HFFL Universal Blast – 2016 Week 8

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NFL coaches are a pretty big part of the game. A great coach can make a huge difference for your team. Just look at Bill Belichick or Mike Zimmer (Zimmer might actually be the best offensive lineman the team has!). This week, there were some great coach highlights from the games.

When the Broncos took on the Chargers, their strong defense showed up big time. They’re coached by Wade Phillips, who actually took a big hit and had to be carted off the field during the game!

Yikes. The Bills have had  a decent season so far under Rex Ryan, but this week they caught the red-hot Patriots and got dismantled 41-25. Ryan could only watch as point after point went up on the board.

In the NFC, the Cowboys and Eagles battled on Sunday night in a great game that went into overtime. The Cowboys did eventually get the win, but there was a moment when they were stopped on 3rd down in OT and coach Jason Garrett was… none too pleased…

Thanks for the nightmares, coach.

The Sunday night game was actually the 3rd OT game on Sunday! Crazy! So the Cowboys won in OT and so did the surging Raiders (over the Bucs). This week’s London game also went into overtime, where Washington and Cincinnati actually ended in a draw!! But hey, the soccer audiences of the UK are probably used to seeing that result. It’s the second tie of the NFL season so far! That doesn’t mean that HFFL had its second tie of the year too, does it?


Uh oh….

And you’ll remember from last week, we’ve got some really juicy matchups this week in the HFFL as each league saw their top two teams facing each other in a SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN!!!

Here we go:

LoC Logo

Spending your waiver money can actually make a huge difference to your team! Just ask Aaron! Scores:


In the LOC’s Showcase Showdown, Ableman trounced the Limbs by a wide margin. This was Aaron’s 6th straight win and he stole the top spot in the standings from the Limbs, who themselves had been on a 6 game winning streak. Aaron has worked the waiver wire so hard that he has already spent all his FAAB money, picking up the likes of Gillislee (14 pts this week) and R. Kelley (14 pts). For the Limbs, the late scratch of Ty Montgomery bit him bad and MN’s defense didn’t help. At all. The Mateys also have a winning streak going after taking down Hitman by 9 in a great game. The Eh Team also took a loss this week as This Space jumped up and handed them their 2nd straight loss! That left the door open for Nana Nancy, who hung a 62 point loss on poor Neighborino and moved to 5th place in the standings. Tom has had a rough year and changed his team name to “Stoppable” this week, but that change sparked something and he managed to top last week’s HFFLUBTotW winner Nerd Herd by 17 for his 2nd win of the year! And then there was the curious case of Comeback vs. Mr Tech. Matt swung a trade this week with the Mateys that landed him Matt Ryan and parts. Ryan scored 23 and got the rest of his offense going and it was a landslide win for the underdog! Amazing GM work on that one.

Current LOC Standings:


Premier League Logo

We turn now to the hard to predict PL, where their Showcase Showdown was …. messy. Scores:


So it was Malicious vs. Zika in the big Showdown in the PL. Yahoo projected Mark as the favorite, but things didn’t go according to plan. Both team undershot their projections and the QBs, in particular, (Newton and Stafford) were underwhelming. When the dust settled on Sunday night, it was a draw. Unbelievable. This isn’t going to help the playoff picture AT ALL.

Thompsons team was once a hot commodity, but after losing to the Mustangs this week they’ve dropped their last 3 in a row and are falling fast in the standings. The Mustangs move to .500 and currently hold the final playoff spot in the seedings. The Cieras stopped the bleeding and beat Pesticides by a mere 3 points in a very entertaining game. Dan’s team is rising! After a spotty start, they’ve now won their last two and climbed all the way to 4th by beating Paul’s team in style. Speaking of winning in style, Fog Critter crushed Lacy’s Out by 47 to move to 5-3. They will face Dan next week! And diddy couldn’t find win #3 this week as they were thrown down by the Marauders. All this action means that there are currently 5 teams at 4-4 and anything is possible down the stretch!

Current PL Standings:



Elite League Logo

The EL Showcase Showdown was between the dominant Tusken Raiders and the high scoring (but win deficient) Harper’s team. Something had to give, right!? Scores:


Well, I guess the Showcase Showdown played out like history would prescribe it to. Both teams scored well, but the Raiders still got the win. It’s another tough loss to stomach for Harper’s team – he now has 871 total points to the Raiders’ 764 but the Raiders are 7-1 and Harper is 4-4.

It was a very entertaining tilt between the Treasured Hummels and Polska as both teams just kept putting points on the board all weekend. In the end, Polska prevailed by 10 and now sits in 2nd place in the standings! The rest of the EL games didn’t provide nearly as much drama. The Dominators dominated Eric’s team by 56 for their 4th win. Hugginkiss got a much-needed win as they cruised by Is That Really It!? Kat in a Hat is 4-4 after taking down Not Those Guys easily. And Magic Skol Bus found their 3rd win with a 32 point cushion over Russ. Like the PL, 4-4 is all the rage here. 6 of the 12 teams in the EL are 4-4 on the year. Again, this playoff jockying is going to be wild over the next month.

Current EL Standings:




Randy Ableman! Aaron’s team is on a real roll in the LOC, winners of six straight games. This week, they took down the previously-hot Limbs with no trouble at all. Aaron’s team is looking like a real contender in the LOC at this point and he’s all alone in the top spot… for now. Congrats, Aaron!



Weird Stat of the Week: The PL and EL combine for ELEVEN 4-4 teams! The LOC has ZERO.

Scheduling issues continue to proliferate during this heavy bye weeks. Six more teams are off this week, and they contain some major contributors: Chicago, Cincinnati, New England, Arizona, Washington and Houston.

Thursday is Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay.

Reminder: the TRADE DEADLINE is approaching. Swing your trades before November 12th or forever hold your peace!

SuperStandings will be updated a little later today, so go there to see the carnage of the 4-4 tyrrany, if you dare!

There are five weeks left in the regular season and then we’ll be in knockout mode for the playoffs! Good luck down the stretch, gentlemen!

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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