table on the sideline:
But in addition to the high quality of play, we had some pretty awesome failures too and those are usually just as fun to watch. Buffalo rookie WR Sammy Watkins started showboating on his way to the endzone and got caught from behind:
The Bears were getting completely manhandled by the Patriots (48-23 at this point), but still this defense man saw the need to celebrate a sack of Brady and then injure himself. Didn’t he remember this EXACT SAME THING happening to a Lion’s defense man weeks ago after sacking Aaron Rodgers???
I think this is my favorite highlight though. The Jets acquired Percy Harvin last week from Seattle and set about installing him on their offense and special teams. On this kickoff return, Percy is lined up to catch the ball. BUT WAIT, the Jets have a second man lie down and “hide” on the other side of the endzone. When Percy catches the ball, the man jumps up ready for a tricky lateral! Buffalo clearly sees the guy hiding there and covers him, forcing Harvin to eat the ball and get crushed on the 2 yard line. Oh, Jets. 
When the NFL exploded in points on Sunday, so did the HFFL. Lots of big scores to get to this week.
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The Muffins and the Maulers are in tailspins and there are FIVE 4-4 teams after this week! Scores: 
The points explosion helped a number of teams. In the LOC, We are the champions found themselves with 137 points and a lopsided win over the Mongrels. Sanders’ big Thursday was the highlight of Tom’s week there. The Country of Chad scored 134 and he needed to have a good week to beat a strong Team Python. Gronk’s 32 pushed Chad to new heights and he now shares the 5-3 mark with Brian’s team! Malicious and _diddY may be on a collision course in the LOC. This week they each torched their opponents with 125+ points and occupy the top two spots in the standings. I mentioned the Muffins are sliding and this week they lost their FIFTH straight game, this time to the resilient Snapping Turtles. Only one team has had more points scored against them in the LOC than the Muffins. That team is the Lakehouse Vikes, who lost a heartbreaker this week to the Nerd Herd. Carl’s team got a whopping 44 points from Big Ben on Sunday so the Herd was trailing heading into Monday night, but with a couple Cowboys playing they had a shot. Williams and Witten combined for 19 points and handed Bob the come-from-behind win! 
Current LOC Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar _ diddY 6-2-0 842 703 W-1 $80 12 8
2 avatar Tragically Malicious 6-2-0 830 728 W-2 $3 11 14
3 avatar Team Python 5-3-0 811 739 L-2 $47 10 6
4 avatar The Country of Chad 5-3-0 779 711 W-1 $50 9 13
5 avatar We are the champions 4-4-0 758 693 W-2 $54 8 26
6 avatar MN Mongrels 4-4-0 755 756 L-1 $8 7 27
7 avatar Nerd Herd 4-4-0 655 657 W-2 $95 6 6
8 avatar Snapping Turtles 4-4-0 611 646 W-3 $20 5 6
9 avatar Hiawatha Goldfinches 4-4-0 603 639 L-1 $1 4 27
10 avatar The Kosher Muffins 2-6-0 748 772 L-5 $20 3 14
11 avatar Pittsburgh Maulers 2-6-0 595 705 L-5 $0 2 22
12 avatar Lakehouse Vikes 2-6-0 574 812 L-2 $95 1 5
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So who got the points in the PL? The answer is probably “everyone”, but a couple teams really soared. Here are the scores: 

