HFFL Universal Blast – 2015 Playoffs Week 2!

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The story of the weekend in the NFL should have been the playoffs picture coming a bit more into focus. Instead, we grapple with the reality of ugly hits and the fact that they went unpenalized. In the Steelers vs. Broncos game, you had this dirty hit.

You have to believe that suspendable.

Then there’s the curious case of ODB Jr. The Giants WR was going against top Panthers CB Josh Norman all afternoon. And things were getting chippier as the day went on:

No flags. Then it all culminated in this dirty hit by Beckham.

So now the question is this: will Beckham be suspended for next week in the Giant’s game against… the Vikings?! Former Vike Jared Allen’s thoughts on that prospect?

Wait! This just in: Josh Norman has been suspended for the altercation!!!!

No wait! My mistake. The suspended player… is Odell Beckham.

So ODB will NOT play against our beloved Vikings!!!! The Vikings, for their part, had a stellar game against the Bears on Sunday, which included this prettiest Teddy pass of the season:

But Bruce Gaston (#76) of the Bears took head-hunting to a new level in the game:

Oh, and we should mention the HUGE coming out party for Cardinals RB David Johnson! Check out this Marshawn Lynch-esque play:

And finally, the Chargers have been struggling this year and the word is that Philip Rivers may be gone next year. Still, they won this week and dialed up the craziest play in their playbook for Rivers to gain a first down. And it worked perfectly.

Hey, whatever works! That’s also the mantra of the HFFL this week. In the playoffs, you gotta do whatever works to win. Who’s moving on to the Super Bowls? We have answers.

LoC Logo

The top seeds reappeared this week and they were primed and ready. LOC Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-12-22 08-28-59

Our top-dog in the LOC, Bret, returned and hit hard. He put up a whopping 149 points this week to completely crush Mark’s squad and advance to the LOC Super Bowl. MVP candidate Cam Newton gave Bret 41 this week and upstart roookie RB David Johnson chipped in 40 himself. Those two players alone beat Malicious! So Mark slips into the 3rd place game next week where he’ll face the Limbs. The Limbs experience a drastic power outage this week as last week’s heroes came back to earth. It probably didn’t even matter as The Eh Team, the lowest scoring top tier team in the LOC, put together some serious offense and rolled over the Limbs. So the top two seeds will face off for the trophy next week. The Limbs and Malicious will vie for 3rd place – winner stays, loser goes. High stakes!

In the Toilet Bowl, it was a good game between Hyatt and Jim, but The diddy won the day and will play in the Toilet Super Bowl next week! Jim will face off against last year’s LOC Champ WOLYA Nothing, who vanquished The IR and kept the hope alive! Will it be Tom or Jim hanging onto their LOC eligibility next week??

And wrapping up the year, #CutTheCheck finished in 12th place, Manziel in 11th. Butterslide in 6th and the Finches in 5th.

Elite League Logo

No big upsets in the LOC this week. Would the EL provide some? Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-12-22 08-37-54

Back came the top seeds, down went the competition. The Mateys roared back into the fray and picked up where they left off, crushing the Cieras. And Cory even had 72 points on the bench! Yikes. So he moves on into the EL Super Bowl (and the LOC next year)! Wachter will be fighting tooth and nail in the 3rd place game next week for his LOC shot. Then, bolstered by seeing the new Star Wars movie this weekend, Nate’s Farce rolled in and took down the mighty Ableman easily. Nate also wielded the power of Newton+Johnson and there was just no defeating it. He’s in the Super Bowl and the LOC too. So the 3rd place game will be Wachter vs. Winter with the LOC on the line! Nemesis rematch!

As for the EL Toilet Bowl, you’ve gotta love the 2nd half of Comeback Kid’s season! He won again this week and advanced to the EL Toilet Super Bowl! There, he will face Nudibranch, who was rudely excluded from the playoffs with an 8-5 record! One of those two teams will be invited to the LOC next year!

Finishing their seasons this week, Hashtag claimed 5th place and He-Man settled for 6th. Sesquipetantic holds 11th place and Last Place took 12th (as he had foreseen).

Premier League Logo

C’mon! We need some upsets! PL, it’s up to you. Scores:

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2015-12-22 08-47-42

Huzzah! We’ve got an upset!! In the game of the week, the Muffins and Wonky tangled and fought all day on Sunday. When the dust settled, Wonky stood with a 1 point victory! What an epic game! Wonky came in as the 5th seed and upset the Muffins, who have been the best team in the PL all season long. Wonky has claimed his LOC eligibility with the win, but will face Flanders for the trophy! Flanders continued his good run in the regular season by knocking off Nancy by 9! Flanders does wield the Cam of Newton, which seems to be a trump card these days. So it’s Flanders v. Wonky for all the glory next week. Meanwhile, it’s a fascinating grudge match between Tyler and Dev for 3rd place and the LOC ticket!!

No upsets in the PL Toilet Bowl. The 7 and 8 seeds both came in and won. Mighty Mouse Rat easily defeated KRUG to move into the final game, while Nerd Herd got by Polska to meet him there. So two 7-6 teams, mercilessly excluded from the playoffs by virtue of total points, will fight to the death next week for an LOC bid! It should be a great game.

And the early finishers in the PL: the force slept in for Tusken Raiders as they put together a good game a week late to beat Hugginkiss and claim 5th. Brian finishes 6th. Russ grabbed 11th place and forced The Dominators down to 12th.


bret don't hassle

A week off didn’t slow down the HitMan. He charged into the playoffs, guns blazing and crushed Mark’s team with 149 points! He rolls into the LOC Super Bowl in style and will face off against The Eh Team. It also means he’s earned the right to stay in the LOC for another year. What a week for the Bret!


I shouldn’t have to tell you, but it’s SUPER BOWL WEEK in the HFFL. There a lot to be decided in the next 7 days!

On Thursday night, you’ve got Chargers/Raiders. On Saturday night, you’ve got Eagles/Washington. Mark those down.

Otherwise, this is the big show! Good luck, Super Bowl teams! And better luck Toilet Super Bowl and 3rd place teams!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

One thought on “HFFL Universal Blast – 2015 Playoffs Week 2!

  1. Sadly – as mentioned above – Cory’s 72 bench points versus my 10(ish) will be the doom of me. I can’t count on a 80+ point game from two players next week and even with OB’s suspension, I’m going to just hope that my team accepts its eventual defeat with grace. That being said – this is my best FF season yet – thanks for running three great leagues Peter!


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