HFFL Universal Blast – Week 8

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The NFL keeps insisting on playing games in London. This week featured the 3rd such game of the season and it was another one-sided romp. The Chiefs absolutely crushed the Lions as Alex Smith looked like a hall of famer and even got a little bit cocky about it.

The game was so boring by the end, that viewers begged for something interesting to happen. The Chiefs mascot was happy to oblige.

The Jets lost badly to the Patriots in their last game and this week they faced the Raiders. The Jets defense would definitely be better now, right? Umm….

That’s Taiwan Jones breaking tackles all over the place. Yikes, the Jets are in trouble.

The game of the week (besides Peyton’s Broncos beating the Pack in prime time) was the Giants and the Saints, who left their defenses at home and just threw the ball all over the place! Brees threw SEVEN TDs on the day including… the FLEA FLICKER!!!

Brees scored 47 fantasy points this week!!! More on that number later.

The Falcons have hit a rough patch. Check out this endzone INT from Matt Ryan that looks like a pick six the other way, but then…. woah.

Julio Jones is a bit fast.

The Ravens beat the can’t-catch-a-break Chargers on a last second field goal, which gave us this amazing celebration from kicker Justin Tucker:

But overall, the weekend was dampened by injuries. LeVeon Bell tore his MCL in a nasty-looking tackle. He’s out for the year.

And the most injured player in the NFL – Reggie Bush – tore his ACL on this unfortunate spill on the cement sidelines:

But the season goes on as fantasy players continue to scramble to fill their injury riddled rosters. And the Monday night game this week turned into a huge deal!

LoC Logo

The diddy had the Hitman on the ropes on Sunday. Could Hass pull off a come from behind win on Monday night to keep his #1 spot in the standings? Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-03 07-14-36

Jim’s lead on Bret after Sunday was tenuous. Bret had Cam Newton, TY Hilton AND Adam Vinatieri, but as Monday ticked away, he was still trailing. Then things got crazy. The Colts rallied and Vinatieri kicked a FG to force OT. Newton grabbed a few more points, but Vinatieri kicked yet another FG in OT too. The Colts lost the game, but those FGs made all the difference in handing the win to the Hitman and Jim suffered his 7th straight loss! #CutTheCheck was also sweating Monday night as he needed Frank Gore to score 11 points to beat the stout Eh Team. Gore managed… 9 points. Off. And No Money Manziel was playing catchup on Monday night with Ginn and Stewart in play. When the game was finally over, Jake’s squad was … 1 point short as well and lost to Tom. Oh, and Mark and Dan dueled Monday night too as it was Mark’s Greg Olsen vs Dan’s Donte Moncrief. Olsen won that battle and Mark took the game by 4! Jim, Ron, Jake and Dan…

Fountain of Bacon didn’t need Monday to beat the Limbs, he just needed TWENTY POINTS from his kicker. Remember that Justin Tucker gif up there?! And Hyatt and Joel ended the weekend with the dreaded tie at 91. Maybe Joel should have started Drew Brees this week?

Current Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-03 07-14-47

Elite League Logo

The LOC was full of close games. The EL? Not so much. With a couple of exceptions, the EL was lopsided this week. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-03 07-29-48

I guess we’ll start with the closest contest… as close as they come, actually. Johnathan just CAN’T catch a break. This week, he got his second sniff of victory and ended up with his 2nd tie of the season when Turn down for Watt equaled his 67. Unbelievable. I wonder if Eric wishes he’s started Eli Manning?

But did anyone in the EL start Drew Brees?! Nope. The Cieras went with Philip Rivers, but still won their game against the Comeback Kid as Todd Gurley continues to build his resume to become the #1 pick for next year.

The Mateys, Randy Ableman and The Farce continue to put up absurd point totals as they each crushed their opponents this week and are clearly the class of the EL right now. And Hashtag put together a solid week with 104 to beat He-Man and move to .500 on the year. Only the top 6 will make the playoffs, so assuming the top 3 don’t implode, who will emerge from the field to challenge them in the EL?

Current EL Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-03 07-30-02

Premier League Logo

Things were a little tighter in the PL, but the top teams are still rolling in week 8. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-03 07-39-01

The Muffins are rolling! Dev’s team had little trouble vanquishing Polska this week and moving up to 7-1 and sole possession of 1st place in the standings! Unfortunately, it was at the expense of LeVeon Bell. Still, Dev was wise to handcuff DeAngelo Williams in the draft, so things may continue unabated (much to the chagrin of the rest of the PL). Things are not rosy in Wonkyland as Matt lost for the 3rd straight week, this time at the hands of Mighty Mouse Rat. Luke actually had the foresight to start Eli Manning and it paid off in spades! But did anyone start Brees in the PL? YES! Russ played Brees and his 47 points this week, but the rest of his roster was not helpful and he become one of the few teams to start Brees and still lose. Flanders was the beneficiary of that loss as his squad advanced to 6-2 with their 4th straight win. Also 6-2 is Nana Nancy, who took down the Nerd Herd this week by 6 points! The Tusken Raiders have another win streak going after edging out Amanda Hugginkiss by 5. And there was a basement battle as the Dominators beat KRUG for their 2nd win of the season!

Current PL Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-03 07-39-12


Muffin Man

Do you know him? Mike Devereaux’s Stale Muffins are the talk of, not just his lane, but of the whole HFFL. Winners of 5 straight games, the Muffins are now 7-1 on the season and sit atop the PL. And impressive run, to be sure! Can anyone stop this roll?


We’ve got a whopping SIX teams on byes this week, so it will be very important to do some roster maintenance this week to make up the difference. Sitting this week out will be Detroit, Kansas City, Arizona, Seattle, Baltimore and Houston.

The Thursday night game will see the undefeated (!!!) Bengals hosting Cleveland.

Things are really heating up in the HFFL and the big dogs are starting to separate themselves from the wannabes! We might start seeing some playoff clinchers in the next couple of weeks! Now is not the time to spin your wheels! Good luck in the stretch run! And if you need any inspiration to up your game, might I suggest the freak that is Stephon Diggs?

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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