HFFL Universal Blast – 2018 Playoffs Week 3! The Season Finale!

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The NFL regular season, like the fantasy season, is winding down. And that means that the playoff pushes are in high gear and the rest of the teams are looking to the future (or to play the spoiler!). The Vikings faced the Lions and looked to hang onto control of their own playoff destiny. It wasn’t until the close of the first half that they got their hands on this game!

The Browns … aren’t going to the playoffs, but their future is actually fairly bright. They’ve got a good young QB to build around in… Jarvis Landry?!

No no no, I meant Baker Mayfield, who may have the slightest grudge against former head coach Hue Jackson.

The Eagles are flying high, hoping for a playoff spot with Nick Foles back under center. Here’s a pretty catch and run with Foles to Sproles, just how Philly thought this season would go….

The Seahawks are looking like the team NO ONE wants to face in the playoffs, especially with Wilson doing this kind of stuff:

And now my two favorite highlights of the week. First, punter Matt Bosher goes in to tackle the returner. And… BOOM!

And finally, the Steelers are in danger of missing the playoffs, so they’re in desperation mode. They led by 4 late in their game against the Saints and opted to run a fake punt on 4th & 5. This is what happened:

Yep, just short. But a great mic drop celebration! Oh, and the Steelers lost the game when Brees hit Thomas for a TD less than 2 minutes later.

Here we are, wrapping up the HFFL season! We have winners to crown and LOC tickets to hand out! Let’s get to it!

LOC Logo (1)

The under dog LOC Super Bowl did not disappoint! And the Toilet Bowl champ is looking back and wondering what could have been. Scores:


HEADLINE: The Champion

In the LOC Super Bowl, we had a matchup for the ages. In one corner, Tom – the once and future king of smack talk and 10 year HFFL veteran with 1 title to his name. In the other corner, Chris – one of the original HFFL founding members from 2007 and yet without a title to his name. All of that changed this week, as Mr. Anderson prevailed in a low scoring game! With a donut from Gronk on the board, Chris needed Mahomes to bring him the victory on Sunday night, and Mahomes did just that, scoring 28.22 points to seal the victory! In the 3rd place game, Andrew pulled out a victory over Dan and banished him from the LOC after an 11-2 regular season! Absolutely stunning.

HEADLINE: Some Results Can’t Be Challenged

In the LOC Toilet Super Bowl, Bob easily defeated the Limbs with 125.44 points to win a ticket back to the LOC. So all is well, right? WRONG! Let’s go back to the final week of the regular season, when FOUR teams all finished 6-7. Bob was left out of the playoffs because he had 3.84 fewer total points than Tom. If Bob had made the playoffs as a six seed, here’s what would have happened:

  • Quarterfinal: Nerd Herd 84.50 // SPACEGOAT 80.66
  • Semifinal: Nerd Herd 104.80 // Real United FC 1848 83.70
  • Super Bowl: Nerd Herd 125.44 // Anthropomorphic Milk 97.22

That’s right, 3.84 points in the regular season cost Nerd Herd the LOC Super Bowl. It also means that, with Chris winning it all this year, of the 6 remaining original 2007 managers, only Bob has no title to his name. You can’t make this stuff up!!

Final LOC Standings:


PL Logo

It was rookie vs. veteran in the PL Super Bowl and a VERY close game in the Toilet Bowl! Still, when the dust settled, it was experience over youth. Scores:


HEADLINE: Full Circle

Ladies and gentlemen, your PL Super Bowl Champion is DIDDY! Yes, Jim vanquished young Kevin in a shootout! If you’re a league historian, you’ll recall that Jim was actually the very first HFFL Champion way back in 2007! This year, it really paid to have Derrick Henry on your roster in December! Jim’s big playoff run was thanks to Henry’s awakening. He will hoist the trophy, but Kevin will follow him to the LOC next year!

And Wayne was able to knock off Brian to punch his ticket as well by finishing in 3rd place!

HEADLINE: Cutting it Close

It was a VERY tight game between the Burlingame Boys and Paul R in the Toilet Bowl! Heading into Sunday night football, here was the score:


Paul had Tyler Lockett left to go and the B’s were done. As the game wound down, Kick Butt was leading 88.94 to 87.56. With 3:04 left in the game, Wilson his Lockett for 45 yards, setting up their winning TD and sending Paul to the LOC! Just an amazing finish to the season!

Final PL Standings:


EL Logo

The Kid or the Scientist? The Hood or the Pickle? The Prophet or the Preacher? The EL had some big numbers in the final week! Scores:


HEADLINE: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Your 2018 EL Super Bowl Champ is none other than Matt R, the Mad Scientist! Caleb’s season-long comeback trail ended in a resounding defeat at the hands of the Mahomes/Rudolph stack. Matt ran up points with ease and will be taking home the trophy and ascending to the LOC! A roster that featured Mahomes, Elliott and Mixon was always destined for greatness.

In the 3rd place game, the top two regular season teams met and The Prophets took a 7 point win over the Cieras to punch their LOC ticket!

HEADLINE: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

It was a Cinderella story, if Cinderella ended up in the Toilet Bowl! Jonah’s squad finished the regular season 1-12, but managed to string together some wins to get to the Toilet Super Bowl! There, he found himself face to face with the Cucumber himself – Nate. And Nate was ready for him. Cucumber deployed the “Rob Stack” of Robert Woods and Robby Anderson, combining for 42.4 points and threw in some McCaffrey too. Jonah’s effort was valiant, but still fell short. But perhaps the funniest story is that Jake Krumrow (the invisible Packers WR that Jonah drafted, dropped and picked up again only to bench him for the biggest game of the season) went for 68 yards and a TD.

So Cucumber Richards is taking the fast train to the LOC!

Final EL Standings:


hfflubtotw blast


Your 2018 HFFL Champions! Chris, Jim and Matt! Congrats on a historic season, gentlemen!

housekeeping blast

You may have seen some stat references thrown in above. In case you didn’t know, the HFFL league offices keep historical stats on record dating back to the inception of the league! Most stats are not updated to include the 2018 season! Click here to take a look.

With the completion of this season, we’ve not logged 12 seasons in the HFFL and 72 guys have taken part over the years. What a wild ride! Thanks to all who have participated!

Before you go, note that we’re in the early stages of planning our annual Men’s event where we’ll have games, a chili cook-off and also the official HFFL award ceremony. The date is subject to change, but for now we’re targeting …


More information will follow through email!

Thanks so much for a great season, everyone! Enjoy the off season and we’ll back back in business in late summer 2019! Onward!

Until Next Season,

Commish Peter


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