HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 10

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Another week, another large weather system affecting NFL games. A couple of weeks ago it was the crazy winds. This week, it was a huge thunderstorm system on the east coast! In New England, the storm reached its peak as the Ravens were trying for a comeback!

The Ravens ultimately lost the game and, strangely, the weather cleared up moments later as if the Patriots has orchestrated the whole thing!

Earlier in the day, the storm was in Cleveland. And so were a number of in-person fans. Who signed up for this punishment?! Here’s a live look at the national anthem before the game. Sound on!

The home team also prevailed here in a sloppy game. But not before Nick Chubb opted to ice the game with kneel downs instead of scoring and giving the ball back to Houston!

The Bucs weren’t shy about scoring points in their game, putting up 46 this week including this RoJo 98 yard TD!

The last time the Giants and Eagle played, Daniel Jones fell down on a breakaway rushing TD. This week… he totally redeemed himself!

The Bills scored a late TD from Diggs to take a late lead over the Cards. Moments later, Kyler put up a Hail Mary to a triple covered Hopkins. And we’ve got our signature highlight of the year so far. Here are all the angles!

And the Vikings won their 3rd straight game with an ugly but exorcising game in Chicago last night! Theilen had this incredible, one-armed TD catch:

In the HFFL, we’ve got 3 games left before playoffs and things are getting tense!

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Believe it or not, the LOC has their first playoff clincher this week! Scores:

HEADLINE: Descending Diddy

Somehow we find ourselves in a world where Jim’s team last now lost 3 straight games after opening the season 7-0! This week the byes were unkind and left him shorthanded against Tyler, who deftly took advantage and slammed the former top-dog behind Kyler’s big game. A win by Ben’s Besties pulls him to a record tie with Jim at 7-3. And meanwhile, Caleb keeps rolling up wins and now has clinched a playoff berth. With the top two teams getting first round byes, the next 3 weeks will be very exciting as these guys jockey for position!

HEADLINE: Late Bloomer

Here comes Eric’s Team! After a 2-4 start, Eric has strung together four straight wins and climbed into the playoff pack! This week he had what every team covets: 2 good RBs. Kamara and Swift both posted 20+ points as he vanquished his community group co-leader Greg! Oh and Eric even had 17.1 RB points on the bench with Malcolm Brown! Doesn’t seem fair if you ask me.

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

In a low scoring week in the PL, the margin for error was thin! Scores:

HEADLINE: A Case of the Weasels

Points were hard to come by this week, especially in the PL. But Wayne used Kamara and Rodgers to accumulate a crooked number and get an upset win over the Skoldiers. That’s four in a row for Wayne and he’s climbing into the upper eschelon of the playoff hopefuls! He draws the 12th place team next week, but then faces top shelf opponents to close out the last two weeks as he tries to sneak into the playoffs! He’s getting hot at just the right time.

HEADLINE: Bye Week Blues

Week 10 was most unkind to Nate and the Quaran-Team. Faced with some bye week players, Nate did what he could to field a good roster and saw a point projection from Yahoo of 81.77, giving him a fighting chance against Mike. But projections are just that and the reality was much different. Nate mustered only 32.08 points!!! He got 3 donuts from players like Tre’Quan Smith, Jared Cook and AJ Green. Needless to say, this was a loss as Mike almost TRIPLED Nate’s point. Sheesh.

Current PL Standings:

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The EL was wildly inconsistent this week. Who actually showed us something? Scores:

HEADLINE: Unluck of the Draw

Matchups tell the tale some weeks. Take, for example, the EL. You’ve got Placebo Arm depositing an insane 125.02 points in a game where he could have won with 56. You’ve got the Layne Ducks scoring the 3rd most points in the EL for the week and LOSING because they played An Easy W. And yes, once again, Ron had a bad game (76.16 points) and somehow still won (that’s NINE IN A ROW!!!). Ron clinched a playoff berth with that lucky win! C’mon people!!!

HEADLINE: Moveable Object

The Dominators took a rare loss this week thanks to Tom and Unstoppable! The 5-5 record doesn’t reflect it, but Tom is the highest scoring team in the EL through 10 weeks! Alvin Kamara, once again, is carrying a team to a successful season. But it’s rookie Justin Herbert that’s also been driving Tom’s success of late. Sitting at .500 (along with 4 other teams), he’s got a shot to get into the playoffs and make some serious noise!

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

Looks like Nate E picked the wrong week to trust pass catchers! Between his WRs and TE (four players), he got a TOTAL of 3.6 points. And it didn’t get much better across his roster. In fact, we just have to screenshot the lineup to show how rougth it was.

As a consolation prize, we offer him the coveted HFFLUBTotW award! Congrats on your bad beat, Nate!

housekeeping blast

We’re entering the home stretch of the schedule. This week, you play the one team you haven’t faced yet this season! And that means that the next two weeks after that are officially REVENGE WEEKS where you’ll have another shot at your first two opponents of the year! Prepare accordingly.

And of course, consider this yet another warning that COVID is getting worse and may continue to affect NFL games. Keep your finger on the league pulse and … do what you can with your lineups I guess! Good luck!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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