HFFL Universal Blast – 2017 Week 10

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Remember when Broncos vs. Patriots on a Sunday night would have been an epic game! This week the matchup could probably have been flexed out in favor of the shootout between the Vikings and Redskins. Still, there were some fireworks on the Pats side of the ball. Here Dion Lewis scores 103 yard kickoff return TD!

We all know Cleveland is a huge mess. This week, they again gave the reigns to rookie QB Deshone Kizer. With seconds to go in the first half, Kizer had 2nd and goal from the 2 and no time outs. He audibled to this play:

Yikes. If you want a “not dumb” play call, how about a TD off a fake punt?!

But the DUMBEST play was a challenge from John Fox in the Bears’ loss to the Packers. After a screen play almost scored a TD but was ruled down at the 2 year line, Fox challenged that it should be a TD. Next thing you know, the Packers were awarded the ball on a touchback. Fox’s reaction is crushing.

The Steelers didn’t look very polished in their win this week, but Juju gave us a TD celebration that mocked AJ Green’s fight from last week. The Bengals/Steelers rivalry is pretty fun stuff.

And Teddy Bridgewater didn’t play a down this week, but he was dressed and ready as Case Keenum’s backup in the Vikings win.

So cool, you guys.

Okay, here we go.

LOC Logo (1)

The playoff push is in full swing and the mid-tier teams are the most desperate. Who improved their chances in the LOC? Scores:

loc w10.png

The climactic clash between Real United and eric’s Team ended with Eric nabbing a 15 point win despite finally losing Zeke Elliott to suspension! Eric traded Tyrod Taylor for Juju Smith-Schuster this week and it paid out in spades. The Lucky Bears? lost Watson, but managed to beat Malicious this week as Mark could only must 58 points. It was a shootout between Comeback Kid and RUTS, but Caleb crossed the century mark and came away with the win. Harper’s Team got back to .500 with a win over Thrillhouse. Thrillhouse drops to 6-4 and is clinging to the final playoff slot now. Nerd Herd is also .500 after beating The Eh Team and is within striking distance of a playoff spot! And Favre Out Dude! handed the Limbs their 5th straight loss. Might be time for Eh Team and the Limbs to figure out how to win the consolation bracket.

Current LOC Standings:

loc w10 stand.png

PL Logo

Remember when Nate’s team could BUY a win if they wanted to? Suddenly they go really, really strong. Scores:

pl w10.png

Yeah, the strongest team in the PL this week was the Twonders. They scored a whopping 123 against the woeful Dominators behind Ingram, Demarco and Cousins. Highest score in the PL against the lowest. Sadly, you can’t roll over un-needed points into next week.

The top tier in the PL is proving volatile. Mr Fox has owned the top spot in the PL for a couple of weeks, but he fell in a narrow loss to Nana Nancy this week. That meant that the Layne Ducks win over I’ll Probably B bk gives HIM the top spot (for now). The Beta Blockers got back on the winning track this week, taking down DIDDY. And Don QuiJulio finally hung another loss on Omahallelujah. Finally, Hugginkiss handed DITKA their SIXTH straight loss. Oof.

Current PL Standings:

pl w10 stand.png

EL Logo

And the other leagues playoff pictures are beginning to crystallize, the EL picture is completely fluid! Scores:

el w10.png

After this week, the EL had FIVE teams at 5-5! At the top, the Blasto continues to show his strength. He’s in driver’s seat for the top seed after beating Polska this week. Hot on his heels are the Mateys, who got a scare this week from Mad Scientist but got the 1 point win. Wayne and Sesquipedantic tangled all weekend with Wayne notching 3 more points and getting the W. Marshawn’s Back dropped to the 3 slot after losing to Pesticides this week. That puts Pesticides inside the playoff cut for now! HitMan needs to win a few games to get into the picture so it was a good start as he put a strong week together to beat Clint. And Russ dispatched the Cieras with little trouble as these two jockey for positions in the lower ranks of the standings. So after 10 weeks, almost half of the EL is 5-5. It’s going to be a wild finish to the regular season!

el w10 stand.png

hfflubtotw blast

download (1).png

Blasto McBlunderbuss! It’s been a jolly good campaign for the renaissance man, Christopher Anderson, thus far. Dare I say he has put spur to flank, as it were, for the duration of the hunt and distinguished himself above many of his peers in the motley cavalcade that is the Elite League? I most certainly do dare! Next week he’ll test his mettle against those ne’er-do-well Mateys for command of the league (as sensational a late season tussle as one could pine for, eh?). Cheers, you scoundrel! And good show!

housekeeping blast

Just a few housekeeping things this week. First of all, Thursday’s game is Titans at Steelers. Bye weeks teams are Panthers, Colts, Jets and Niners. Pretty manageable after these last couple of weeks.

The Survival Pool is still alive and Paul and Sarah-Ashley seem to be locked in a battle of wits that may never end!

And now, a word about … playoffs.

For those of you new to the HFFL, I wanted to give a quick summary of playoff rules. First of all, the top 6 teams make the playoffs and battle for the Super Bowl in each league while the bottom 6 battle in a consolation bracket affectionately referred to as The Toilet Bowl. So that’s the basics.

The next level is how you can win your way into the League of Champions for next year! Only 4 teams from each league will win tickets to the LOC. The top three finishers in each playoff field will win – so the two Super Bowls teams PLUS the winner of the 3rd place game. AND the winner of each leagues Toilet Bowl ALSO wins a ticket. So even if you finish dead last in the regular season, you can win your way through the Toilet Bowl and emerge with a golden ticket to the 2018 LOC. Never give up!

More info here, with visuals!

And that’s it, gentlemen! Good luck in the final 3 games of the regular season!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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