HFFL Universal Blast 2017 – Week 5

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More madness in the league this week with some topsy turvy games. I need to start with the fact that the Jags beat the Steelers at home on Sunday and Leonard Fournette is a bad, bad man. Check out this run where he does a “come and get it” to a Pitt defender!

And click here to see him rip off a 90 yard TD.  Fournette’s final box score: 28 carries, 181 yards, 2 TDs. Unreal.

DeSean Watson kept rolling this week. His team lost (and lost JJ Watt to the IR again), but he dropped 5 TDs on KC including this beauty to Will Fuller V.

And you knew when the NFL relaxed their celebration rules that some teams would spent waaaay too much time working out some choreography. Yep. Here’s the Eagles entry, a little homage to the MLB postseason:

Not bad, but the Packers celebration of Cool Runnings was probably a bit better.

But my winner had to be the Vikings and their “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck” routine that ignited a firestorm of “Gray Duck vs. Goose” nation-wide!


The Packers had a come-from-behind win over the Cowboys in Dallas even though Jerry Jones apparently is too cheap to spring for some curtains.

And Mitchell Trubisky lost in his debut, but this amazing trick play was so cool.

And let’s move on to the HFFL, where 1/3 of the season is already in the rearview mirror!

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Un. De. Feated. Yep, the LOC has one after 5 weeks. Scores:

loc w5.png

Andrew’s Real United is 5-0 after putting down Malicious this week. Andrew’s imaginary defense has held opponents to a league low 304 through 5 weeks. That’s insane. The win was nice for Andrew, but the loss was crushing for Mark. He’s now lost 2 in a row after a strong opening to the season. The Limbs are surging – they’ve won 2 in a row and got Doug Martin back this week to help beat The Slumping Eh Team. Thrillhouse lived up to his name with a thrilling win over Comeback Kid. Harper’s team just edged out Favre out Dude. Eric’s team is still going strong with a win over RUTS. And the Lucky Bears? are now 3-2 after beating up on Nerd Herd. Ron’s efforts on the waiver wire are noted as he’s made 17 moves and spent $75 FAAB on them so far!

Current LOC Standings:

loc w5 stand.png

PL Logo

The PL is maintaining the status quo for now, but one team is starting to heat up in the middle of the pack. Scores:

pl w5.png

The Beta Blockers score 122 on a week when LeVeon Bell only gave them 8. Yikes. Thanks to Alex Smith and the Jags D (wait, what?!) they added insult to literal injury for the Dominators (who lost Odell for the season and are 0-5). Not pretty.

It’s been up and down for Tom’s team, but this was an up week as he scored 110 to beat Omahallelujah easily. The Layne Ducks got a narrow 9 point win over DITKA in a great game to stay alone atop the league. DIDDY is still lurking near the top too, beating Hugginkiss this week to go to 4-1. It was a defensive struggle between Don QuiJulio and LA Furballs with Don getting the 11 point win. And things keep getting worse for Livin’ on a Pray-ya as they got beat be Nana Nancy this week to stay winless on the year.

Current PL Standings:

pl w5 stand.png

EL Logo

If you look at the all-time stats, one team has an almost legendary regular season record and very little post-season success. That metric is holding true in 2017 in the EL. Scores:

el w5.png

I speak, of course, of Cory’s Marshmallow Mateys. This week he one a thriller over HitMan by 3 points to stay in the #1 spot in the standings. Cory has a .606 career regular season winning percentage but has never been able to translate that into a championship. Is this finally his year?!

Blasto combusted this week and blew away last week’s HFFLUBTotW winner Clint with 114 points (that’s the Fournette effect right there). Wayne’s Fame took a hit as Polska came on strong. Pesticides got their 3rd win as they eased by the Cieras by 6. It was also a 6 point margin between Russ and the Mad Scientist with Mad Matt getting the W. And Sesquipedantic had a tough week, only managing 43 total points against Marshawn’s Back. Thanks for nothing, Todd Gurley.

Current EL Standings:

el w5 score.png

hfflubtotw blast

andrew undefeated

Andrew’s team has only a few more total points than the winless Eh Team, but he’s undefeated so far in 2017 in the LOC! After a 1 point win last week, he didn’t have much trouble getting by Malicious and is firmly atop the LOC. And not only that, he’s the only HFFL team to still have a clean Loss/Tie column after 5 weeks! Congrats, Andrew!

housekeeping blast

More byes this week to watch out for! Next week it’s Buffalo, Cincinnati, Dallas and Seattle sitting idle. Thursday night’s matchup is a decent one again: Philly @ Carolina!

I was reminded this week that we can trade players! Great job on this trade in the PL, boys!

screenshot-football.fantasysports.yahoo.com 2017-10-09 15-18-13-795.png

The deadline for completing trades is November 11th. So if the waivers just aren’t giving you the good stuff, you can always start throwing some trade offers out there and see what bubbles up!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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