HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Playoffs Week 2

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As the fantasy season begins to wrap up, the NFL playoff picture is taking shape. And Saturday brought a new AFC East Champion as the Bills ascendant run continued with another great Josh Allen game! He made lots of great plays, but maybe none greater than this one that ended up not counting at all! Statue of Liberty!!!

So the Pats will not win the AFC East this year and they lost to the ‘Fins on Sunday. The Dolphins are pretty good, even using the Hook and Ladder on a 2pt conversion! What!?

Drew Brees was back on the field today… because he was healed up from 11 broken ribs? Not really. In fact, they don’t know if he’s healed up because he had so many scans that more radiation would be unwise! So instead, he limbered up and took on the Chiefs!

The Saints led for some of the game, which is an accomplishment. Still… Mahomes.

The Cardinals are getting back on the same page just in time for a playoff push. Here’s Kylerto Hopkins.

The refs got into lowlight reels this week with this critical first down measurement. Hmmmmm.

And for the second time this season, Adam Thielen’s shoe came off and was immediately mistaken for a penalty flag!

But enough of that! Let’s find out which teams are heading to their Super Bowl and to the League of Champions in 2021!!! As you know, just getting to the the Super Bowl punches your LOC ticket, meaning we’ve got half the league already spoken for! The remaining six teams will be decided next week! Onward!

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After a record-setting 12-1 season and a week off, Caleb was feeling fresh. And then things went haywire. Scores:

HEADLINE: Very Upsetting!

Yes, you read that score correctly! Luke followed up a 125.92 point performance in the quarterfinals with a 152.26 shellacking in the semis against #1 seed Caleb! It was a thrashing that Caleb could not have seem coming. David Montgomery is turning into a title-winning type of RB and having Hopkins and Mahomes too made Luke unstoppable. So Caleb drops to the 3rd place game and will fight for his LOC eligibility next week against Eric’s team. Jim took down Eric with one RB tied behind is back (Zeke was a late scratch) when Davante and Rodgers had down weeks while Ryan Tannehill scored FIVE TDs!! Just an crazy playoff week in the LOC!!

HEADLINE: Narrow Margins

In the LOC Toilet Bowl bracket, things were much tighter and it took until Monday night to know which teams were moving to the final showdown! Zack and Bob were separated by 3 points going into Monday and Bob’s fate was in JuJu’s hands! And boy did JuJu let him down! 15 yards and a lost fumble spelled disaster for Bob. On the other side, Kevin trailed Greg by 13 and had to hope that the Steelers defense could generate some points against the wounded Bengals. But the Bengals actually beat the Steelers and the vaunted defense only scored 2 points! So Greg is moving on to the final showdown to face Zack while Bob and Kevin are out.

Current LOC Playoff Bracket:

Current LOC Toilet Bowl Bracket:

PL Logo

So the #1 seed in the LOC couldn’t complete the mission, how about in the PL?? Well….. Scores:

HEADLINE: Scrub In, Doc

Well well well, yet ANOTHER upset of the top team! And what an upset this was! Mike’s squad was a 16 point underdog according to projected points. And then Allen and Adams underperformed in their early week games and it seemed like the game was over. But thanks to STRONG games from his supporting cast like Gordon III and McKissic and some help from Liam’s team, Mike is in the Super Bowl and the LOC! Incredible! He’ll be joined by Stephen, who had his hands full with Aaron’s strong team, but pulled off a 9 point win (with bench points to spare!). Stephen’s great season paid off with an LOC eligibility and a trophy shot. Sadly, Aaron’s big game just wasn’t enough this time and he’ll face Liam next week with a ticket to the LOC on the line!

HEADLINE: Here Comes the Boom

Down in the PL Toilet Bowl, Eric M came to play. A solid all-around effort gave his team a comfortable win over Wayne to get himself to the Toilet Super Bowl. It was a more even matchup between Seth and Nick. Both teams undershot their projections, which isn’t unusual in the Toilet Bowl bracket. It was the QBs that ultimately decided this game. Mahomes set Nick up with a lead while Big Ben fought on Monday night to deliver a comeback win for Seth. It wasn’t enough, however, and Nick will move on to face down Eric for Toilet Bowl supremacy and a ticket to the LOC.

Current PL Playoff Bracket:

Current PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

EL Logo

So two #1 seeds fall in the semifinals. Could Ron buck the trend and be the only top team to capitalize on his playoff seeding!? Scores:

HEADLINE: Underdogs Pound

Oh no, not again! In the EL, we witnessed a DOUBLE playoff upset… again!! Both higher seeded teams got knocked out for the second straight round! Dan (5 seed) and Peter (6 seed) dispatched the 3 and 4 seeds last week and didn’t stop when facing the rested top teams! Dan hurled a 114.4 points at Ron who couldn’t withstand the kind of firepower (even with Waller’s 21 points early in the week). I mean, Dan’s BENCH scored 83.86 points this week! Yikes! Dan’s on his was to the Super Bowl. Joining him are the Limbs, who rode Josh Allen to victory over Spencer’s squad. The late scratch of Damien Harris hurt Spencer, but not as much as the underperformance of Metcalf and Theilen. And then James Connor was scratched on Monday too! Ouch! Peter and Dan are in the LOC. Spencer and Ron will have to wait to see what next week brings!

HEADLINE: Unbalanced, Unstoppable

In the EL Toilet Bowl, some almost playoff teams are showing their stuff. Tom’s squad was very narrowly eliminated from the playoffs in week 13, but his high scores in the Toilet Bowl have him in the final game. He easily defeated Matt this week, nearly doubling his score, thanks to Herbert and the RBs. The closer game was Jonah vs Chris A. Henry and Gordon III got Jonah a big lead, but Big Ben on Monday night meant Chris still had a shot. Then the Bengals beat the Steelers and Ben put 7.7 on the board. Not nearly enough. Your EL Toilet Super Bowl will be Jonah vs. Tom!

Current EL Playoff Bracket:

Current EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

hfflubtotw blast

There were LOTS of contenders for the award this week, but we’ve got to give it to Luke!

Luke got his Christmas wish: to knock off the most successful regular season team we’ve ever seen in the HFFL and get to the LOC Super Bowl! Luke’s 152.26 points was a playoff high so far this year at just the right time! That kind of a week cannot go unrewarded! Congrats, Luke!

housekeeping blast

Whew! What a marathon week! And it doesnt’ slow down in the NFL this week! We’ve got a Friday game on Christmas Day (Vikings / Saints) and then THREE Saturday games and a Monday game! If your team is still alive for a golden ticket to the LOC, pay EXTRA close attention to your rosters! You can’t afford to get caught with no backup plan this time around!

So that’ll do it for this week. Congrats to our first six LOC teams and good luck in the Super Bowls. For the 3rd place and Toilet Super Bowl participants, good luck to you as well!

And to those who have settled into their final resting places for the year and those who are playing for stats and pride this week, we salute you as well. Thanks for a great season!

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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