HFFL Universal Blast – 2019 – Week 13

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Week 13 started early with a full slate of Thanksgiving games. The Bears won, the Cowboys lost to the Bills and then the Falcons and Saints played a big divisional game at night. Matt Ryan’s awful season reached an apex on this play:

And the Falcons were getting beaten, but still had a chance late if they could recover an onside kick. And then…. they recovered two in a row!?

The Falcons still lost the game.

Sunday brought some amazing plays too. The Browns lost to the Steelers AGAIN, but check out Landry’s grab.

And the Broncos won a game thanks some big heroics from Courtland Sutton, including this play that was deemed a catch!

The Vikings lost a thriller on Monday night, but there were some bright spots. Like this volleyball-esque pick six of Russell Wilson.

And we love trick plays, especially when they’re used to beat the Patriots! Remember the famous Eagles play from the Super Bowl? Well, here’s some razzle dazzle from the Texans as they beats the Pats on Sunday night!

But probably the best play of the entire season took place in the Eagles / Dolphins game. The ‘Fins came to win the game and they pulled out all the stops. Check this 4th and goal play:

As the the HFFL, the regular season came to a close this weekend and it’s time to see who’s in the playoffs and who’s in the Toilet Bowl!

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The LOC seedings were all up in the air heading into the final week! Who is in and who is out!? Scores:


HEADLINE: Ducky > Diddy

Diddy was looking to finish the regular season with a 3 game winning streak and a 11-2 record. But the Ducks were having none of that noise. Paul took advantage of the down week for Christian McCaffrey and rolled up 20.6 points from Derrick Henry and took down Jim’s squad! Jim keeps the #1 seed and a first round bye, but his rhythm is out of wack. Paul, on the other hand, is sizzling and this win seals a playoff berth for his squad!

HEADLINE: Mad Doesn’t Begin to Describe It

Matt and Caleb faced off in the final week of the regular season with a first round bye on the line! Yahoo projections favored Matt to win and hang on to the 2 seed, but Rodgers’ big game for Caleb swung this battle to his favor. Matt’s starters scored 68.76 while his bench held 65.26 unused points. So Caleb climbs into the #2 seed position and wins a week off for his troubles while Matt will face the #6 seed next week: the aforementioned Ducks!

Final Regular Season LOC Standings:


Playoff Bracket:


Toilet Bowl Bracket:


PL Logo

The PL had a knot of teams at 6-6 hanging out around the cutoff line. We’re bound to have some heartbreak. Scores:



The top 3 PL teams all held serve in the final week, validating their statuses as the cream of the PL crop. Ron and Luke win the first round byes and rookie Stephen vanquished Ben’s team to keep himself in 3rd place. Stephen will get a taste of the playoffs in his very first year in the league! Quite an accomplishment!

HEADLINE: Muddle in the Middle

With four 6-6 teams vying for 2 playoff spots, week 13 was a dogfight. Well, only Second Half Scrubs managed to win their final game! Rookie Mike got 29.7 from James White in his drubbing of Red White and Blaine. Tyler, Eric and Jonah all lost, which means tie-breakers got involved. And so…. Nana Nancy backs into the playoffs after scoring 57.44 points in the final week! Congrats, Tyler?

Final Regular Season PL Standings:


Playoff Bracket:


Toilet Bowl Bracket:


EL Logo

Three playoff spots were still up for grabs in the EL as we came down to the wire and Monday night was extremely pivotal! Who would sneak in? Scores:


HEADLINE: Down to the Wire

Greg’s top ranked team was heading for a 1 seed, but he had to get past Nick’s squad first. With a big lead after Sunday, Greg was feeling fine, but Nick’s roster is loaded with top Vikings talent and the Vikings were poised for the biggest game of their season on Monday night. Cousins/Diggs/Cook – all were ready to push for a Nick win. Well, we all know how the Vikings fared against the Seahawks and Nick fell just short. Close call for Greg, who now claims the top seed!

HEADLINE: The First Cut is the Deepest

Meanwhile, Lambeau Bleeps were trying to hold on to a win against Touchdown Abbey and the Seattle defense. As time expired, Hyatt claimed a win by less than 3 points and clinches a first round bye. The loss by Nick was costly as it meant he drops out of the playoff picture entirely. A win and his point total would have likely landed him the 6 seed. Instead, that honor goes to Fantasy Champs, one of four 7-6 teams in the EL. Voodoo Mama is also on the outside in spite of a 7-6 record due to a lower point total! Tough end for Nick and Jake!

Final Regular Season EL Standings:


Playoff Bracket:


Toilet Bowl Bracket:


hfflubtotw blast


Lambeau Bleeeps! Hyatt rolls into the playoffs and his first round bye with a 3 game winning streak. This week was probably the weirdest of his wins too! Hyatt’s 6 bench players outscored his 9 starting players 104.5 to 79.42! And yet his virtual defense came through as it has all year. Hyatt allowed an EL-low 1015.68 points this season, and average of 78.1 points per game! That’s crazy. Now we’ll see if that defense holds up in the playoffs!

housekeeping blast

The NFL bye weeks are over. Now we enter the flex schedule window, so be aware of that. It’s already been confirmed the the Vikings/Chargers Sunday night game has been demoted to afternoon!

Thursday night football is Cowboys at Bears this week! Exciting!

The final SuperStandings will be posted this afternoon, so take a gander at how your regular season compared to all 35 other HFFL teams there!

And the playoffs are officially underway! Just a reminder, even if you’re NOT in the playoffs you still have something to play for! Four teams from each league earn eligibility to the LOC next year! The top 3 teams from the playoff bracket receive invites, but also the WINNER of each league’s Toilet Bowl! So win your way through the consolation bracket and you TOO will be invited to the big league! So don’t fear the Toilet Bowl, it might just be the easier path to glory!!!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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