HFFL Universal Blast – 2018 Week 13

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The NFL week started off crazy and only got crazier! Thursday night, the Cowboys beat the Saints! I mean, what?! That was weird. Then on Friday, Chiefs star RB Kareem Hunt became embroiled in a scandal involving a leaked video of him violently hitting a woman. The Chiefs swiftly released him, as they should have.

How could Sunday possibly follow these first two acts?!

Let’s start with the Bears vs. Giants, which was back and forth all game. Here the Giants take the lead on a nice TD pass from … O’dell?

Late in the game, the Giants lead by 7 when the Bears attempt an onside kick. O’dell!!!?

But the Bears still had to score. So…

I mean, did the QBs even play in this game?? Well, in OT Chase Daniel fumbled 3 times, recovered them all, but the Bears still lost. Wild game.

The Colts have been on fire lately, so it makes perfect sense that they lost to the slumping Jags 6-0 on Sunday. Jalen Ramsey was not nice to Andrew Luck.

The referees were getting their fingers in the pie a lot this weekend too (just ask Vikings fans). On Sunday night football, you had this non-call:


And there was PLENTY of drama at the end of that game too. With the score tied at 30-30 and no time on the clock, the Chargers had a chance to kick a FG for the win. The Steelers jumped off sides and blocked the kick TWICE. Then…

And then to cap off Sunday, the Packers fired their coach. Aaron, your thoughts?

The HFFL regular season is OVER! It’s playoff time, baby! We finally have clarity on these crazy playoff races. And the fight for Toilet Bowl supremacy begins!

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There was a fight for the final playoff spots in the LOC and some slight drama at the top of the pile too! Scores:


HEADLINE: The End Result is What Matters

Coming into this week, there were 3 teams at 6-6 and only 2 playoff spots for them. All 3 teams lost this week, complicating everything. And then Nerd Herd WON, which put him at 6-7 too! So it all came down to total points. That meant that Anthropomorphic and Unstoppable get in and the Herd and the Limbs were left out in the cold. Chris and Tom will need to regroup a bit and get their teams positioned for next week’s opening playoff games! Peter and Bob will take the week off to hatch their plans to run the table in the Toilet Bowl!

HEADLINE: Topsy Turvy

On top of the LOC playoff bracket, we had a wee bit of drama to end the regular season. SPACEGOAT easily took care of business. So did Guy, locking up the top seed and playoff momentum. It was Fantastic Mr Fox and Real United who played each other with a 2 seed (and a bye) potentially on the line. It came down to Monday night. And then AP got a 90 yard TD run (the longest of his career)!! That sealed the deal for Real United. They get the first round bye. And that drops Mr Fox down to the FOUR seed!

LOC Final Regular Season Standings:


LOC Playoff Bracket:


LOC Toilet Bowl Bracket:


PL Logo

The PL might as well be called the Parity League heading into the playoffs! Scores:


HEADLINE: Eight is Enough

Four teams finished 8-5 in the regular season and all four made the playoffs! Needing to win to solidify their spots, Eh Team, Wide Left, Ground Game and Hugginkiss all held it together and emerged victorious! Hugginkiss in particular had a great end to the regular season, winning 4 in a row to get in as the 6 seed! He’s peaking at the right time! These teams will all play each other next week in the first round and ANYTHING is possible!

HEADLINE: Injustice League

Sometimes the schedule is your worst enemy, not your own inability to field a good team each week. Sure, Eh Team had the most points in the PL, but he finished 8-5 and has to play in the first round. Fine. What about Layne Ducks?! Paul scored the 3rd most points this season (1354.02), but finished in 8th place!! Matchups matter. So Paul will get a bye in the Toilet Bowl before embarking on the long quest to emerge into the LOC against the odds!

Final PL Regular Season Standing:


PL Playoff Bracket:


PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:


EL Logo

In the EL, you get the feeling that the field is wide open after week 13! Scores:


HEADLINE: Who’s In Charge Around Here??

The playoffs are here, the top two seeds have been assumed for awhile, but we have a lot of questions. The Cieras got the 2 seed, but got crushed by 9th place Kirk’s cousin. Comeback Kid got beaten by the ghost of Dre’s Team, dropping to 5th place. The Minor Prophets won, but it was way too close and he only scored 89.64. So…. the playoffs could be completely up in the air at this point! Who’s got the momentum going in? It could be Mad Scientist at the 3 seed with 3 wins in a row, the longest active streak in the EL!

HEADLINE: Lesson Learned

Let’s address the green and gold elephant in the room. At the start of the season, the HFFL league offices had a difficult time acknowledging these Packers-related team names. In the PL it was PeterLovesThePackers and in the EL we had Mr. Rodger’s Hood. As the season went on, these two teams experienced similar difficulties finding wins. The pattern became a trend and then an observable fact. Eric and Jonah were in the crucible of pain from the jump. And they both find themselves in Do or Die games in their respective Toilet Bowl brackets. It seems that their teams followed the Packers a little TOO closely this year.

Final EL Regular Season Standings:


EL Playoff Bracket:


EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:


hfflubtotw blast

download (4).png

The SPACEGOAT himself – Mark! In case you didn’t know, Mark is the defending LOC champion. This year has been a roller coaster for his team, but here we are at the end of the regular season and Mark’s is steamrolling his way into the playoffs. His RB core is inappropriate with Gurley, Lindsey AND Connor. Oh, and he’s got Spencer Ware on his bench too just in case. Scary stuff, you guys.

housekeeping blast

It’s playoff time! The top two teams in the playoffs will have byes for the first round. AND the top two teams in the Toilet Bowl brackets will ALSO have byes! Take this time to contemplate your most important lineups of the year! For the rest of you, it’s do or die time! A loss this week eliminates you from LOC consideration next year!

Oh, and we’ve got Thursday football again – Jags vs. Titans. Classic!

Also, by tomorrow the SuperStandings will be updated for the last time! Click the link above to see the big stack of all 36 teams and where you ranked in your regular season prowess!

Finally, remember that NO TEAM is completely out of the race for the League of Champions yet! A win this week keeps your dream alive no matter where you fell in the playoff picture. But a loss this week and the dream is over. Good luck, men!

Onward… to the playoffs!!!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter


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