HFFL Universal Blast – 2017 Playoffs Week 2!

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The NFL is wrapping up its regular season and figuring out its playoff picture. It seems like the NFL is also trying to figure out its rules at the same time. There was more controversy in a huge game on Sunday as this was ruled an incomplete pass:

It was a pivotal play in the biggest AFC matchup of the year. Still, the Steelers had a shot to win it at the end when this madness occurred:

Ben said the call to “fake spike” it came from the sideline, but only 1 Ben and the receiver seemed to know it was even happening. Ugh. Patriots win. And the Steelers lost Antonio Brown to a partially torn calf muscle, though they hope to have him back for the playoffs.

On Sunday night football, the Raiders and Cowboys game was a little wonky, especially when the refs pulled out a piece of paper to measure for a 1st down.

That was weird. Another weird part of that game was when Derek Carr reached for a TD, fumbled it and the rulebook dictated that was a touchback and Dallas football.

The Rams destroyed the Seahawks and their D Line made Russell Wilson’s life miserable. Check out this attempt to throw the ball away to avoid a sack. Whoops!

And the Panthers dealt a likely fatal blow to the Packers playoff chances. Cam Newton toyed with the Green Bay defense on this play.

And the Vikings clinched the NFC North title.

On to the HFFL, where we finally have our Super Bowl matchups!

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Upsets continue to rule! Scores:

loc playoffs 2.png

In the playoffs, both of the higher seeds fell this week, setting up a Super Bowl matchup between the 5 and 6 seeds!! For Real United, they finally allowed a big score to their opponent and it was their undoing as Malicious fielded Kareem Hunt (32 pts) and Shady McCoy (21 pts). So Mark, the very-early season favorite ascends to the LOC Super Bowl! Meeting him will be Nerd Herd, who held Lucky Bears? to only 63 points in their matchup! Bob has been a stalwart HFFL veteran for years now and this is a HUGE opportunity to hoist the trophy for the very first time! In any case, both of these teams have earned a return to the LOC already!

In the Toilet Bowl bracket, it will be RUTS and Harper’s Team playing for the “crown” next week! RUTS held Thrillhouse to only 23 points this week when Fournette was a surprise OUT. The Limbs held a slim lead over Harper going into Monday night and had Julio to go against kicker Bryant. Julio had a down game and Bryant did just enough to hand Hyatt a 2 point win! One of these two teams will win a golden ticket next week!

As for the rest of the teams, see the bracket below for their final resting places, including The Eh Team’s first-to-worst fall!

LOC Playoff Bracket:

loc playoff bracket 2.png

LOC Toilet Bowl:

loc toilet 2.png

PL Logo

There were some real nail-biters in the PL playoffs and the phoenix continues to rise! Scores:

pl playoffs 2.png

No upsets in the playoff bracket here as both higher seeds came off their bye weeks and held serve! Don QuiJulio vanquished Back on Monday night when Julio’s 5 points were just enough! Incredible game between these two! Tom will not be holding the trophy this year, but his LOC chances are still alive in the 3rd place game next week. On the other side of the bracket, it was Omahallelujah defeating Mr. Fox by 9. Luke got a big donut from Jimmy Graham even as Greg Olson scored 17 on his bench. Oof, regrets! The PL Super Bowl winner will be a ROOKIE this year as Caleb and Dan square off!

The playoff bracket scores were rather low this week and that’s probably because two teams monopolized all the points in the Toilet Bowl. Nana Nancy threw a 121 on the board to crush the dreams of Sixth Sense. Tyler was the beneficiary of Todd Gurley’s fantasy game for the ages (41 pts?!?!). He advances to the Toilet Bowl to meet… DITKA!!! In a bewildering turn of events, Greg’s team has risen from the regular season ashes like the phoenix in the Toilet Bowl. Hmm…. there’s gotta be a better way to say that. The trifecta of Bortles, Hunt and Freeman powered him to a whopping 156 points this week as he destroyed (f.k.a.) DIDDY! It might just be a shootout for the Toilet Bowl crown next week!

PL Playoff Bracket:

pl playoff 2.png

PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

pl toilet 2.png

EL Logo

More upsets in the EL and a “family-ar” Super Bowl matchup! Scores:

el playoff 2.png

The Mateys have looked good for most of the season and now they’re back in the Super Bowl! With a 12 point win over Blasto behind Melvin Gordon’s 22, they have ascended to the big game where they will meet… Sesquipedantic! In perhaps the game of the year, Nick defeated Jon by a single point, coming from behind on Monday night to knock off the #1 seed! Again, Julio Jones’ 5 points were JUST enough to steal the win! This sets up a Super Bowl between brothers-in-law! The media will have a field day with this storyline! Jon and Chris will meet for the 3rd place game with the LOC ticket on the line!

In the Toilet Bowl Bracket, Marshawn’s Back benched Marshawn and deployed 3 other RBs who all performed very well. It all added up to 118 points and a victory over Clint! So Will is in the Toilet Super Bowl to face Russ! Russ got the come-from-behind win over Polska thanks to Freeman’s big MNF showing! It should be a good showdown between these two in a do-or-die game next week!

EL Playoff Bracket:

el playoff 2.png

EL Toilet Bowl:

el toilet 2.png

hfflubtotw blast


It’s Sesquipedantic Squad! To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best and Nick did just that in the EL this week, taking down Hmmm Pesticides. Nick had a good weekend over all with this win, the Vikings clinching the division AND the Packers being eliminated from playoff contention with the Falcons win! Congrats, Nick! And good luck in the Super Bowl next week!

housekeeping blast

For those teams that are playing for the trophy or their LOC tickets, this is NOT the week to forget to check your lineups! And the NFL schedule has some wrinkles this Christmas Weekend! NO THURSDAY GAME, which is nice. TWO SATURDAY GAMES (IND @ BAL, MIN @ GB). A normal Sunday slate. TWO MONDAY GAMES (PIT @ HOU, OAK @ PHI)!

Be ready, this is HFFL Super Bowl Week!!!!

As we near the finish line in the 2017 season, many teams’ fates are sealed at this point. If your season is literally or effectively over, thanks for making this another great year!

Be back next week for the finale!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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