HFFL Universal Blast – 2017 Week 12

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Thanksgiving week is a great time for football! And it started out with a great game between the Lions and Vikings with the Vikes feasting!

From there, things were a little gross with the other two games being stinkers. The Chargers needed a backup kicker and he had a little trouble.


And then this happened in the late game:

But Sunday was full of fireworks. Many super stars rang up big point totals all over the place. And then there were the fireworks in the Broncos/Raiders game, which started about 3 minutes into the contest:

Announcer Chris Myers actually called this TD celebration from Delanie Walker “burping the baby”.

And the Eagles are still kings of the NFC with a win to keep the Vikings one spot back in the standings. Plus, they’re trying to keep up with the Vikings TD antics with these gems this weekend:

And now it’s time for the HFFL REVENGE WEEK (brought you by Crabtree and Talib)! Who avenged week 1 losses and did Jon’s team succumb to the HFFLUBTotW Curse after his plea for mercy last week??!

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Playoffs are finally locked in for some LOC teams and some surprise upsets were featured in Revenge Week! Scores:

loc w12.png

It was a day of rejoicing for the bottom feeders in the LOC! The Limbs cracked 100 for only the 2nd time this year when Julio went ballistic on Comeback Kid with 253 yards and 2 TDs. And the Eh Team hung a 20 win L on the other Eric’s team behind Marvin Jones and Tevin Coleman! Ah, sweet revenge for the underdogs!

Still, eric’s team has now secured a playoff spot! It was also payback time for Favre Out Dude! In week 1, Malicious beat him 115-45! This week, Jake crushed Mark 104-58. Beautiful. Nerd Herd is now 2-0 against Hyatt this year thanks to a 47 point beatdown. The Lucky Bears? have had a wild ride this season, but thanks to a win over Thrillhouse this week, they’re in the playoffs! Same goes for Real United, who knocked off RUTS to keep the #1 seed and clinch playoffs. Three spots are still up for grabs going into the final week! The biggest game will be Nerd Herd vs. Comeback Kid with the loser likely knocked out of the playoffs entirely!

Current LOC Standings:

loc w12 stand.png

PL Logo

Welcome to the wild, wild west of the PL! The playoffs picture is no clearer this week than it was last week, if you can believe it! Scores:

pl w12.png

And we start with Don QuiJulio! Caleb T just annihilated the Dominators with 159 points! If there was a top performing player, chances are Caleb had him in the PL. Big Ben, Julio, Mixon and Robbie Anderson (on the bench!). It was a huge statement win and an application for a very special award. On the other end of the spectrum, the bewildering woes continue for DITKA. Projected for 92 points, he posted 37 (1 LESS than last week!) and lost to the Threepetes. Greg was the unlucky owner of Crabtree who was ejected with 0 points (and now suspended for 2 games) for fighting.

Layne Ducks clinched their playoff spot last week, but looked to strengthen their position against Omahallelujah. Nope, wasn’t to be! Dan’s team scored 114 to inch closer to the playoffs but not clinch. Same for Fantastic Mr. Fox, who beat Hugginkiss but is still not quite ready to punch a playoff ticket. It was sweet revenge for the Beta Blockers, beating I’ll Probably B bk by 6 this week to cover a week 1 loss. And Nana Nancy put the hurt on (f.k.a.) DIDDY with 127 to get the last laugh in their season series as well!

And still so much to be decided in the final week of the regular season! Look out for Fox vs. Omahallelujah, which will be an extremely important game!

Current PL Standings:

pl w12 stand.png

EL Logo

The EL isn’t the wild, wild west – it’s the dog-eat-dog post-apocalypse! The one team that’s clinched a playoff spot lost this week and 9 out of 12 teams are .500 or better! Yikes! Scores:

el w12.png

Nick has Cory’s number this season. The Mateys have only 4 losses on the year, but 2 of those are courtesy of Sesquipedantic. Cory’s got a playoff berth clinched, but there are some teams below that will be watching the tape of Nick’s wins. After going through the 12 stages of grief after getting the HFFLUBTotW award last week, Jon didn’t shy away and was VICTORIOUS over Blasto thanks in large part to Antonio Brown. No curse here! That’s four in a row for Jon’s team!

Wayne wants playoffs. With a big, big win over Russ (behind Kamara), he’s climbing into the 6 spot heading into the final week. Polska, on the other hand, is in free fall. This week’s loss makes it 4 in a row for Sam and he needs to win next week to have a chance. That’s Clint’s 2nd win in a row. Hitman took down the Cieras to get to 7-5 and good position to clinch. And Mad Scientist’s win over Mashawn’s Back sets him up for a shot at playoffs next week too… against Blasto! It’s going be a HUGE weekend!

Current EL Standings:

el w12 stand.png

hfflubtotw blast


It’s raining points for Caleb’s squad! Going into week 12, Caleb was averaging 83.36 points per game, which is decent. He almost doubled that this week an unprecedented 159!! Absolutely incredible! Now share some with the rest of us, will ya!?

housekeeping blast

Only FIVE out of THIRTY SIX teams have clinched playoffs through 12 weeks?!?!

Have I said it enough yet? This is the final week of the regular season! It all comes down to this! Who will get into the big dance and who will have to contend with The Toilet Bowl bracket! And remember, no matter what happens your playoff performance can win you a spot in the LOC! Even the 1-11 Dominators could get hot and vanquish the rest of the Toilet Bowl teams to get that golden ticket!

Week 13 starts Thursday with Redskins at Cowboys!

Now go put your best lineup together! This is for all the playoff marbles!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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