HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 3

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Week 3 revealed a lot about the NFL. But let’s begin with some honest to goodness Vikings highlights. Yes, the Purple lost this week, but the game was enjoyable for the first time this year! Let’s Go!

Yeah, playmakers! And yeah, that loss was soul-crushing.

The Saints also lost on Sunday, to the rolling Packers. But oh my goodness this Kamara play…

What can be done with the Falcons?! They are now 0-3 after blowing another huge lead. Is this STILL a Super Bowl hangover? I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!

The Seahawks are ROLLING right now and won a great game over the Cowboys this week despite this boneheaded play from DK.

AND despite this DIRTY play from the Cowboys D on Chris Carson. Thankfully, Carson only has a first degree knee sprain after this.

Failed plays are fun sometimes, and here’s a great failed hook and ladder from the Chargers!

Sigh, and I guess we have to acknowledge the INSANE ride the Chicago Bears are on this season. Yeah, they beat the afor-mentioned Falcons this week to get to 3-0. The bigger story is that they’re now going to win the Super Bowl because… HERE COMES NICK FOLES!!!!!

And Cam Newton is enjoying his new team, just maybe not this conversation.

Time for the HFFL update!

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The LOC saw the rich get richer this week while the muddy middle stayed muddy. Scores:


Diddy and the Kid has a nice ring to it. Jim and Caleb sit atop the league and continued their strong starts this week with resounding wins over their opponents. And both got strong efforts from players whose teams actually lost their games. For Caleb, Dalvin Cook served up 23.9 points in a loss and Diddy got 29.48 from Dak Prescott in a loss. Thankfully for them, this isn’t the real life!

HEADLINE: Making a Run for It

Sitting in 11th place, Greg K wasn’t going to go quietly into the night. He exploded this week with 142.6 points and a dismantling of Hyatt and team. Greg started 3 RBs and all 3 of them scored more than 20 points! In a world where we constantly feel like we don’t have enough RB strength on our roster, Greg has plenty! He’s even got Singletary and McKinnon on his bench! It’s a strength like that that can really take you places!

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

The PL is down to 1 undefeated team after a wild week 3! Scores:

HEADLINE: Last Man Standing

Losses by Packer Backers and Aaron’s Amazing Team meant that a win by Stephen would place him alone atop the PL. And U-25 took the opportunity and didn’t squander it. Stephen’s QB may have been benched (Trubisky), but the rest of his roster played strong full games. Chubb got 100+ yards and 2 TDs to set the pace. Jake put up a valiant fight with Russell Wilsons continued hot streak, it just wasn’t enough. Stephen gets another tough test next week from the former top team Packer Backers!

HEADLINE: Woah. Weasels.

Just when the season couldn’t get any weirder, we’ve got weasels! Wacky ones at that! My kids’ favorite team name in the HFFL is getting some big props this week as Wayne’s squad put up big points in a win over Nate. Wayne played the Kamara card and got solid contributions from across his whole roster. And I think we’ll be hearing more about this feat very soon!

Current PL Standings:

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More bad beats in the EL this week and some juggernauts are emerging. Scores:

HEADLINE: The Phantom Cred

Mark E fell to 0-3 this week and the Peter C advanced to 3-0 in an high scoring affair. Mark posted a solid point total and got bit yet again by the matchup. For the Limbs, it’s Josh Allen’s world and we’re just living in it! The Bills QBs uncanny season continues and the Limbs are reaping the benefits. And the Indy defense and Xavier Rhodes (who got a pick-6) chipped in a healthy 26 points! You just never know!

HEADLINE: Mirror Mirror

The week’s most entertaining game may have been between the Frinks and the Ducks! Both sitting at 1-1, Chris T and Paul R battled all weekend and took a tight game into Monday night. There, Chris fielded KC RB CEH while Paul played his Patrick Mahomes card! Early projections indicated Paul has a 0.21 point advantage. When MNF concluded, it wasn’t that close. Mahomes was a Game Genie and posted…. FORTY POINTS! Paul gets the win and Chris T drops to an improbable 1-2 after 3 strong weeks. That’s a lot of stress for this early in the season!

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

It’s Wayne’s Wacky Weasels! Wayne’s squad started 2020 with a loss before bouncing right back to 2 consecutive wins. This week, it was a ridiculous 140.62 point barrage against Quaran-Team behind Kamara, Connor and Rodgers. Nothing wacky about that kind of domination! Congrats, Wayne!

housekeeping blast

The Surviving survivalists are being whittled down … but slowly. We lost one more brave soul this week who decided to pick the Cardinals. But the rest live to pick another week! Seems like the Jets’ opponent might be a trendy pick the rest of the way!?

SuperStandings are updated, so check those out for your bragging rights.

Aside from that, we play on into week 4! If you’re one of the winless teams at this stage, fear not! We’re less than 1/4 through the regular season! Plenty of time to figure out what’s wrong!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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