After winning the HFFLUBTotW award last week, it looked like the Cieras may have been dressed up for a letdown playing the tough deBrewliner squad. But Wachter had something special in store for Denny, namely 147 points! Yeah, Wachter started Big Ben AND Antonio Brown. Those two alone accounted for 69 points (the total score for Vandalay this week!) and Denny’s schnitzel was cooked. Elsewhere, Quantum Phonics bounced back from their first loss last week to crush Randy Ableman. Ableman has had the worst luck with matchups this season. He has the 2nd most total points but sits in 6th place at 4-4 on the year. Nanna Nancy also found the points this week to beat WannaBe and they are now rankings neighbors. The Eh Team managed to crack 100 and win his 3rd game in a row at the expense of Orcwardness. The Limbs had to sweat out Monday night again, but managed to hold a lead this time and beat the Dominators. And the aforementioned Vandalay Industries didn’t get the memo about points this week, losing to Herbal Tonic badly. Congrats, Tonic, on your 2nd win!
Current PL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar The Cutlass Cieras 6-2-0 836 695 W-6 $71 12 9
2 avatar Quantum Phonics 5-1-2 759 695 W-1 $64 11 11
3 avatar deBrewliner 4-2-2 758 741 L-1 $100 10 4
4 avatar The Phantom Limbs 4-3-1 710 654 W-1 $38 9 18
5 avatar The Dominators 4-3-1 699 642 L-2 $87 8 2
6 avatar Randy Ableman 4-4-0 777 787 L-1 $0 7 8
7 avatar WannaBe 4-4-0 630 672 L-1 $98 6 10
8 avatar Nanna Nancy 3-5-0 736 759 W-1 $99 5 2
9 avatar Orcwardness 3-5-0 704 731 L-2 $20 4 26
10 avatar The Eh Team 3-5-0 680 811 W-3 $60 3 19
11 avatar Vandalay Industries 3-5-0 639 652 L-1 $88 2 7
12 avatar Herbal Tonic 2-6-0 646 735 W-1 $24 1 10

Inline image 4
And now the EL, where the top 4 teams are locked in mortal combat while the bottom 8 are jockeying for position. And the point explosion meant each game at a 100+ point team! Scores:

The highest score of the week in the EL went to… Butterslide! Was it Big Ben again? Nope, it was Maclin and Miami who rolled up points for Joel’s team and helped him beat Jake and move to .500 on the year. Joel would even have been the juggernaut that is InstaGraham this week. Hyatt’s team got 132 (thanks Arian Foster) and crushed his rival the Gwardians who had won 4 in a row! You know the points are flowing when whatsyoname breaks the century mark! Isaac notched his 2nd win of the year by beating Sesquipetantic by 12. Big Hassler amassed 124 to overcome a strong week from H-Ike’s Daddy. Nudibranch got back to his winning ways this week, downing Ihenachos by 15. And Rüssnôçérôse kept rolling, putting up 123 and beating Chobani to stay in 2nd place in the rankings. Seriously, those top 4 teams are going to be fun to follow in the next month. 
Current EL Standings: 
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
1 avatar InstaGraham 7-1-0 860 708 W-7 $85 12 8
2 avatar Rüssnôçérôse 6-2-0 779 664 W-2 $75 11 13
3 avatar Nudibranch 6-2-0 744 671 W-1 $73 10 9
4 avatar Gwardians uda Galaxy 6-2-0 699 703 L-1 $54 9 12
5 avatar Ihenachos Deluxe 4-4-0 799 747 L-1 $49 8 12
6 avatar Butterslide 4-4-0 738 688 W-1 $41 7 11
7 avatar BigHassler 4-4-0 721 711 W-2 $51 6 8
8 avatar Chobani Champions 3-5-0 737 787 L-2 $82 5 6
9 avatar Sesquipetantic Squad 3-5-0 634 612 L-1 $60 4 7
10 avatar whatsynoname 2-6-0 652 744 W-1 $100 3 1
11 avatar Jake’s Quality Team 2-6-0 584 728 L-2 $70 2 10
12 avatar H-Ike’s Daddy 1-7-0 588 772 L-7 $100 1 4

Inline image 5
Chris Anderson and Quantum Phonics! Chris took his first true loss just last week, but bounced back this week with a big score and a big win over Randy Ableman. Chris has pioneered something called the “Second String Theory” and putting Kyle Orton in his starting lineup over Matt Ryan showed that whatever formula this man has worked out to configure his roster each week is clearly working. Orton scored 25 to Ryan’s 16. The man is a certified genius. Congrats, Chris!
Inline image 6

We’ve arrived at “The Heavy Bye Week”. The NFL has seen fit to punish fantasy football players by scheduling the following teams for the same bye week: Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay and Tennessee. 

This is the week where the depth of your team is almost beside the point. With this many heavy hitters out of action, you’ll almost certainly be forced to troll the waiver wire a bit to plug a hole. 
Also, remember the Thursday game this week will be Saints AT Panthers – a divisional matchup with a lot on the line.  
November is here and that means that there are only five regular season games left!! Remember, we’re playing for the win this year, but also on the line are invitations to the League of Champions for NEXT year! If you need a refresher on the promotion system, check out the bottom of this page on HFFL.com

Until Next Week, 

Commish Peter

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