HFFL Universal Blast – 2016 Week 12

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The NFL fireworks started on Thanksgiving Day with some great games (we won’t talk about the Vikings game). The Cowboys (this week’s Purple Opponent) won again and got an amazing catch out of Terrance Williams!

Oh, and who can forget the Colts kicker and his converted fake punt?!

On Sunday, OBJ was ready for action and the Giants won again. The NFC East is crazy this year.

There were some real talkers from the Ravens/Bengals game. For one thing, Justin Tucker hit a 57 yard FG! More kicker celebrations!

For another, Harbaugh ended the game by loopholing the NFL rule book. He asked the O line to do whatever it took (including holding) to run out the clock and then had the kicker take an intentional safety.

The Raiders won again, but Derek Carr did sustain an gruesome finger dislocation. He was fine after treatment.

And, maybe my favorite play of the week, Willie Snead’s pass to Tim Hightower!

In the HFFL, it’s the penultimate week of the regular season! There are so many playoff implications! AND it’s REVENGE WEEK as teams squared off against their week 1 opponents in a rematch! Let’s go!

LoC Logo blast

The LOC playoff picture is coming into focus, but not before some TURMOIL AT THE TOP! Scores:


Three of the top four teams fell this week, but still hold playoff positions. The Limbs laid a big egg and The Eh Team overcompensated by running 125 up on them for a 61 point win. The door for the #1 seed was open for HitMan, but This Space For Rent pulled off a big upset and defeated Bret’s team to keep him in 3rd position. The Mateys also had a chance to move up in the seedings, but Comeback Kid wants a playoff spot and beat the Mateys to keep the dream alive! The only top tier team to actually win this weekend was Ableman, who laid the smackdown on Nana Nancy.

In the lower decks, unable to lose got the win over Mr. Tech in a laugher. And Nerd Herd kept Neighborino in the basement with a win. So with one week to go, 2 playoff spots are still up for grabs. The game with the most implications next week? Nana Nancy vs. Comeback Kid!

Current LOC Standings:


Premier League Logo blast

Remember last week, when Zika Zone lost and hope was kindled for the rest of the league? That seems like so very long ago. Scores:


The team of destiny was back to their old tricks in week 12. Zika unleashed a 136 point week against Dan’s team in an act of vengeance for his week 1 loss. Much has changed since their first meeting, when Dan won team of the week for his victory. Malicious finally grabbed that playoff spot by narrowly edging out the Cieras by 5. And those are the only sure things the PL has at this point! The rest of the playoff map is waiting to be charted!

Fog Critter suffered an inopportune loss to Pesticides this week, keeping his playoff hopes in limbo for another week. Thompsons team also lost in an upset to Lacy’s out Dan, putting him at 6-6 and in jeopardy. Same for the Marauders, who fell to the Mustangs. Jacob’s squad was the only one to take advantage of this critical week by winning, he moved up to 4th position. Diddy won this week over Paul’s team as the bottom floor jockeys for Toilet Bowl position.

Current PL Standings:


Elite League Logo blast

When last we left the EL, NO ONE had clinched as playoff berth and there was a point on Sunday where it looked like no one would clinch this week either. But two teams have ascended. Scores:


It took until Monday night, but the Raiders pulled ahead of the Dominators and grabbed a 3 point win and a seat at the playoff table! It was a nailbiter all the way, so good on the Dominators, though this marks their 4th straight loss and they are officially the basement team in the EL. Kat in a Hat just keeps winning! After taking down Polska this week, he clinched a playoff spot and is hot on the heels of the Raiders. Oh, and did I mention that these two will face off in the regular season finale next week!??!

If anyone has the inside track on the final playoff spot in the EL, it’s Is That Really It!? Darren has won 4 straight after taking down Russ this week and he’s in prime position to clinch next week. Eric’s team is right there too after beating Not Those Guys to move to 7-5. The Treasure Hummels got a big win this week over Skol Bus by 44 points. Peaking at the right time? And another completely baffling loss for Harper’s Team, this week to Hugginkiss. Again, Hyatt is averaging 101.75 points per week, tops in the EL by a wide margin, and yet he’s 6-6 and in danger of missing the playoffs. How is this happening??

Current EL Standings:


hfflubtotw blast


Four wins in a row for Darren’s team, Is That Really It!? ! Darren’s squad has been furiously working to escape the parity that is the Elite League and it seems like he’s poised for a playoff appearance! One week to go, but Darren is red hot right now. Plus, giving him the award gives me a chance to re-run this picture of him from his punk rock drummer days!

housekeeping blast

This is a SNEAKY bye week! It’s the last week of the fantasy regular season and two NFL teams are on bye! Crazy! Watch out for the Browns and Titans players this week! Also, in case you need a reminder, the Vikings host the Cowboys on Thursday night with both teams ON FULL REST. SKOL.

The Cowboys have the best record in the NFL.

One week to go before the playoffs begin! So much is riding on this week’s games, so don’t snooze on your team! It’s time to shine! And remember, even if your team fails to make the playoffs, you still have a shot at the LOC if you win your league’s Toilet Bowl! Huzzah!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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