HFFL Universal Blast – 2016 Week 2

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When the NFL season starts, a lot people have to quickly re-frame their predictions as the real games play out. But that’s week 1 and you can’t really draw statistical analysis from only 1 game. Now that teams have 2 games in the books, we can really start to see the full picture of who they are. For instance, the Seahawks offense is really, really messed up. This week, they lost to the LA Rams and didn’t score an offensive TD! What!?!

Yeah, Coach Carroll wasn’t having a very good day.

The injury bug was running rampant on Sunday too, taking down AP, taking down Woodhead, taking down Jimmy Garopollo and many more. The Patriots will now probably need their rookie QB next week, but at least they have a running game to help out.

The woeful Browns jumped out to a 20-0 lead on the Ravens, but Baltimore fought back and won it. And it all started with a “pick 2” play.

Then, of course, you had the HUGE Sunday night game where the Vikings opened their new stadium with a win over Green Bay. Bradford was stellar in his debut, especially when he hooked up with Diggs. This combination could be a real winner this year, folks. That Diggs is always ready for showtime…

Still, it’s the injuries that are really going to make this week tricky for fantasy owners. They seem to come in bunches!

Who will be willing to shell out the big FAAB bucks for newly minted starters?! Let’s break down the storylines from a busy week 2!

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We had a little bit of everything in the LOC this week. Big scores, little scores, big wins, little wins, and even ties! Oh no! Scores:


Two big winners from last week, Eh Team and nick’s team, faced each other this week and dueled all the way down the wire to a tie! Barring any stat corrections today, these two will couple up at 1-0-1! Yay? Unstoppable has had a rough start to his season. This week he scored 101, but the Limbs put up 115 against him and handed him his 2nd L of the young season. Nana scored a league high 117 and knocked the Comeback Kid to 0-2 as well. HitManHass beat Ableman to move to the top of the standings for now. The Nerd Herd got their 1st win of the year taking down This Space. And it was a rough game for both the Mateys and Mr. Tech. The Mateys only get 53, but Mr Tech only gets 39! Matt’s only player in double digits was Eli Manning with 12! Ouch, what a rough week.

Current LOC Standings:


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The PL might have a top dog. The highest scoring team is now 2-0! But looking ahead to next week, that’ll be put to the test. Scores:


Yep, Tragically Malicious crushed Lacy’s Out this week behind 117 points, giving him his 2nd loss and establishing him atop the league. Cam Newton must be a fun QB to have around. Another 2-0 team is the Chandler Mustangs, who pushed the Cieras down to 0-2 this week. And the other 2-0 team is Fog Critter! Luke’s squad had all he could handle with diddy, but in the end he hung on by 5 points to win it thanks (mostly) to Matt Forte’s HUGE game on Thursday. The Zika Zone and Thompson executed a trade this week and then had to play each other on the weekend. Zika won the day and his new QB Stafford helped. And finally, the HFFLUBTotW curse may be back. Last week’s team of the week, Dan’s Dazzling Team, went down at the hands of Pesticides! Who is going to receive the kiss of death for week 3? Read on.

Current PL Standings:


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If you’re looking for points, you’ve come to the right place. A couple of teams in the EL absolutely EXPLODED this week! Scores:


Okay, so we’ll talk more in depth in a minte about Not Those Guys and how Nick L. won, but look at that number! 143 against Russ this week for a crazy win! And this wasn’t a Cam Newton thing, this was just an all around great week for this squad. Nice work, Nick! But that’s not all! Sam’s Polska team posted a 138 over Hyatt’s team! Forte’s big game combined with other great performances to vault Sam’s team to the top of the pile for the time being! Amazing. Elsewhere, Andrew had to sweat out Monday night before hanging onto a 2 point win over Infield Fly. Hugginkiss narrowly edged out Eric for a 6 point win as well. The amazing Treasured Hummels are 2-0 after besting the Dominators. And someone might need to check the oil on the Magic Skol Bus after they only managed 49 points in a loss to Darren and are now buried in the standings at 0-2.

Current EL Standings:



Where real-life fandom and fantasy football collide, hearts can be broken. This week, Nick faced a difficult decision: start Aaron Rodgers against his beloved Vikings in a huge early-season game in which the Pack are favored or stick up for his team and start Sam Bradford in his first game – just 16 days after his trade to the Vikes??? What would you do!? Well, Nick benched Rodgers. Foolishness? Homerism? Nay! The football gods were pleased and Bradford outscored Rodgers 19-17 and Nick’s squad exploded for 143 total points! Purple Pride indeed!!



This week’s Thursday matchup is Houston @ New England and the Pats will be starting a 3rd string, rookie QB against JJ Watt and company. But is anyone really willing to pick the Texans in a survival pool? I think not.

Superstandings will be updated soon, so check those out.

The injury report is getting longer and longer every week! Who would have thought that the Pats and the Browns would already be on their 3rd string QBs in week 3?! Not to mention the RB injuries we’ve seen. All this just serves to drive home the point that the league isn’t won on draft night. It’s won during the year by teams that are either built to survive the injuries or able profit from them. Is that wrong?

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter


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