HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 11

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The Cowboys beat the Vikings on Sunday in a sloppy game with plenty of highlights. There was this CeeDee Lamb catch:

Then later, Theilen answered with a crazy catch of his own:

Thielen also lost his shoe on one of the last Vikings plays of the game and everyone thought it was a flag for defensive holding that would give the Vikings a first down!

And in a strange instance of quantum entanglement, this happened in the Steelers game:

The Chiefs needed no flag/shoe trickery late in their game with the same score as the Vikings/Cowboys as they calmly marched down the field and won with a TD to Kelce.

With Drew Brees out, everyone figured it was Jameis time in NO, but Taysom Hill got the start and the W. Here’s a lowlight from the game:

The NFC east is a trainwreck with ALL FOUR TEAMS having 3 wins. The Eagles total slop most weeks.

And the Washington game featured this gem of a ref explanation. SOUND ON.

Lastly, we had some pinball action this week in a couple of games! Andy Dalton wound up with the ball in his hands again after this bizarre sequence:

At least he didn’t try to throw it again, like a certain all-time great QB did last night in his game!

Let’s get into the HFFL action!

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The LOC had some upset action this week! Scores:

HEADLINE: Spoiler Alert

It doesn’t appear that Brian’s squad is making the playoffs, so he’s taken to the role of spoiler and handed Diddy his FOURTH straight loss! The same goes for Bob’s Nerd Herd, who seeed poised to upset Ben before Robert Woods had a huge Monday night and handed the win to the Besties! So Ben prevails where Jim failed this week and clinches a spot in the playoffs too!

HEADLINE: Something’s Gotta Give

Eric and Caleb both had four game winning streaks going as they faced off in a titanic matchup. Both teams played hard and each team had Monday night WRs ready to launch. Still, Caleb’s ongoing mojo could not be undone by the resurgent Eric. Caleb now entered the Revenge Weeks with only 1 loss on his record! It’s up to Zack or Tyler to put a dent in the hype train on the way to the playoffs. Or … hype VAN?!?!

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

A family rivalry and a much-needed win in the PL this week! Scores:

HEADLINE: Keeping it in house

Most of us can’t talk smack in person because of the governor’s orders to not socialize with people outside our own household. Well, when Nate and Liam play, it’s a household affair! This year, Liam is a 1st place team and he struck down his father with Derrick Henry and company to stay in 1st! Impressive. Most impressive.

HEADLINE: Tanksgiving!

It’s been a rough season for Eli B. With only 1 win on the year after 10 weeks, he found himself facing down the streaking Weasels! After Sunday, Eli was trailing by less than 3 points with Mike Evans yet to go! And Evans came through with a TD to hand a long overdue win to the Tankers! Incredible turn of events!

Current PL Standings:

EL Logo

The rich get richer in the EL. Scores:

HEADLINE: An Arm and a Limb

Chris’s team has been a celler dweller so far this year, but a huge win last week gave him 3 on the year. This week he faced the fading Limbs and managed to prevail in a fairly even match. Yes, Cooper Kupp gaves the Libs some hope on Monday night, but nothing more than that in the end. Chris is slowly climbing the ranks by trusting in his drafted players. Yes, Chris has made only 4 roster moves and spend ZERO FAAB dollars!!! His players must love being on this team!

HEADLINE: Down to the Wire

With the playoff picture coming into focus, the EL has 3 teams that looks poised to make noise. Ron won his TENTH in a row this week with a solid performance yet again. Spencer started slow but roared back in a win over Mark. And Joe has strung together 4 straight wins with another quality showing over Jonah. The top two teams get first round byes, so who will have to play an extra playoff game!?

Current EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast
They grow up so fast

Eli and Tanking for Trevor! Don’t count the kid out yet, folks, there’s still fight in him! And look at the wings on that helmet of his! You know he can make his way up the rankings with those! Or will the curse clip his wings? Either way, congrats to your newest HFFLUBTotW!

housekeeping blast

A word about playoffs! Remember, there’s no use tanking in the HFFL! Even if you find yourself in the bottom six and stuck in the Consolation Bracket, you’ve still got hope! Win the Toilet Bowl and it’s just like winning the Super Bowl! Yes, the team that runs the table in the Consolation bracket wins a ticket to the LOC next year along with the top 3 finishing teams!

So keep fighting, gentlemen!

Also, remember that it’s THANKSGIVING WEEK! That means you’ve got THREE Thursday games to keep track of! Check your rosters early this week and make sure you’re ready to roll!

This week also bring back the fan-favorite Revenge Weeks! You’ll be playing rematches in the final 2 weeks of the season. So review your week 1 scouting reports and find the vulnerabilities of your opponents!

Until next week,

Commish Peter

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