HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 6

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Hey hey! No games got postponed this week! We got two Monday games due to other reschedules and one was a Monday late afternoon game! What a strange year.

The game of the week this week was probably Rodgers v. Brady. The game started out with some Packers highlights.

But before you knew it, the Bucs were cruising and ended up steamrolling the Pack. It all started with a Rodgers pick 6!

There were some pretty athletic plays on Sunday too! You had Justin Jefferson with a highlight from a game full of lowlights.

You had this Jets highlight (their only one of the season so far?!?):

But my favorite athletic play is probably this one:

I guess we should talk about Kirk Cousins too. Sigh. He threw an INT on the first play of the game and 3 total in the first half. Should he have been benched? Ugh. Either way, the bye week won’t be fun in Vikings land.

Especially because guys like Lamar can do things like this:

And finally, the Texans almost beat the Titans in regulation, but the game went to overtime. Here’s the coinflip:

Watson knew it was trouble. And sure enough:

Okay! Let’s get into it!

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The Curse has fallen yet again! Scores:

HEADLINE: The Cursed Child

As soon as the HFFLUBTotW award landed on Caleb last week, he knew it meant trouble. With some big names injured or on byes this week, Caleb had his work cut out for him in constructing a worthy lineup. But hey! His opponent was the 0-5 Groundgame Keeper! Surely he could hold serve! Uh… nope. Kevin rolled up 105.94 on the defending champ and claimed his first victory of the year (with a little help from The Curse).

HEADLINE: Jeffster Lives

Nerd Herd found a way to get into the win column too this week – it was Justin Jefferson! The Vikings rookie handed over 30.6 points to Bob’s team as he defeated Tyler this week. Turns out JJ is way better than JuJu, who Bob also had in this week. JuJu’s team rolled in a victory, but he only chipped in 0.60 fantasy points!!? Jeepers.

Anyone else get the connection of Nerd Herd to Jeffster?

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

The PL may have a juggernaut team to contend with! Scores:

HEADLINE: Rookie Run

Taylor’s bad start to the year is in the rearview mirror now. This week, he started his first winning streak by taking down fellow cellar-dweller Eli (who is not dubbed Tanking for Trevor). Taylor used a solid all-around roster this week to to put up 122.78 points with a couple of Falcons leading the way (Julio and Koo). As a known Vikings fan, this had to be a split personality week for Taylor!

HEADLINE: Number Five is Alive

How do you keep the top spot in the PL standings for another week? Well according to Liam, you put Derrick Henry out there with Lamar Jacksona and watch the magic happen. Liam’s top two draft picks are winning games for him almost by themselves. This week they combined for over 66 points in an emphatic win over Aaron. That 1-2 punch is going to be hard to contend with down the stretch. This makes FIVE wins in a row!

Current PL Standings:

EL Logo

Winning streaks and late-week heroics were the rule in the PL. Scores:

HEADLINE: Another Manic Monday

So many big EL games came down to the two Monday NFL games! Close matchups were swung at the 11th hour as big name players took the fields. The Limbs had a fighting chance with FOUR big players, but they all underperformed (none more than Zeke) and the Mad Scientist took the W. Unstoppable fell short against the new #1 team Don’t @ Me. And the Frinks pulled out a nailbiting win over An Easy W on Monday night! Whew!

HEADLINE: Is This Real Life?

I can’t believe I’m reporting this, but …. Mark’s team won a game!! Mark used Matt Ryan’s huge game to get going, but his 2nd best player was Koo and his 20 kicker points! Don’t look too closely at the rest of his roster, just enjoy the fact that Mark’s off the schnide after 5 miserable weeks! This could be the spark that gets his season back on track!

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

It’s Jim! Diddy is our last remaining undefeated team, 6-0 on the year! That makes him the Top Gun in the HFFL right now and certainly the most appropriate recipient of this prestigious award and all that goes with it! Enjoy, Jim!

housekeeping blast

Let’s take a moment to remember the good times we had with the Survival Picks group. The group disintegrated this week, giving us a 3 way tie for the best football minds!

Thanks for nothing, Cam and Kirk!

And finally, get ready, once again, to hit the waivers wires (on the normal schedule this time!) and try to put some failsafes in place for the inevitable curveball week ahead!

Until next week,

Commish Peter

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