HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Playoffs Week 1

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The NFL knowns full well that fantasy football is a key contributor to its success. The players know too. That’s why Josh Jacobs’ prank on Sunday was so crazy.

Yeah, Jacobs played (not well, but he played) and that was all a weird prank that came at a bad time. If fantasy players had Jacobs and pulled him, it was likely during week 1 of their playoffs! Yikes!

The Chiefs faced the Dolphins this week and things were NOT looking good for the defending champs to open the game. First this happened:

And then later in the first quarter:

Mahomes threw THREE picks in this game, but it didn’t take long for KC to get back on track and eventually win the game.

DK Metcalf had a birthday this weekend and celebrated by applying for an NFL camera operator job!

Sadly, I don’t think his reel will cut it. Guess he’ll have to stick with NFL WR.

The Colts got a big win over LV and their offense was huge and very coordinated.

And the Indy defense wasn’t too bad either:

And we’ll close with my favorite low-light of the week. The Chargers trying to get some points before halftime:

Okay, maybe just two more low-lights…

And we HAVE to mention Monday night football, which may have been the game of the year. The Ravens pulled out an epic win and Lamar Jackson threw a TD after trotting to the locker room and back because he … was cramping. Okay….

The HFFL playoffs are here! Who’s moving on and who’s getting flushed? We have a LOT to get to, so let’s go!

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The LOC playoff bracket had some heavy hitters this week and the Toilet Bowl may get interesting! Scores:

HEADLINE: Landslides

The playoff bracket consisted of two blowouts to start the playoffs. Both Luke and Eric piled on the points to defeat the opponents and advance to the next round. Eric snuck into the playoffs as the 6 seed, but Rodgers and the resurrected TY Hilton let a solid effort as he squashed 3-seed Ben. For Luke, it was Mahomes and Montgomery coming through with big games to dispose of Tyler. So Ben and Tyler won’t be back in the LOC and will insted duke it out next week for a 5th place finish. Meanwhile, Eric and Luke will face the top two seeds next week, both of whom should be quite worried after seeing the scores this week.

HEADLINE: Baby Steps

In the Toilet Bowl, the road to the LOC is narrow but not impossible. You gotta take it 1 week at a time. For Greg, his first step was an easy one as he quickly took care of Hyatt behind Derrick Henry’s monster game. On the other side of the bracket, Nerd Herd was trailing heading into Monday night and needed about 26 points to upset the higher seeded Brian. Well, he got more than enough from Lamar and Kareem! And incredible come from behind to blow out victory for Bob!

Current LOC Playoff Bracket:

Current LOC Toilet Bowl Bracket:

Over in the PL, we’re looking at a pretty chalky start to the postseason! Scores:

HEADLINE: Tip Top Shape

The higher seeds in the playoff bracket held serve this week. Aaron’s Cobras got 2 TDs from Mike Davis and a big AJ Brown game to take care of Jake. As a McCaffrey owner, Aaron sure is glad to also have Mike Davis on hand! Meanwhile, Mike and the Scrubs were big fans of Jonathan Taylor and his 28.5 point outburst as they eliminated Taylor from LOC contention in his first year in the league. Liam and Stephen watched from their couches and noted that their rosters were performing well this week too, indicating some GREAT playoff games next week!

HEADLINE: Not Too Late

We noted that Seth and the Packer Backers lost SEVEN straight games to end the regular season and land in 11th place in the consolation bracket. But looky here! Seth is back with a 102.88 point week and a win over Tanking! TY Hilton really is going to change some teams outlooks in the playoffs with this late surge, isn’t he!? The dream is still alive for Seth. And also for Eric M, managed to win over Nate to move on. Not quite as convincing though. Next week, it’s do or die … AGAIN. And for Eli and Nate, well…

Current PL Playoff Bracket:

Current PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

EL Logo

And now the EL, where things are drifting into chaos in the playoff bracket! Scores:

HEADLINE: Everything’s Made Up and the Seeds Don’t Matter

The Limbs somehow broke into the playoffs last week with a losing regular season record. They faced a hot Prophets squad to open and… well… they came to play! The Limbs posted 129.62 points to upset the 3 seed and show what their fully operational team can do (Zeke Elliott notwithstanding). On the other side of the bracket, Dan and Paul were locked in mortal combat and Paul had a shot on Monday night with Nick Chubb. Chubb had a great game, putting up 22.3 points! Unfortunately, that left Paul 0.03 points short of a win and Dan will move on! This could very well be the closest playoff game in the history of the HFFL!

HEADLINE: I Hate Goodbyes

There would be no upsets in the EL Toilet Bowl. Chris and the Placebo Arm ended Chupacabras dreams at a run through the ELTB. Mark’s team experienced a microcosm of his 2020 season this week as Gaskin was a late inactive due to the Covid list and Cooks was a late scratch as well. Armed with really only Miles Sanders, he didn’t stand a chance against Chris’s AJ Brown/Davante Adams duo. On the other side of the bracket, Tom toasted Chris T and his zombie team with 112.52 points to advance. Should be interesting to see if these teams can keep it up going forward!

Current EL Playoff Bracket:

Current EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

hfflubtotw blast

It’s Eric H’s team! And boy is he excited!!! Eric clinched the final spot in the LOC playoffs and made the most of his trip to the big dance! With almost 150 points this week, he’s putting the top teams on notice that he’s no marshmallow and he’s peaking at just the right time! Congrats, Eric!!!!

housekeeping blast

If you lost this week, your LOC dreams have been dashed. However, you still have some pride to play for next week as you try to establish your final standing for the year (or jockey for draft position for NEXT year!). So keep pushing for one more week!

If you DID manage to win, the dream is alive! Check your rosters VERY carefully this week. We’ve got a Thursday game and, for the first time this year, we’ve got SATURDAY games on the schedule!!!! Two of them to be exact. So don’t get caught sleeping this week in the most critical hour!

Best of luck, everyone!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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