HFFL Universal Blast – 2017 – Playoffs Week 1!

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Man, what a week of action in the NFL! First off, hug your QBs tonight. Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL on Sunday and the Eagles Super Bowl hype train slowed way, way down. Nick Foles is in, but can he keep the Eagles flying?

Yikes. Still, the Vikes loss helps the Eagles a bit. So there’s that. Also helping a bit was the Seahawks loss to the Jags! The Jags might be getting good at football, but they’re not good at TD celebrations yet.

What were they trying for?! Bowling? Kickball?

The end of the game got very dicey though as Michael Bennett dove at the Jags center’s legs, punches are thrown and then things get really bad.

Ending on a joyful, positive note: the Colts/Bills game was supposed to be garbage and then it became the best game of the year thanks to good old lake effect snow! A few highlights!

The game went into OT tied a 7. Then McCoy iced it!

So beautiful!

And now, the moment of truth for many HFFL teams! Who stayed alive in a contentious week 1 of the playoffs!?

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Upset City, USA! The LOC playoffs started out with a bang! Scores:

loc playoffs 1.png

In the Championship Bracket, the two higher seeds LOST in week 1! Nerd Herd barely got in, but he made the most of it against Comeback Kid. Behind DeAndre Hopkins, Bob managed to overcome the early exit of Kamara and win the game! He moves on and Caleb falls out of the LOC!

Malicious was amped up for the playoffs too as he destroyed eric’s team by 55 points. McCoy’s huge game in the snow helped a lot.

In the Toilet Bowl Bracket, the 12th seeded Limbs opened their quest with a win over Favre Out Dude! MVP Chris Boswell kicked 3 long FGs on Sunday night to ice the win while the Keenum/Theilen combo scored 37! Elsewhere, no upset for the Eh Team as they fell hard against RUTS. And you know what that means! Eric Millers reign of tyranny over the HFFL is over! There will be no fourth title in a row! Huzzah!

LOC Playoff Bracket:

loc bracket 1.png

LOC Toilet Bowl:

loc toilet 1.png

PL Logo

We want MORE upsets! Give us MORE! The PL obliges! Scores:

pl playoffs 1.png

Once again, the 6 seed prevails in their opening effort in the playoffs! Tom’s squad managed a narrow 6 point win over Layne Ducks Thanks to Wentz and his 4 TDs. With Wentz’s season now over due to an ACL tear, next week looks to feature Dak Prescott at QB for Tom. Not a bad dropoff. Go Tom! The Beta Blockers were a high scoring squad all year and did put up 95 this week, but it wasn’t enough against Mr. Fox. Luke’s team came up big with Jordan Howard and Russell Wilson leading the way!

In the PL Toilet Bowl, DITKA LIVES! Shaking off a 9 game losing streak to end the regular season, Greg showed up with 103 and beat Hugginkiss down! His LOC bid is still in play! The same can’t be said for The Dominators, who got beat by Nate’s Sixth Sense. Spencer and Brian will play for 12th place next week, their final game of the year.

PL Championship Bracket:

pl bracket 1.png

PL Toilet Bowl:

pl toilet 1.png

EL Logo

Someone definitely came to play in the EL playoff bracket! Scores:

el playoffs 1.png

Woah, the Mateys are serious! They backed into the playoffs with 2 straight losses and were forced to play in week 1. They took the opportunity to put the rest of the field on notice with 121 points and a resounding victory over Wayne’s Fame. It was almost like Tom Brady was their weak link this week! What?! Keeping it in the family, Nick also prevailed in his game over Bret with 103 points! And Jon and Chris are REALLY glad they earned byes, but now they have to wake up because these other teams are ready to throw down!

In the EL Toilet Bowl, Marshawn’s Back took care of the 12th seeded Cieras by 13 points thanks to LeVeon’s huge game on Sunday night! And Russ managed an 8 point technical upset of The Mad Scientist. Their dreams of an LOC ticket live for another week!

EL Championship Bracket:

el bracket 1.png

EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

el toilet 1.png

hfflubtotw blast


The Mateys had a great regular season, but dropped their last two games heading into the playoffs. Dropping out of a first round bye, they had to play in week 1 of the playoffs against Wayne. But the Mateys may be mighty once more! They scored 110 before Brady even took the field (though he didn’t add much when he did)! Look out, Elite League! The Mateys are looking fierce!

housekeeping blast

If there’s one thing you don’t need while you’re sweating out your playoff odds, it’s a scheduling snafu that leaves you in the lurch at the most critical moment! This week, there is a danger.

Thursday night’s game is Denver at Indy. Fine.

Then we have TWO SATURDAY GAMES to contend with! Chicago at Detroit in the late afternoon and the Chargers at Kansas City in the nightcap!

And remember, every team that won this week is still alive for a trip to the LOC! The top 3 teams in the playoff field plus the Toilet Bowl champ from each league will earn eligibility. So keep fighting!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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