HFFL 2020 – Prepare for the Unpreparable

The 2020 season is, we think, approaching! This will certainly be the strangest NFL season of our lifetimes due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic crisis. As the league offices start spinning up the engines, we reached out to last year’s manager and asked them how many regular season games they believe the NFL will actually play in the 2020 season. The results were quite telling:

So the heavy favorite was that the NFL would somehow complete all 16 regular season games. That’s certainly the hope, but without a bubble to play inside (ala the NBA), we can look to Major League Baseball as the canary in the coalmine. Some MLB teams have had outbreaks within their clubhouses causing those teams to postpone games, which has a ripple effect across the league.

The next highest prediction was that the league would play 11-13 regular season games. That allows for a 3 week delay to the start of the season or potentially lost games in the middle. Definitely in the realm of possibility.

Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

The other big story from the preseaon is the Washington football team finally deleting their racist moniker and NOT choosing a new one. This season they will go by the catchy “Washington Football Team” while they vet (and copyright) a new name.

Again, we asked the HFFL owners what the new name should be and provided a few options. Of course, we also allowed write in votes!

The Washington Faucis was the favorite here, but keeping Football Team was 2nd. The write in votes were a wonderful collection of DC focused references. I particularly like the idea of calling the team the Washington Warshingtons. And also there was a vote for The Washington Packers Suck.

The 2020 season syllabus is coming soon! Stay tuned and stay hopeful!

Commish Peter

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