HFFL Universal Blast – Week 9

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Okay, I think I’m cooled down enough to talk about the NFL games this past weekend. In case you didn’t know, the Vikings scraped out an overtime victory over the St. Lous Rams at home on Sunday. It was a brutally physical game all the way through with lots of hard hits. But it was this cheap shot to Teddy Bridgewater’s head that really encapsulated the Rams defense:

It was nasty. Coach Zimmer wasted no time post-game to point to that dirty hit and talk about defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ reputation (remember Bounty-gate and the 2009 NFC Championship game?). He said if that hit had happened “in the street”, he would had to fight Williams. I love Coach Zim.

But the Vikes won that game, which puts them in a tie for the division lead with the Packers, who lost to Carolina on Sunday. The Pack had a chance to tie it up though towards the end, and made the Panther’s sweat a little:

But in the end, Rodgers channeled another well-known Packers QB and threw a devastating INT in the red zone.

Upon further review, Cobb was wide open to the far right. A Packers coach was kind enough to point that out to Aaron after the play. “Um, excuse me, Aaron? Could you take a look at something for me?”

Brought to you by the Microsoft Surface! The Packers have some work to do this week to right the ship after two straight losses and also this in-fighting on the sidelines during the game.

Sheesh. But on the topic of dirty plays, it doesn’t get much dirtier than Aquib Talib’s idiot move in the Broncos first loss of the season:

Where have I seen that move before?

But let’s end the highlights with a positive play, shall we? How about Titans TE Delanie Walker snatching this deflection and taking it to the house! The big man can rumble!

And the Titans beat the Saints in OT!

On to the main course!

LoC Logo

There were some top shelf matchups in the LOC this week and with only four games left in the regular season, teams are out to prove they belong in the playoffs. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-10 07-09-59

Monday night rolled around and Tragically Malicious had built a sizable lead over The Eh Team. But Eric still had two Bears in the chamber: newly minted starter RB Jeremy Langford and stalwart TE Michael Bennett. They combined for 33 points and pushed Eric to a 3 point win over Mark late Monday night. Another photo finish in the LOC! Coming into this week, the Limbs were the point leaders in the LOC, but they hit a rough patch this week and only mustered 73 against the HitMan. Bret took the victory and the point leader mantle. The ‘Finches held WOLYA down this week and scored 107 to move into 3rd place. It’s becoming abundantly clear that those who drafted Eddie Lacy are not happy campers (Tom got -1 from Lacy this week). Hyatt’s team grabbed their 2nd win of the year, feasting on Foutain of Bacon. The diddy also notched win #2, taking down No Money Manziel easily. And Butterslide posted 129 with Brees and Eifert to #CrushTheCheck this week. Joel may be a late bloomer as he’s currently just outside the final playoff seed! Objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear!

Current LOC Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-10 07-10-13

Elite League Logo

In the EL this week, it was the “haves” and the “have not”s. But one team is clearly on the rise! Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-10 07-24-49

Look out for the Cutlass Cieras! Wachter’s team posted a whopping 144 this week at just the right time, because he took down the mighty Randy Ableman. Potential rookie of the year Todd Gurley was good again, but CW also had Lamar Miller (25 pts) and Langford (22) to go with Brees (32) and Crabtree (22). He left Dez on his bench (16 pts) and still crushed it. That’s four wins in a row for the Cieras. He-Man also rose up at just the right time and defeated The Farce! Nate drops with Ableman to 7-2 on the year. With losses by Ableman and Farce, the door was open for the Mateys to take sole possession of 1st place – which they did. It was a close content with Nudibranch, but Martellus Bennett sealed the victory on Monday night for Cory. The Comeback Kid is still threatening to live up to his name, winning his second game this week in style over Last Place behind Antonio Browns 17 catches and 284 receiving yards!! Hashtag is coming on down the stretch, now winners of 3 in a row after beating Turn down for Watt by 10. And don’t ask Darren about Eddie Lacy. This week his opponent scored only 65 (Sesquipetantic), but Darren couldn’t capitalize thanks to Lacy’s dead weight. Oof.

Current EL Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-10 07-25-02

Premier League Logo

The PL is getting very, very interesting. After this week, there are 4 teams at 5-4 plus a team at 4-4-1. With the playoff cut at 6, this is going to be ugly. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-10 07-42-24

All he does is win. Fresh off his HFFLTotW award, the Muffin Man won his 6th straight game, beating a good effort by the Dominators. It sure paid to pick up DeAngelo Williams this year! Le’Veon’s backup scored 36 in the Steelers shootout win. Wonky bounced back this week to the tune of a 52 point win over the Nerds. Could his recent struggles be over? We take you now to a live look inside Matt’s brain:

Look out for Russ. He beat Nana Nancy this week by 12 and moved up into that 5-4 knot in the standings, pulling Nancy down to 6-3. Amanda Hugginkiss is that 4-4-1 team by virtue of taking down Mighty Mouse Rat this week with 122 points! Brian has some work to do to get firmly into contention though. That tie either really helps or really hurts in the end. The Tusken Raiders are bubbling back up. This week he won his third straight game, crushing Polska (who got Lacy-ed) and moving into that 5-4 pack! And then there’s Flanders, whose streak was in serious jeopardy this week when he found himself trailing to KRUG going into Monday night. But his QB came through for him as Rivers did just enough to hand a 1 point win to Flanders and keep his winning streak alive! But Denny sure gave Nick a scare!

Current PL Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-10 07-42-12


wachter ciera

Christopher Wachter and the Cutlass Cieras! I probably telegraphed this award a bit earlier, but CW has had a wild season thus far. At one point, his record was 2-2-2 for crying out loud! Now, he sits at 5-2-2 after winning his 4th straight game this week. And he had to beat a team that may be considered his perennial nemesis: Randy Ableman. And beat them he did. It was a statement win for the Cieras. Wachter’s playoff seeding may be almost impossible to determine with those two ties in there, but I’m guessing he’ll be in the top six mix! Somehow.


Only four teams are on byes this week: Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Diego and San Francisco.

Thursday night football this week is the Bills at the Jets. My advice, don’t start Percy Harvin.

I wanted to highlight the fact that we actually had a big trade go down this past week! In the LOC, Tom traded the disappointing Andrew Luck to Chris Anderson in exchange for up and down WR Mike Evans! See, trades do happen! Of course, the next game following the trade, both teams scored 74 and lost. Still, the point is this:


If you want to put a package together and plan for the playoffs, now is the time.

Four weeks until the playoffs! Go get ’em, kids!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

One thought on “HFFL Universal Blast – Week 9

  1. Randy Ableman is DEFINITELY my nemesis. That picture reminds me of the Eve of Destruction “spectator drag racing.” Anyone remember that? Good times!


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