HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Week 13

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By season’s end, the NFL will have had a game on every day of the week! We had a Wednesday game last week, another Tuesday game this week. Then we’ll get a Christmas Day (Friday) game later along with a bunch of Saturday games to boot! So yeah, fantasy players have been on a strange merry-go-round this year! Week 13 felt almost normal though compared to last week!

The Vikings managed to get a VERY unconvincing overtime win against the Jags. And Kirk was showing his… athleticism????

Then there was Baker Mayfield who actually showed something as he ran a WR route and made a leaping catch!

Seriously, the Browns had a LOT of fun in their Sunday win over the Titans.

The Jags were playing to win against the Vikings and lost. The Jets also seemed to be playing to win and not to tank. That is until the final play of the game.

We call that a “Cover 0” look with a big blitz and no safeties and Carr was thrilled to see it.

Jets D coordinator Gregg Williams was then fired (even though this HELPED the Jets’ future and Adam Gase is still the head coach). But Williams was the Saints’ DC for the 2009 NFC Championship game against the Favre Vikings, so there’s that.

On Sunday night, the Chiefs did Chiefs things, even when the refs missed them.

Kelce had a big game, but also had good things to say about the opponent. Wait, who did they just beat??

Then on Monday, the Steelers lost their first game of the season …. to the Football Team!??!

And that’s the NFL! In the HFFL, the regular season is O-V-E-R and it’s playoff time! Who’s in? Who’s out? Let’s figure it out.

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Things were tight at the playoff cut heading into the final week in the LOC. Scores:

HEADLINE: Magical Mystery BRD

Its was a VERY bad beat for Brian this week. Playoffs were already out of the question, but a solid win would have launched him into the consolation bracket. Alas, SOMEHOW his 125.34 points weren’t enough against Luke! Brian had Carr, Luke had Waller. Brian had Corey Davis, Luke had David Montgomery. And on it went with Luke answering for all of Brian’s heavies. So Luke gets the win and clinches a playoff spot with momentum to spare!

HEADLINE: Slide Rule

With the top teams taking care of business to keep their seeds set, the attention was on the cutoff line. And it’s not good news for the old FantasyFootball Team. Zack’s squad ends the regular season on a 3 game losing streak that sunk his playoff hopes completely. This final loss to eric’s Team flip-flopped them in the standings, allowing Eric in as the 6 seed! It’s a disappointment for Zack to be sure. However, this gives him a BYE in the Toilet Bowl bracket and a shot at running the table against inferior competition for an LOC bid! Stranger things have happened in the Toilet Bowl bracket!

Final Regular Season LOC Standings:

PL Logo

The PL found a natural playoff cut and the top teams are vulnerable! Scores:


The PL consolation bracket is full of teams that once thought they had something going. The Weasels lost their last 3. Boom lost his last 4. And the Packer Backers lost SEVEN in a row to get here. Ouch. These Toilet Bowl games should be a very interesting excercise in course correction! Remember, every team has a shot at the LOC if they can just survive the TB bracket! Yes, even the Backers!


The Skoldiers STOLE a playoff bye from the Cobras in the final week by beating Boom with a big score while the Cobras lost with a small score to Rookie! Skoldiers are read hot and now they can rest for a week before getting back into action. The Cobras, on the other hand, will have to win next week to keep the dream alive. The other bye week team is top team Mahomeless, but even he looks vulnerable after his <5 point win over Jake’s Swag team! This league may be wide open!

Final Regular Season PL Standings:

EL Logo

Things were down to the WIRE in the EL this week! Scores:

HEADLINE: Life and Limbs

The LOC had a LOGJAM at the playoff cut line this week and a team with a losing record would likely get in! A lot of things had to go right for the Limbs to be that team. They had to beat Unstoppable (check). They needed Mad Scientist to lose (check). And they needed Jonah to lose WITH a small score (ummm). Going into TUESDAY, Jonah trailed Placebo Arm with CeeDee Lamb left to go and here were the standings:

If Jonah won, he’s in the playoffs. If he lost and Lamb scored more than 6 points, Jonah would be in. If Lamb scored less than 6, it would be the Limbs. Lamb scored 4.6 in the first half and the Limbs were sweating. But he was SHUT OUT in the second half which included a potential TD that went through his hands! So the Limbs are in the playoffs! Unbelievable.

HEADLINE: Minor League Prospect

The hottest team in the EL heading into the playoffs is Minor Prophets! Yes, Joe finished the season with 6 straight wins to climb all the way to 3rd in the standings! This week, he beat Mark by (checks notes) 1.16 points! A win is a win, just as the Vikings! No bye week for Joe, but maybe he’d rather keep his momentum going and face the Limbs in round 1? Perhaps! Elsewhere, Ron and Spencer can take a breather knowning they’ve earned the first round byes. It’s all sudden death from here on out!

Final Regular Season EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

It’s Stephen G with We Were Skoldiers! Winning 3 games in a row to close the year propelled him all the way to SECOND in the PL for the playoffs and handed him a first round bye! Stephen had a strong 3-0 start to the year before getting choppy in the middle. This late season surge bodes well for a playoff run and begs the question whether he got a super skoldier serum infusion sometime in early November??

Congrats, Stephen!

housekeeping blast

So it’s playoff time! Remember, as always, NO ONE is eliminated from winning a ticket to the LOC next year! If you made the playoffs, you’ve got a great chance to win a couple games and punch that ticket! The top 3 finishers will earn it! In the Toilet Bowl consolation bracket, things are much harder. You must win the whole bracket to punch your ticket. But hope springs eternal for all at this stage!

If you’ve earned a bye week (in either playoffs OR consolation), take the time to relax and maybe scope out the competition!

Remember, there’s a Thursday game this week after skipping last week (we think), so be ready with your lineup!

And that’s it. Good luck in the playoffs, gentlemen!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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