HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 4

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We’ll probably look back on week 4 as the week that it started to get difficult for fantasy football this year. All week we reckoned with the Titans COVID situation, uncertainty as to whether they and the Steelers would play. Then the game got postponed until their original bye week. And just as we were figuring out how to pivot our rosters, Cam Newton got it.

Another postponement, this time involving the Pats and Chiefs!? And then a false positive for the Saints late Saturday! We’re were all spinning and it wasn’t even Sunday yet!

But Sunday came! And with it, the actual games. And you guys, this Browns/Cowboys game … wow. Let’s do bookends. First, this play for OBJ:

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Then late in the game, this one. For OBJ:

And right after that, an INSANE, UNPLANNED 2 point conversion!

The Cowboys loss plus an UGLY win for the Eagles on Sunday night against the Niners means the Eagles are atop the NFC East with a record of …. 1-2-1! WHAT?!?!

And the Vikings got their first win of the season with some help from rookie Justin Jefferson who asserted himself for the 2nd straight week! Check out this route and catch!

And of course you’ve GOTTA love this Dalvin Cook run.

But let’s move on to the HFFL. And be sure to scoll to the bottom for a statement about how the HFFL handles COVID issues as they continue to come up.

LOC Logo (1)

The LOC is through 4 weeks and still has 2 undefeated teams! Who are they? Scores:

HEADLINE: Diddy Does

Diddy absolutely crushed Ben’s Besties this week, nearly doubling Ben’s score thanks in large part to Dak’s blockbuster game. Jim’s squad retains to the top position in the standings and just as importantly keeps pace with Caleb. The defending LOC champ also got a W over Nerd Herd to stay undefeated on the year. These two teams look strong and could be fighting for position all season!

HEADLINE: Cold as Nice

Coming into this week, Hyatt’s team hadn’t scored more than 85 points in a game. All that changed in his matchup in week 4. Hyatt wracked up 136.12 points and got a win to get back to .500 on the year. Perhaps most amazingly, he did it with only 7.1 points from his 2 running backs (Gore and Drake). It was his WRs who did the heavy lifting (plus a flashy game from Wentz). We’ll see if he can continue to cover for his RBs for the rest of the year!

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

While the LOC still has undefeated teams in their midst, the same cannot be said for the PL after this week! Scores:

HEADLINE: The Bigger They Are

Stephen has enjoyed a fantastic start to the year with no losses through 3 weeks. Then Seth rolled in with one of the best imaginary defenses in the league and held the All-Stars to a measly 68.1 points! With a defensive performance like that, Seth didn’t need to shoot the lights out either, notching only 85.9 on the week. Still, it’s a big win for Seth and a tough loss for Stephen. This puts both teams at 3-1 on the year!

HEADLINE: Boom Goes the Dynamite

With U-25’s loss, the door swung open for a new leader on the board. And it was Eric M who stood up and took advantage. Eric came out firing against last week’s HFFLUBTotW, Wayne, and destroyed him. BOOM’s roster was chock full of heavy hitters this week and the all around effort translated to 138.8 points. And with that, Eric takes the 1 spot for now.

Current PL Standings:

EL Logo

So we’re down to the EL. Would the undefeated teams emerge unscatched here? Scores:

HEADLINE: Thanks a Tonyan

When word that the Chiefs/Patriots game was in jeopardy, managers needed to put some contingency plans in place. For Don’t @ Me Brah, that meant finding a backup for Travis Kelce. Ron moved to add another Monday TE, the Packers’ Robert Tonyan (who!?). Then, in a twist of fate, he left Tonyan in over Kelce in a close game with the Limbs. Well, Tonyan scored 3 TDs and the close game got way out of hand as Ron vanquished the previously undefeated Limbs. Unbelievable. Looks like Kelce may hit the trade block!?

HEADLINE: When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month…

You’ve gotta feen for El Chupacabras. Mark’s squad drops to 0-4 this week after yet ANOTHER narrow loss, this time to Jonah. Mark’s team was favored going into the week AND he had a chance on MNF to get the W. Matt Ryan and Hayden Hurst just couldn’t get it done against Jonah’s GB trio of Rodgers/Scantling/Crosby. Mark has now lost games by 5, 2 and 4 points (plus a 30 point loss in week 3). Sheesh.

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

To be the HFFLUBTotW, it helps to beat the previous HFFLUBTotW. So it’s Eric M! Which means I can re-run this pic!

Eric’s squad, dubbed BOOM!, made some noise this week! Eric had Dak, Mixon and Dalvin all playing, accounting for 110.98 points by themselves!!! That meant that Eric would have won his matchup with just those 3 players! And that, my friends, is a HFFLUBTotW if ever I saw one! Congrats, Eric!

housekeeping blast

So, we’ve got to assume that additional COVID related postponements and drama will crop up after this week, right? How are we going to handle it in the HFFL?

  • First of all, we’re using the Yahoo platform, so their plans are our plans. For now, that means that if players games are moved but are still played within that “week’s” window, the points will count for that week. So the Chiefs played Monday, but if they had pushed it to Tuesday, it’s still Week 4 points. If the game gets pushed PAST that week (ala the Titans/Steelers this week), then it’s a bye week for those players.
  • Players will NOT go on the COVID list unless they actually have it. So you CAN’T push players with postponed games on IR. Sorry. We’ll all just have to figure out a plan if that happens to our team.
  • Relatedly, we’re not going to have a designated backup player that gets swapped in if something happens late (like a player tests postive super late and we have no bench players to slot in). Again, we’re all in this together I’m sure we’ll all have to make tough choices. IT’S 2020!!

Now, with all that being said, this is fluid for everyone, so we’ll just have to go with the flow. The advantage of not putting a bunch of actual money on the line is that we can laugh at ourselves and enjoy the wild ride without getting too angry/bitter (I hope!). So thanks for being cool and still playing the game!

Now go hit those waiver wires like there’s no tomorrow because… well… you know.

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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