HFFL Universal Blast – Week 10

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Wow, so much to talk about. The Vikings are in first place in the NFC North!  Peyton Manning broke Favre’s record, but he may be done for. But I HAVE to start with what might be the highlight video of the year. Cardinals backup QB Drew Stanton celebrating a big play on the sidelines:

So awesome!

Ben Roethlisberger didn’t start because of injury, but he also played because of injury. When Landry Jones was hurt, Ben entered the game. But it was the Steelers receivers who stole the show. Big games from Martavis Bryant also from Antonio Brown who stuck the landing:

So the Steelers beat Johnny Manziel’s team, but Johnny Football has been playing better lately. Still, that doesn’t mean the other team should try to unscrew his skull:

Amazingly, he was okay after that. Still probably not as bad as this historically bad facemask from back in the day:

But seriously, the Browns are bad. When there was a pileup on a fumbled ball, one Browns player emphatically signaled who had possession: Pittsburgh. His teammates had to tell him he was gesturing the wrong way:

Yes, NFL teammates betray each other almost as often as pro-wrestlers do. The Patriots almost took their first loss of the year this week, but pulled off a crazy win instead. Still, Danny Amendola is angry that his teammates wouldn’t let him score on this return:

But let’s finish this section off with what may be the best highlight of Sunday:

Yes, the Lions won at Lambeau Field for the first time in 24 years! What an amazing upset!

Speaking of amazing upsets, the HFFL has you covered this week! And we have our first playoff clinchers with only three regular season games left!!

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We begin in the LOC, where The Hit Man may be starting to show some cracks. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-17 07-12-09

Woah, the Hit Man goes down hard! Hyatt’s team rose up this week and hung 90 on the first place team, easily overcoming Bret’s 70 this week. Adrian Peterson’s 27 powered the upset train as Bret saw his 3 RB’s combine for only 8 total points! With Devonte Freeman on a bye, no one was able to pick up the slack. Still, even in defeat the Hit Man hangs onto first place and clinches a playoff spot. Hot on his tail is The Eh Team, winners of 4 straight after beating WOLYA Nothing this week by 8. Eric’s squad is a bit of a mystery. They only have 855 points through 10 games, but they just keep winning and have a playoff spot reserved already. The highest scoring team in the LOC at the moment is the ‘Finches, averaging over 100/game at this point and beating No Money Manziel easily this week. The Limbs also won easily over The Diddy and Tragically Malicious waltzed by Butterslide as well. And in a defensive battle, #CutTheCheck edged by The Injured Reserve (formerly Fountain of Bacon). Chris A. renamed his squad as he surveyed his roster and found many hobbled players including Andrew Luck and Julian Edelman.

Current LOC Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-17 07-11-57

Elite League Logo

It was a feast or famine week in the EL as the rich got richer and the Mateys are playoff bound! Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-17 07-23-43

At the top, you’ll notice that the Mateys are still rolling through the league. This week, they were challenged by another top tier team – The Farce – and the result was still the same old story. Cory wins again and now has clinched a playoff spot. The Farce drops to 7-3 with their 2nd straight loss. Hot on Cory’s heels is Randy Ableman. Aaron’s strong team beat Last place by 64 this week and is sitting along in 2nd place. Cory and Aaron are certainly the toast of the EL right now.

But we cannot forget about the Cieras! Wachter’s team’s amazing run continued this week as he efficiently beat m+m+b by 40 and held Darren down in the cellar of the league. That’s 5 straight for CW’s squad and they’re now in 3rd place (ahead of 7 win teams thanks to those ties creating a weird statistical anomaly). I can hardly remember when they were 2-2-2. Elsewhere, we saw Nudibranch right the ship a bit and beat Sesquipetantic to cling to the 6th spot in the standings for now. Hashtag is still right there, but lost this week to the brilliantly resurgent Comeback Kid! Caleb notched 101 this week and has a 2 game winning streak! And, quietly, He-Man is a contender, beating Watt this week and grabbing his 7th win. This playoff race is going to be bonkers!

Current EL Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-17 07-23-56

Premier League Logo

I’m still trying to process what I saw in the PL this week. Remember how the Lions somehow went into Lambeau and beat the Packers on Sunday? An even bigger upset happened in the PL. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-17 07-34-16

KRUG had only 1 win on the season. The Muffins had only 1 loss. They met in week 10 and the Muffins were projected to win in a rout. But that’s why you play the game. And when the dust settled, the Muffins were vanquished… by 56 points!! Look no further than the Steelers game, where the Muffins DeAngelo Williams was stymied with only 6 points while KRUG’s combo of Brown and Bryant combined for 48!! And because of this loss, the Muffins will have to wait at least another week to claim a playoff spot! Amazing win by KRUG!

There was a tangle at the top this week too, where Nana Nancy and Flanders were locked in a heated battle all weekend. On Monday night, the last chips fell Tyler’s way and Flanders suffered his first loss since week 4! Both teams now sit at 7-3. At 6-4, we’ve got Wonky (who beat Russ by 21 this week) and Tusken (who has now won 4 straight after demolishing the Dominators by 70). Mighty Mouse Rat is angling for a playoff position after beating Polska this week. And Amanda Hugginkiss is leading that mid-tier pack by virtue of that tie in his record and his win over the Nerd Herd. These last few games are going to be very, very interesting.

Current PL Standings:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-11-17 07-34-28



Everyone loves the ünderdog! This week, the KRUG Kommander himself, who was 1-8 on the season coming in, beat up on the 8-1 Muffins! It was a pounding of epic proportions and it simultaneously showed the Muffins vulnerability and the potential of the KRUG! I mean, Yahoo predicted the Muffins would win by 31 points! Respect the ünderdog!


We’re on to week 11! Thursday night is Jacksonville and Tennessee. Bye weeks are Cleveland, New Orleans, New York Giants and Pittsburgh.

And I’ve hammered it home many times, but there are only THREE WEEKS left in the regular season. Playoff positions will be spoken for very, very soon. This is not the time for spinning your wheels. This is the time to assert your dominance and make your charge! Good luck to you all!

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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