2014 – Playoffs Week 1

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As the HFFL dives into their playoffs, the NFL teams are still fighting for their playoff lives. The talk of the league as we come down the stretch is the NFC South, where the team that wins the division and hosts a playoff game may be a sub .500 squad. So these divisional games matter big time! That’s why when the Panthers beat the heck out of the Saints at home this weekend, this happened: 

One team that won’t be making the playoff this year is Washington. They are officially the most drama-rich NFL team this season now. They got shutout this weekend tried pulling out a very tricky fake punt to get things going. Um….

Even their fans are struggling. 

The Colts beat the Browns at home this weekend, but at least someone was enjoying the experience. Mmmm…. delicious painted grass….

Okay, enough. Let’s get to the meat of the weekend, the amazing kick off to the 2014 HFFL playoffs! A loss this week dooms your changes of making the LOC next year, while a win keeps the dream alive! Oh, and we need to have a chat about tie-breakers. Dun dun DUN!
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Bye week teams tuned up for their games next week while the active teams duked it out for the right to face them. Scores: 
Championship Bracket
Consolation Bracket
In the playoffs, The Mongrels are getting hot at the right time! They won their 4th straight overall and dismissed Chad handily. Luke’s team watched in horror on Thursday night as Brandon Marshall was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a rib/lung injury. He’s now out for the season. Still, Luke’s team came together on Sunday in support of their fallen teammate and won the game. Amazing. On the other side of the bracket, Tom’s Champions crushed Python and advanced to the next round. The 1-2 punch of Jamaal Charles and CJ Anderson was dominant for Tom, scoring a combined 46 points! With their wins, the Champs and Mongrels stay alive in their quest to stay in the LOC next year. Python and Chad… sorry boys. You’ll play for 5th place next week. Mark and Jim coldly displayed their high point totals and awaited the winners. Although, Jim surely wishes La’Veon Bell’s 41 point game came a week later. 
In the Toilet Bowl (Consolation Bracket), it was a thrilling game for the Muffins and Sieve. Mike raced out to a huge lead on Sunday, but Matt had Julio Jones for Monday night. The sliver of hope came together when Julio played the game of his life, scoring 31 points! BUT, he was fatigued/injured with under 5 minutes to go in the game and taken off the field. Matt came up one point short of the win. The Muffins stay alive. The Lakehouse Vikes have been struggling all year. Can they salvage their season with an undefeated post season? Maybe! They destroyed the Turtles this week with 105 points! The Herd and the ‘Finches await the winners. 
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The PL has a style all their own. With multiple ties during the regular season, would they really go so far as to tie in the post season? Scores:
Championship Bracket
Consolation Bracket

Okay, here goes. The Limbs knew that Randy Ableman would build a lead on Sunday, they just didn’t know what kind of a lead. At the end of the day, it looked bad. Aaron’s team had scored 109 to the Limbs’ 51. In the Carol of the Bells, Joique’s 25 was eclipsed by La’Veon’s 41. Yahoo gave the Limbs a 1% chance of winning, even with Julio and Jordy yet to play. Could the two of them really make up the 58 point differential? As Monday night dragged on, Julio kept going and going, racking up 259 yards and 1 TD (just missing on 2 more in the game) and Jordy got 146 and 2. Late in the game, Julio had to rest and Roddy scored a TD, which dropped Aaron’s GB defense to 1 point and sealed a tie. The Yahoo tie-breaker rules give the win to the team with the better regular season head-to-head record, so the Limbs’ week 10 win over Randy carried though. Wow. This is the second time in 3 years Aaron has fallen prey to the tie-breaker rule, but never in this crazy of circumstances, when the victory seemed all but assured. 

On the other side, The Eh Team got back on track and beat the Cieras. The St. Louis defense was the MVP for Eric, netting him 27 against the hapless Washington team. Eric will tangle with the Dominators next week while the Limbs will face Quantum. Both look to be good matchups on paper!
In the PL Toilet Bowl, Orcwardness scored 108 to beat Nanna and chirped about his “bad schedule” causing him to settle into the Toilet Bowl. Well, the LOC dream is still alive! deBrewliner stayed alive too, beating Vandalay.So we bring in Herbal and WannaBe next week to keep the sudden death tour going!

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Things are getting serious in the EL, with teams really stepping up their game for the post season! Let’s go. 
Championship Bracket
Consolation Bracket

Butterslide and Ihenachos played one of the best games of the weekend! All the week’s heavy hitters seemed to make appearances on their rosters this week. Inhenachos had La’Veon and Julio. Butterslide had the J team: Joique, Jordy, Jamaal and Julian all score 20+. On Monday night, they furiously fought for the victory, but Joel held on to knock off Andy in dramatic fashion 143-139! What a crazy, crazy game! Butterslide is peaking at the right time and the bye teams have to be a bit worried. Elsewhere in the playoffs, the Guardians got 4 points from Peyton and failed to crack the 60 point mark as BigDaddyHassler got the win. Bret had quite the weekend, celebrating the birth of his first child and then celebrating his playoff win! Congrats x2! InstaGraham is glad he put up a measly 74 on his bye week and not next week. Is the king’s throne wobbly? 
In the EL Toilet Bowl, whatsyoname can’t be stopped! After beating InstaGraham last week, Isaac kept the pedal down and beat Sesquipetantic this week! Isaac is gunning for a ticket to the LOC! Chobani was able to put H-Ike’s Daddy out of his misery and move on in the bracket as well. Waiting in the weeds: Russnocerose and Jake’s team. 

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Butterslide! Joel put together a masterful performance this week to beat Ihenachos. Joel is a rookie in the HFFL this year and he’s showing some real promise. I can’t wait to see how he follows up this big week! His face may not get carved in Canton someday, but it’s already been carved in butter. 

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Thursday Night Football this week is Rams and Cardinals, two strong defenses with hit-or-miss offenses. Should be interesting to see how it contributes to the fantasy landscape!
Remember, if you want to win a ticket to the LOC next year, you have but two options. Either finish in the top 3 in the playoff bracket or win the Toilet Bowl. 4 teams from each league will be made eligible. So if you lost this weekend, no dice. The only losses that can still get you in are losses in the Super Bowl. 
So good luck this week, gents!
Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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