HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 5

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The NFL season appears to be on very, VERY thin ice right now. This week brought more schedule shuffling as the league tries to delay something that feels all the more inevitable: extending the league year and/or canceling games. The short term result was that week 5 lasted from Thursday through Tuesday! Buckle up, people, this is the new norm.

On Thursday, the wild week opened with the Bucs/Bears and the Bears pulled off a crazy win. This was partially thanks to Old Man Brady forgetting what down it was and burning a 4th down play thinking it was 3rd!

The Steelers always seem to have great WRs. Even when guys like Antonio Brown leave, they quickly backfill with more top notch talent. Enter Chase Claypool. This week, the rookie WR exploded for FOUR TDs: 3 receiving and 1 rushing! The Steelers are undefeated and Claypool is melting the fantasy waiver wires thanks to his sticky hands.

The Rams may be back this year! They’re 4-1 after another win this weekend and Goff is getting his groove back. Although, his TD spike….?

As many of you saw, the Vikings got their hearts ripped out on Sunday night, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against the Seahawks. Still, I’m choosing to share a Vikings highlight and remember the goods times when we thought we could win in Seattle.

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This route from Adam Thielen. WOW 😳

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And I think the Chargers know a little bit about how the Vikings feels after week 5. They built a healthy lead against the Saints, but NO came back and tied it late. And Kamara had this juggling catch along the way.

Still, the Chargers had a chance to win it late. Justin Herbert his Mike Williams with this great pass to get them into FG range.

The kicker comes in to win the game with a long FG… and….

The Chargers lost in OT. Heartbreaking.

And yes, Dak Prescott has a “don’t Google it” gruesome injury. But in the same weekend, Alex Smith returned to the field after his actually life-threatening injury 2 years ago. Incredible. And he has to face Aaron Donald.

Whew, I think that covers it. Let’s get to the HFFL.

LOC Logo (1)

Welcome to the LOC, where Champions continue to rule. Scores:

HEADLINE: Hype Train Rolling

The top four teams in the LOC kept steam rolling this week, crushing their competition and putting up massive scores. Clearly their rosters were dented by the Covid madness this week. Caleb, Jim, Zack and Luke each scored over 100 and their opponents each scored less than XXXX. Can’t wait to see these teams play each other? You’ll have to wait at least a couple more weeks. Can anyone derail these juggernauts before then?

HEADLINE: Ground Level

On the other end of the standings table you’ll find Bob and Kevin. Both teams are still winless after 5 weeks and were doubled up by their heavy opponents on points. Quarterbacks are important to any team and these two are fielding Matt Ryan and Tom Brady – two studs from a few years ago. But this week the two former Super Bowl opponents combined for 22.06 points, which is less than Justin Herbert scored on Monday night.

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

Welcome to the PL, or as I like to call it UPSET CITY!!! Scores:

HEADLINE: #Winning

A hearty congrats to the PL’s formerly winless teams Rookie and Please Win Team! Taylor and Eli finally, FINALLY got into the win column this week and exciting fashion! Taylor had the highest score in the PL and took down the 2nd place U-25 All Stars (thanks Ravens D!). Eli, meanwhile, upset the 3-1 Packer Backers and held them to less tha 70 points!! What a week for the underdogs!

HEADLINE: The Upside Down

Literally every game in the PL was an upset this week, but Mahomeless had a chance on Tuesday night to be the exception to that! Trailing by 13 against 9th place Scrubs, Liam deployed some big play makers: Henry and Diggs. Double digits from both players meant that Liam escaped week 5 with a win where most other favored teams failed! That’s 4 wins in a row and that win vaults him all the way to first place in the standings! Amazing!

Current PL Standings:

EL Logo

The EL kept the status quo for the most part this week with some continued strife in the ranks. Scores:

HEADLINE: Passing Melancholy

Add another excrutiating loss to the Chupacabras record this week. Mark’s squad loses ANOTHER close game (7 points this week) and Matt Ryan ruins another team’s shot at a win. Mark’s RBs were quite helpful, but all passing game players were downright bad. Ryan’s 7.94, Gallup’s 7.3, Chark’s 1.6 and Hurst’s 0.8. Meanwhile, Mark had to relegate Gaskin to the bench (15.1 points) because he can only play 3 RBs! Hmmm.

HEADLINE: Toppermost of the Poppermost

The top three PL teams got wins this week, including Ron’s sqaud who held off a Tuesday night rally from Jonah! Spencer and Peter bounced back from week 4 losses to run up good scores and keep their top tier positions. And in a season that feels like it could end at any time, keeping your momentum going seems pretty critical! That and keeping your players healthy somehow!

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

So many good selections could have been made this week! But we’re going with….

Caleb, The I’m Here Kid! After winning the LOC last year and starting the season 5-0 this year, it seems that the student has become the master! He now faces the ultimate test: responding to the HFFLUBTotW award!

housekeeping blast


Whew, okay. It bears repeating, we’ll following the Yahoo rules in responding to scheduling changes with the NFL. Here’s the latest as of today:

Broncos/Patriots – Officially postponed to Sunday Oct. 18th (Week 6). Both teams are on a bye in Week 5.

Bills/Titans – Moved to Tuesday, October 13th. The game will remain in Week 5.

Chiefs/Bills – Moved to Monday, October 19th. The game will remain in Week 6.

ALSO, Yahoo pushed this week’s waiver processing to THURSDAY instead of the regular Wednesday. So don’t freak out when your claims aren’t going through today.

Obviously, the situation will be fluid week to week and we’ll just have to do our best to field a team of some sort every week that games are played! It’s fun!

The Survival Picks group is down to 3 after Eli thought the Chiefs could beat the Raiders! It’s getting trickier!

And we soldier on! Now go put an outrageous FAAB bid on Chase Claypool before it’s too late!!!!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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