HFFL Universal Blast – 2016 Playoffs Week 2!!

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Weather was a factor in a few places around the NFL this week. With Minneapolis never getting about zero on Sunday, the Vikings played like they were outdoors and not inside their billion dollar stadium, getting crushed by the mediocre Colts. Blah.

The real cold game was the Packers/Bears tilt. The refs needs to pump themselves up before this one.

And the hits just got harder in the cold too. Joe Thomas knocked the decal off of the Bear’s RB’s helmet!

The Broncos/Patriots game looked like a good one on paper, but it wasn’t too exciting. Oh, except for this play. Is that a penalty??

The Chiefs have a player named Tyreek Hill, who’s been coming on of late. And…. he’s fast.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the big story of the NFL weekend: Ezekiel Elliott scored a TD and then jumped into a giant Salvation Army bucket.

And he didn’t get fined. In fact, the Salvation Army reported a big jump in donations following that stunt (including a sizable donation from Elliott himself). Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately, half the teams in the HFFL will have a less-than-merry Christmas after getting knocked down this week. And we finally know who will be played for all the marbles in our three leagues and there are some surprises in store! Let’s go!

LoC Logo blast

Getting into the Super Bowl also means you’ve punched your ticket to compete in the LOC next year. Who are the winners from the LOC? Scores:


The Limbs finished the regular season 10-3, mostly on the power of Julio Jones and Melvin Gordon. This week, those two were down and out with injury. Could the bench step up? Nope. The Eh Team rolled in and beat the Limbs without much trouble and advanced to the Super Bowl. For Eh Team, this is their 2nd straight trip to the LOC Super Bowl and THIRD Super Bowl in a row! They won a PL Super Bowl to get to the LOC in the first place. What a run. Can they win it all again? Ableman hopes not. Aaron’s squad was in a close matchup with Comeback Kid this week, but emerged victorious in the end. Comeback and the Limbs will play for 3rd place next week with only the winner remaining in the LOC next year. The Eh Team and Ableman play for the trophy!

In the Toilet Bowl, Mr Tech continued his hot streak from the 11th seed spot, demolishing Nana Nancy and making it to the Toilet Super Bowl. Quite an accomplishment from the 11th spot in the regular season! He will face off with Tom, who is back to being UNSTOPPABLE after beating This Space for Rent. We might need to rename this game the Smack Talk Bowl as both of these teams have a deep love for the art of playful trash talk!

Check the bracket for the rest of the finishes.

LOC Playoff Bracket:


LOC Consolation Bracket:


Premier League Logo blast

When we last saw Zika, he was a low-scoring bye week team and it raised the question of whether he was vulnerable in the playoffs. Well? Scores:


Zika is back! Ron’s squad got pumped up heading into their first playoff matchup against Thompsons team doubled up their score with 112. Ron was powered by Zeke Elliott, but also by the Miami defense and their 23 points. What?!?! So the team of destiny has attained the Super Bowl. He will meet the team that has been trying to keep pace with him all season. Tragically Malicious had a stout week too, scoring 91 to beat the promising rookie Chandler Mustangs. Mark’s Panthers (Cam and J-Stew) performed well at a very opportune time. This is the Super Bowl matchup we’ve been anticipating all season! Meanwhile, Thompson and Mustangs will play a do-or-die 3rd place game for the LOC ticket next week!

In the PL Toilet Bowl, would the 12 seed be able to advance? Sadly, Jon’s squad fell, crushing the dream. But a 10 seed will have a shot this year! Pesticides lost to the Cieras, so Wachter will play for a shot at the LOC in the Toilet Super Bowl next week! He’ll face Lacy’s Out Dan, who knocked Diddy out of it this week. Jake is the 10th seed, but he’ll have a real chance to turn this season into a success by attaining the LOC dream next week!

Check the bracket for the rest of the action.

PL Playoff Bracket:


PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:


Elite League Logo blast

So we’re 1 for 2 on #1 seeds making the Super Bowl in the HFFL. What will the Raiders do in the EL? Scores:

el playoff brack 2.png

Down go the Raiders! Andrew’s team under-performed on the big stage and fell to eric’s team by a 17 point margin! Zeke Elliott was the difference for Eric’s squad too. For Andrew, he left some fat points on the bench, so he’ll be wondering what could have been. Eric reaches his first Super Bowl, where he’ll face off with Kat in a Hat! Edward’s hot streak late in the season continued as he took down the other hot team Is That Really It!? Darren’s roll finally ended as he put up 68 points to Edward’s 80. Eric and Edward clinch LOC eligibility! Andrew and Darren will battle for their ticket next week in the 3rd place game!

Remember all those times I said Hyatt’s team will be dangerous in the playoffs? Well, it’s happening, but it’s happening in the Toilet Bowl and not the playoff bracket. Hyatt CRUSHED the Dominators this week to advance. He’ll face the 8 seed in Hugginkiss, who ousted Not Those Guys. So everything is on the line in the Toilet Super Bowl between these two teams. And it begs the question: did Hyatt purposely miss the playoffs because he thought he could roll through the Toilet Bowl for an LOC ticket??!?

Current EL Playoff Bracket:

el playoff bracket 2.png

Current EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:


hfflubtotw blast

Don’t call it sour grapes. The team of the week is… The Eh Team!


On Sunday, Eric credited his success to the fact that he hasn’t won this award all year. Well, here you go! The kind of perennial success he’s experience these last 3 seasons is almost unprecedented! I’m very interested to know if he’ll be KEEPING his LOC trophy another year! Or if this award will scuttle those chances.

hee hee hee

housekeeping blast

This is CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK! It’s also a very, very weird schedule week in the NFL. We’ve got a Thursday game (Giants and Eagles). We’ve got a full slate of SATURDAY games. We’ve got only 2 Sunday games. AND we’ve got a Monday night game. If your team is still playing for something, check your roster and check it twice! Seriously.

So this is it! The final week of the season! Good luck to all the teams and we’ll check back here next week for the fallout of who’s celebrating Super Bowl wins and LOC trips!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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