HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 7

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Let’s begin with Thursday football (ooh…) and a divisional game in the NFC East (OOOHHHHH …. NOOOOOO!!!!!). Yes, someone has to win this nightmare of a division and the Eagles are taking their shot I think. Yes, the Giants got beat and here’s one reason why:

Yikes! Best/worst highlight I’ve seen in awhile! Sunday brought more great football, like this play where the Falcons could salt the game away with a run play and a FG as time expired. But then Gurley… well… he scored a TD. BY ACCIDENT!

Yes, the Lions are celebrating that TD because That meant Stafford and the Lions got the ball back with 64 seconds on the clock against a WOEFUL Falcons D. And yep…

The Steelers/Titans game was another great one. The Titans had the ball with a chance to win with a FG and they missed it.

Priceless reaction from Big Ben:

The Cardinals handed the Seahawks their first loss of the year in OT on Sunday night after picking off Wilson 3 times. Still, Seattle gets an incredible highlight one of those INTs.

And we don’t usually highlight college football, but have you seen THE QUADRUPLE DOINK!?!!

Okay, enough of that. Let’s get on with it!

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Would the curse claim another this week in the LOC? Scores:

HEADLINE: Strike that, reverse it

Diddy was awfully confident this week that the dreaded HFFLUBTotW curse would not befall him like it did Caleb. And you know what? He was right! Jim had been averaging 117.53 points per game through 6 weeks and week 7 saw him only muster 99.5. So maybe that’s all the curse to muster against him? Still, it was enough to beat MGKVSBRD and keep his undefeated season alive!

HEADLINE: Nana Needle Drop

Sitting at .500 on the year through 6 games, Tyler’s team put the narrative in the spin cycle and posted 139.14 points in a win over fellow 3-3 team DITKA. This statement win allowed him to climb the leaderboard a bit and showcase what his roster can do when they’re really clicking. The Murray/Locket combo on SNF accounted for 76.1 points! Yowza! Nana’s got some swagger!

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

We’ve got an upset at the top! Scores:

HEADLINE: When Is a Loss Not A Loss?

Every PL team that scored 100+ points won this week, except one. Patrick Mahomeless was atop the rankings and winner of 5 in a row when he was knocked down by U-25 this week. Liam’s team got subpar games from Diggs and Metcalf that really hurt him (so did Lamar’s bye week of course). But sources indicate that Mahomeless may have avoided the HFFLUBTotW award and it’s associated curse by losing this game! Could this all been part of a 3 dimensional chess game on Liam’s part!?

HEADLINE: Tailspin: Tempered

Wayne’s Wacky Weasel’s posted 140.62 points in week 3. Since then, he’s lost 3 games in a row and scored less than 90 in each of those games. The weasels finally woke up this week and eclipsed that 90 point barrier against Taylor’s hot team, taking home the W. Rodgers’ 4 passing TDs definitely helped Wayne’s cause. The only question now is whether he can emerge from the PL quagmire with ZERO FAAB dollars left!

Current PL Standings:

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In the EL, we’ve got a streaker! Scores:

HEADLINE: Subtweet City

After this week big win, Ron’s squad “don’t @ me brah” has reeled off six straight wins! What’s the secret, you ask? Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s RB Hoarding! Ron’s discount RB strategy is paying off got big points this week from the likes of Giovanni Bernard, Antonio Gibson and James Robinson. The Chupacabras didn’t know what hit them! Ron is firmly in the catbird seat … for now. More on Ron and his RBs later.


This bye weeks turned the matchup between Spencer and Joe into a nailbiter! Both teams had some Vikings players on byes and their overall points took a huge dip, putting them neck in neck all weekend. Spencer escaped with a win. And speaking of bye weeks… you’ve got to feel for Mad Scientists. Not only was their roster decimated by the byes, but they had to say “bye” to Odell for the season!

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

It’s Ron R, from “don’t @ me brah” fame, winning the prestigious / dreaded HFFLUBTotW award!! Riding a now SIX game winning streak, Ron has been called before the HFFL subcommittee and is being asked questions about whether he should be allowed to have EIGHT RBs on his roster!!!!! Stay tuned for the outcome of this hearing! And congrats on the win!

housekeeping blast

As always, look for the SuperStandings to be updated later today.

Also, since some managers are finding themselves low on FAAB dollars for wiaver pickups, perhaps the trade market route is the way to go? Be aware that the trade deadline is in 18 days! The market will be closed on November 14th, so get those offers on the table soon!

Finally, if you don’t have the Church Center app, you’re missing out on some quality chatter throughout the week! Download the app and join the fun in our little IM space!

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter

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