HFFL Universal Blast – 2017 Week 11

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Last week Buffalo announced that they would bench their fairly effective QB Tyrod Taylor in favor of unproven backup Nathan Peterman. They needed a spark (and to see what Peterman could do going into draft season), so they were assuming the risk. It basically meant that Taylor would be gone in the offseason. So how did Peterman do? Five interceptions and zero TDs on 14 total throws in the first half. Taylor was back after halftime, but the Bills game was already lost.

Yeah, QBs throw INTs sometimes, you gotta live with it. Well, the Giants decided to let their RB Shane Vereen give it a toss in their game against the Chiefs.

Yep, intercepted. Still, the Giants and Chiefs were tied into the 4th quarter and KC decided to let TE Travis Kelce try a throw!

Yep, intercepted. And in the end, the woeful Giants actually beat the Chiefs in overtime 12-9! Apologies to any of you who watched that one.

The Lions and Bears were locked in a tight game too (with a lot riding on it, as we’ll see later). As time wound down, the Bears had a 46 yard FG try to tie the game and force OT. And…

On the positive end of the spectrum, the Vikings looked dominant again as they dismantled the formerly high-flying Rams by flying high themselves!

Also, I’m in hooked on a Thielen.

We may or may not have some playoff clinchers this week!

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In the LOC, nothing is official as far as playoffs go, but the top teams held serve in week 11. Scores:

Eric’s team must have drafted really well. He’s the top team and has spent $0 FAAB while making only 7 roster moves all season. This week, he got a scare from Thrillhouse and still managed to steal a 1 point win and keep the top spot in the standings. Hot on his heels is Real United, who crushed Lucky Bears? with 119 points. That’s nothing compared to Comeback Kid, who put together a 142 point week behind Big Ben (28) and Baltimore D (26! Thanks, Packers!). The top tier conversation isn’t complete with a mention of Malicious and their 32 point win over RUTS. So even though none of those four teams have officially clinched playoff berths yet, it seems all but certain.

As for the games with slightly less significance, The Eh Team pulled off an upset and got their 2nd win of the year by beating Harper’s Team. And Nerd Herd only needed 70 points to beat the lowly Limbs.

Current LOC Standings:

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In the PL, an annoying early season tie is actually paying dividends for one team! Scores:

Congratulations to the Layne Ducks! Paul’s squad edged by Hugginkiss by 4 this week for his 4th straight win. He sits at 8-2-1 now and that tie gives him a statistical advantage over the next few teams in the standings. And that means, he’s the HFFL’s first playoff clincher of the year!

Looking at the rest of the league though, Paul shouldn’t get too comfortable with his position. There’s a pack of 7-4 teams behind him that look built for playoff runs. (f.k.a) DIDDY dialed up 103 points to keep the Dominators in the cellar. Omahallelujah threw 130 points at a 39 point problem when he beat DITKA. Yahoo projected this game to be 99-86 in favor of DITKA, but Greg’s squad endured a really rough weekend which included Dak Prescott’s 1 point night. Mr Fox is 7-4 after a 2nd straight loss, this time to I’ll Probably B bk. Not a great time to have a losing streak if you’re Luke. Nana Nancy is proving resilient as they beat the Beta Blockers this week. And Don QuiJulio won a close game over the Twonders to jockey into the top 6.

Current PL Standings:

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Over in the EL, the curse strikes again! Scores:

Ah yes, it seems that the HFFLUBTotW Curse has befallen our noble Blasto. In the biggest game in the EL so far this year, the Mateys held Blasto to 68 points and took the W. The Mateys also stole the top seed position with 2 games to go in the regular season! Still, with the state of the EL there was no clinching of any playoff berths here and that’s because FIVE teams are all 6-5 at this point. Sitting atop that pile is Pesticides! Jon’s squad has won 3 in a row and is making his move in a very up-for-grabs league! Jon put up 120 this week even with a -1 from the Titans D (with the Ravens D on his bench! D’oh!) and beat Mad Scientist. More on this later (sorry, Jon)!

It’s was a razor margin between Polska and Sesquipedantic, but Nick got the 2 point win! HitMan put together a good week and took down Russnocerose to get to 6-5. Marshawn’s Back took a step back to 6-5 when the lowly Cieras blew up for 104. And Clint got back in the win column by beating Wayne’s Fame! This league is going to be truly bonkers in the next couple of weeks and you just KNOW that a good team is going to slide out of the playoff picture.

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

I could go a lot of different directions with the award this week, but I’m bestowing the kiss of dea… I mean the honor on…


Hmmmm Pesticides! Jon’s team is the hottest thing going in the EL right now. He’s the highest scoring team in the league (89.64 point per week on the season) and has the best winning streak as well. Can he keep up the momentum and crash the party at the top of the standings by year end? Or, perhaps more relevantly, can he reverse the HFFLUBTotW curse!?!

housekeeping blast

It’s Thanksgiving Week!! That means there are three Thursday games to look out for! So square your rosters away before then! It also means that the bye weeks are OVER! Huzzah!

I’m also happy to report that we have a winner in the Hiawatha Survival Pool: Sarah-Ashley! After what had to be a stressful month, it all came to a head this week when Sarah-Ashley picked the Lions to beat the Bears and Paul picked the Chiefs to beat the Giants. The Bears played tough and had a chance, but missed a FG that would have sent the game to OT. Paul’s Chiefs, meanwhile, played the 1-win Giants and laid an egg. 55.02% of Yahoo Survival players picked the Chiefs this week. Congrats, Sarah-Ashley!

It’s now Week 12 and that means – REVENGE WEEK IS HERE. This week features week 1 rematches for all teams! Who will avenge their early season losses!? And I guarantee we’ll have a much clearer playoff picture when we meet back here again.

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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